Grimm, Episode 1.18 – Cat and Mouse

‘Perhaps some accident has befallen him,’ said the king, and the next day he sent out two more huntsman who were to search for him.

Nick is in Aunt Marie’s trailer starting a journal/record book about the Wesen he’s encountered, just like his ancestors. Meanwhile, a Fuchsbau is being chased across the country, from Washington D.C. to St. Louis and finally to Portland by Balthazar.

He is able to shoot the Fuschbau, but he gets away, leaving his bag behind. Balthazar gets into Renard’s apartment as he arrives home and points a gun at him. The man introduces himself as Edgar Waltz and says he works for the Verrat. He’s hunting Ian Harmond, one of the few leaders left of the Resistance.

Renard says that none of his concern and that the Verrat does not make decisions for him, but Edgar says he better make it his concern otherwise he’ll be in big trouble.

The Fuschbau is in Rosalee’s shop when she first arrives to open up. She fights him off, but it turns out she knows him, Ian. Her brother Freddy was supposed to have papers for Ian. She calls Monroe to help her remove the bullet from Ian’s shoulder.

Nick and Hank are at the scene near the bus stop where Ian was shot. Edgar is at a bar and asks the bartender, a Lausenschlange, if he knows where to get papers and documents made, on the downlow of course. The bartender gives him a calling card, but then sees the passport belonging to Ian. Edgar shoots him.

While working on the bullet, Rosalee tells Monroe that Ian is her ex. After she gets the bullet out, she and Ian share a Fuchsbau moment.

Nick and Hank are now at the bar crime scene and Nick talks to Edgar who says he was a witness from across the street. He implicates Ian as the murderer.

Back at the shop, Monroe and Rosalee tell Ian about Nick and being a Grimm and how he’s the only one who can help them. Ian mentions Edger as a Hundjager. Speaking of, Edgar goes to the address on the calling card and it is a camera shop. He pulls out his pistol and threatens to kill the shopowner’s (who is a Mauzhertz) family if he doesn’t help him.

Nick goes to Rosalee’s shop and after recognizing Ian from the security camera footage and passport, he pulls his gun out. Monroe and Rosalee clear it up for Nick who puts his gun away.

Ian gives Nick a huge history lesson about the Verrat, the Wesen out to kill him as a leader of the Laufer, the Resistance. The Verrat have influence everywhere and they occupy positions everywhere including the highest ranks of all governments. They have been responsible for things like the turmoil in the Middle East, the crisis in Europe and the Arab Spring. The world is at the brink of war, Ian says.

All agents of the Verrat working for the Seven Houses, or the Seven Royal Families. This struggle has been going for centuries with the royal families looking for opportunities to gain more control, using fear of the people to have them choose stability over freedom. And Grimms have been a large part of how the Seven Houses have maintained that power.

This is all overwhelming Nick. But Ian says all Nick has to do is find Edgar. While he does that, Rosalee will take care of Ian’s papers so he can escape the country. She goes to the camera shop, knowing he is a connection of her brother’s. She hands him a fake ID of Ian and he hesitates. He looks at the pictures of his family on the wall and tells her to wait a little while.

Nick heads back to the trailer to watch old and gruesome film reels about the Verrat. Edgar suddenly calls him, asks him if he knows what a Freidenreden is, to which Nick says of course, and that they will meet later that night.

Nick calls Monroe and Ian who tells him a Freidenreden is like a truce, a white flag. They both meet unarmed and both leave of their own accord. But once the truce is over, the minute you walk away, anything goes.

Nick goes to Union Station to meet Edgar. They both are carrying their weapons, rules are meant to be broken, Edgar says. If Nick tries to arrest him, he’ll shoot everyone at the station. If he doesn’t produce Ian, there’ll be dead bodies all over the city. The camera man calls Edgar and tells him about Rosalee.

Edgar leaves. Nick brings an update to Renard, telling him Edgar is the real killer. They manage to find that Edgar’s cell phone had been used near a camera shop and they head there.

At the store, the owner gives Rosalee the passport. He apologizes before she leaves. Edgar comes out of the shadows and the owner asks about him promising not to touch his family. Of course, Edgar says. He then follows Rosalee to the store. Meanwhile, Nick and Hank arrive at the camera store and find the owner has been killed (Edgar never said anything about not harming him).

At the spice shop, Edgar arrives and points the gun at Rosalee’s neck just after she reads a message from the camera store owner apologizing again. She calls Monroe. ‘If you don’t bring Ian, I will kill your girlfriend,” Edgar threatens.

Monroe then calls Nick and they meet outside the camera store. Inside, Edgar is giving Rosalee a lecture about how society can’t survive without order, that “The oppressed always become the oppressor and the cycle repeats over and over.”

“The only way to win is to stay out of the cycle,” Edgar says. But Rosalee doesn’t really care.

Nick has a plan. He goes into the shop and tells Edger he’s got Ian. But a little later, Monroe comes in and says he’s got Ian too. But it is all a ruse and Rosalee manages to throw powder on Edgar’s face to distract him and allow them to get him on the floor without his pistol.

“Even if he’s dead. They’ll send others after me,” Ian says and he shoots Edgar dead.

“At least now your friends will be safe. Sometimes it’s hard to know what the right thing is.”

Nick handcuffs Ian and puts him in his squad car. Rosalee and Monroe try pleading with Nick not to arrest Ian. But Nick tells Monroe to get rid of Edgar’s body.

Nick takes Ian to the bus terminal. Ian is surprised. I’m just saving my friends, he says and that if he went to trial, he’d probably be dead. “Don’t come back,” Nick says as he hands over the passport and money Rosalee had gotten ready for Ian.

Nick, Hank and Renard are at the crime scene where Edgar’s body is found. Nick is reminded of Ian’s omninous statement that the world is on the brink of war.

Episode Thoughts
Well that was a lot to process. In addition to a tough German lesson, we got a huge lesson in Wesen/Grimm history.

I guess with just five-six weeks left in the season (starting last week), it’s time to really delve into the greater mythology of the series. And I am loving it. The cases of the week have been fun and enjoyable, but now that we’re getting deeper into the Grimm world, it’s been really interesting and exciting.

Pointing out that Wesen, specifically the Verrat, are involved in the turmoil in the Middle East, the European debt crisis and the Arab Spring!? After revealing Hitler was a Schakal!? Yeah, that’s pretty big and awesome. Forget Dick and those annoying Leviathans. (Sorry, other show.)

Shit just got real for Nick. He isn’t just playing around with his neighborhood Wesen anymore. He’s about to get sucked in to some big stuff. And I am definitely looking forward to it all.

It was also great to see familiar faces in Sebastian Roche and Neil Hopkins on the show.

Grimm has developed and grown quite nicely this season and knowing that it is coming back for season 2 just makes it all the more exciting and fun.

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  1. I’m also a fan of Grimm and has also written about all of its episodes. Hoping for more episodes and seasons to come.

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