Power Rangers (Super) Samurai, Episode (10) 33 – The Strange Case of the Munchies

Mike throws Emily around the training room. Kevin says she needs to stop being too nice and to toughen up. Mia comes to remind her about the big sale!

On the Sanzu, Serrator sends his newest lackey Grinator above ground and explains to OOH-AH-OOH! Octoroo how it’ll spew its toxic dirt at humans, causing them to eat and eat until their stomachs explode, literally.

Mia and Emily are on their girls day out/shopping spree/personal fashion show. Emily tries on a “tough look,” telling Mia she’s just trying to be as tough as them. You’re tough in your own way, Mia says.

Bulk and Spike, also shopping (or creeping), see Mia and remember how she helped them. They notice she’s dropped her wallet, so they hurry to catch up and return it, but the girls are gone after they get a call. Bulk sees Mia’s drivers license and they decide to go to the address on it.

The Rangers arrive as Grinator spits dirt at the people, causing them to go crazy eating everything they see. Grinator calls on some Moogers and while the others are fighting them off, Emily sees this as her opportunity to show she’s tough. She takes on Grinator herself, but he hurls a couple of bombs at her causing her to demorph. Mia and Kevin go help Emily, but get hit with the dirt balls themselves.


Kevin and Antonio get hit as well, but the Nighlok runs out of dirt when it half-hits Jayden and it retreats to the Sanzu.

Back at the Shiba manse, Kevin, Mia, Mike and Antonio are going crazy in the kitchen.

“I gotta munch a bunch!!!”

Emily helplessly stands watching as Mentor/Ji pops in and is absolutely shocked by what he sees. Like, shocked!

“THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!”

Back on the Sanzu, Serrator is pleased with Grinator’s efforts. The agony of hunger and thirst will help raise the Sanzu.

Bulk and Spike arrive at the manse. Mentor/Ji answers the door, but he excuses himself to rush back to the kitchen. Bulk and Spike let themselves in. They think the house is a dojo. Bulk squeals in delight.

Mentor sees them fooling around in the training room and they say they want to sign up. Mentor/Ji asks Emily to help get rid of them. She has an idea. She dresses up as… Dr. K? A tough army chick? Maybe Dr. K as a tough army chick. She acts like a tough drill sergeant and tells them to do 500 push ups.

She leaves them and smiles to herself, “I can be tough.”

After trying to get the others under control in kitchen, she returns to the two guys and asks for 500 whacks on the dummy. In the kitchen, Mentor/Ji at least wants the others to binge eat healthy foods so he gives them watermelon. But that gives Emily another idea. She has Bulk and Spike hold watermelons in each hand (and on their hands) until she tells them to quit.

The alarm sounds and a half-out of it Jayden rushes to respond. Before Emily joins him, she puts eggs under the guys’ hands and chin and reminds them to not move until she gets back.

Jayden takes on Grinator. Emily catches up and morphs, unsuccessfully with a lipstick at first.

She helps Jayden, “I know you’re not fully recovered, so I’m here to step up.”

Emily takes on Grinator and does very well, wowing Jayden. “Wow, she is tough.”
This makes him give Emily the black box. Time for SUPER! Emily.

“Time to shut your dirty mouths!”

Emily goes flying around the quarry…
…and finishes off the Nighlok’s first life. “It’s your turn to bite it.”

That allows all the hungry hippos around Panorama City (!) to recover and come to. The other Rangers hurry to join Jayden and Emily.

“I prefer melons in my belly.”

Bulk and Spike can’t take it anymore and they break their eggs.

The Rangers arrive with the zords as Grinator embiggens. Emily calls on the Gigazord

“Hey buttheads, take my killer head butt!”

Emily jumps into her zord and disengages from the others to distract Grinator and allow the others to finish him off.

“Let’s hear it for the not so mellow yellow!”

Emily goes back to find Bulk and Spike crawling on the floor. Good job, she says, “Tomorrow I won’t be so easy on you.”

Everyone gathers in the kitchen, none of them remembering what happened. Kevin asks, but Mentor and Emily just laugh, “Toughest day ever.”

Episode Thoughts
Well that was a crazy episode.

Crazy awesome!!!!
Definitely was not expecting it to be this fun to watch. The acting was actually pretty cringe-worthy at the beginning of the ep (and Mia and Emily’s fashion show was very Nickelodeon lol) that I could easily overlook that when we got some genuinely funny comedy.

The Rangers going crazy with the food, Bulk and Spike actually not being pointless, Mentor/Ji being funny!?! and Emily’s post-reapocalypse version of Doctor K (or maybe just of Olivia Tennet?) were all great fun.

How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: Act 41 – The Sent Words
You compare that to Shinkenger which was a completely different episode entirely. First off, the Shinkenger episode aired closer to the finale than how it’s positioned on Power Rangers. And the main thread of that episode was Kotoha’s self-doubt after receiving a letter from her sister. (Even though she’s been fighting very well for 40 episodes already.) And guilt at putting her comrades in danger (and eventually having to get tied up by the Kuroko).

Her believing in herself and believing in her resolve to fight off the Gedoushu also played into Takeru’s own self-doubt stemming from his big secret.

It was a great little focus episode for Kotoha.

For Power Rangers, it was a great example (again) of how good, like actually, genuinely good Samurai can be when they get original and creative and not just translate Shinkenger scripts. They had to edit Jayden into that first battle as Takeru was at the Shiba house recovering from a big battle from the previous episode.

So it was a completely different episode and it was good. Yet other episodes, which are almost directly translated, word for word, are horrible. See the difference Saban?

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  1. It’s so cool! The power rangers are awesome! Emily should not have gone after the nylock,cause then the rest would not have eaten all that food.

    1. I’d love to watch Go-Onger. Definitely would be interesting to see how it compares to Power Rangers RPM because I know they couldn’t be any more different from each other.

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