Recap: Grimm, Episode 1.16 – The Thing with Feathers

“Sing my precious little golden bird, sing! I have hung my golden slipper around your neck.”

Hank gives Nick some encouragement as he heads off on a weekend getaway to the town of Whispering Pines with Juliette. Left behind in Portland, Hank researches Adalind’s address and talks with Sgt. Wu about their plans for the weekend. Wu says he’ll curl up on his couch with good food and his cat Sampson. And judging from him popping a paper clip in his mouth to eat while talking to Hank, that good food and the couch he’ll curl up on is one and the same.

Over in Whispering Pines, a woman calls a guy whose car has broken down. He apologizes and tells her they’ll have to do this tomorrow. Her name is Robin and she hurries back through the woods where another man drags her back into their red house, warning her she can’t keep running like this. Turns out the guy is some of cattish Wesen while she’s some kind of bird-like Wesen. He blends a concoction of worms and other ingredients as Nick and Juliette stop by the house to ask for directions.

Nick sees the guy’s Wesen form as he points them in the right direction. Waiting in the car, Juliette sees Robin through the window and tells Nick she’s got a creepy feeling.

Back in Portland, Hank watches stalks Adalind outside her home, calling her but not getting an answer. He then sees a guy pull up who is then greeted with a kiss by Adalind as she brings him into her bedroom. Later, Hank confronts the man as he leaves Adalind’s and pointing a gun at him, threatens him and tells him to never come back again.

Turns out, the guy actually works for Renard is all part of their plan to catch Hank into whatever web they are setting up.

Getting ready for a romantic night, Juliette sees the guy pull Robin into the house. Nick calls the local police. Inside the red house, the guy ties Robin up, then stuffs a tube into her mouth to force pump the worm-shake down her throat.

Nick and Juliette watch as the cop arrives. Juliette mentions how trouble seems to be following them and that they should talk about the “stuff” that’s been happening lately. They see the sheriff leave… alone.

Nick calls Monroe to tell him about the guy and Monroe tells him about Klaustreichs. They are irresistible to women, but they’re huge jerks. He recounts how a Klaustreich took his girlfriend in high school, impregnated, then sliced her face off.

Nick and Juliette head into town to buy groceries for their special dinner tonight. At the grocery store, Robin is there with the first guy whom she talked to on the phone. He hands her a small bottle. Juliette approaches her and slips Nick’s calling card to her to call in case she needs help.

At the door, Nick sees Robin’s Wesen form. He calls Monroe who’s helping Rosalee at the shop where they find a stash of her brother’s passports from different countries and with different identities.

Monroe tells Nick that Robin is a Seltenvogel, a rare creature who is usually kept prisoner because they can produce an Unbezahlbar, a large egg-like mineral deposit in their throat that encases a delicate gold stone.

In Portland, Renard creeps on Adalind in her apartment as she gets out of the shower. He tells her to finally answer Hank’s calls and she reminds him that this is very dangerous for her. Their faces get very close to each other, but just short of a kiss, much to Adalind’s disappointment. Hank calls her, she answers, and they make plans for dinner tomorrow.

Over at the red house, Robin pours the contents of the bottle her friend gave her into some tea she makes for the Klaustreich. But he doesn’t drink it and gets up to leave after a friend calls him to help get his truck out of a ditch. As soon as he’s gone, Robin bolts out of the house, which Nick and Juliette see. Nick follows Robin into the forest.

Waiting on another road is Robin’s friend, but the Klaustreich pounces on him and kills him. He brings her home as Nick finds the guy and the truck driven into a ditch on the side of the road. He calls it into the sheriff.

Juliette sees Klaustreich drag Robin into the house. The Klaustreich ties her up again and prepares to pump more worm-shake into her as the growth on her throat gets bigger. Nick arrives and he fights off the Klaustreich, knocking him out the window. He takes Robin to their cabin. “You’re a Grimm!” Robin says as Nick quiets her before Juliette can hear.

He tells her that he’s called the sheriff, but Robin says the sheriff is Tim’s (the Klaustreich) cousin and that he’s a part of this. Robin goes off running as Tim and the Sheriff come walking towards their cabin. Juliette takes her gun out of her bag and tells Nick to follow Robin.

Tim and Sheriff barge into the cabin as Nick finds Robin on the ground in the forest. She pleads with Nick to take the Unbezahlbar out of her. He calls Rosalee for help and she and Monroe guide Nick through the procedure by reading the directions from a book.

Nick gently cuts Robin’s throat open, pops the Unbezahlbar out and removes the skin of it to reveal a nice round rock of gold. Robin seems fine now, but she tells Nick she doesn’t want the gold.

Tim and the Sheriff do though and Nick tosses the delicate gold rock around until he is able to distract them and tackle the Sheriff, with a little help from a trigger-happy Juliette shooting at the sky. Tim takes off after catching the gold, but he trips and falls as the gold flies up into the air and breaks when it hits a tree branch.

Nick and Juliette are back home. He proposes to her on the couch, but she says she can’t.

“I love you so much. And I really really want to marry you someday.”

But she can’t right now when it seems he’s been keeping things from her and is more closed off.

“Until you can let me back in, I can’t say yes.”

Nick can’t believe it and gets up, leaving Juliette at the couch looking at the ring.

Meanwhile, very-Supernaturaly, “Season of the Witch” plays as Hank and Adalind are dining at a fancy restaurant to close out the episode.

Episode Thoughts
This was a very exciting episode. The only thing missing was more scenes of Wu eating random objects. As creepy as that was last week (maybe it was the silence and the eerie zooming out as Wu enjoys some foam), it was almost amusing this week to see him eat that paper clip. I’m glad that that story point wasn’t just some one off thing last week and that it’ll continue in the next episodes.

Every character is getting their own stories lately, which is great. The Hank-Adalind-Renard plan is interesting. Hank’s obsession with Adalind could definitely bring a lot of interesting dynamics. Will his obsession be too much for Adalind to handle? What is the point of their plan anyway?

Some nice little Monroe-Rosalee moments too. And the Wesen of the Week was an exciting yet slightly disturbing (those worm-shake pumping scenes, yummy[/sarcasm]) story. But it did bring the danger to Nick and Juliette, which is great as it has led up to Juliette finally questioning the strange things that have been happening and is actually leading up to hopefully Juliette finding out Nick is a Grimm.

A great, solid episode.

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  1. I liked this episode a lot too and I’m really looking forward to tonight’s episode. The story seems to get just a little deeper as the new episodes keep coming out. Plus, the season’s almost over and it doesn’t look good for the Nick’s relationship with Juliette. I can’t believe she said no! Grimm is one of my favorite shows

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