Power Rangers (Super) Samurai, Episode (8) 31 – Kevin’s Choice

OOH-AH-OOH, Xandred and Octoroo find a Nighlok eating their ship. Serrator pops in to tell them that Skarf works for him and that his real power won’t show up until the Rangers defeat him.

At the Shiba manse, Jayden is telling the others about how the Bull Disc can combine all their zords to form the Gigazord. But it’s also dangerous since the Bull Disc is still volatile. He gives Antonio the job, but reminds them that Kevin is the go-to man for zord combinations.

Speaking of, Kevin is walking around the city and sees a poster of the Regional Swimming Finals coming up. Missing swimming, he wants to go into the Aquatics Center for old time’s sake, but decides against it. He bumps into another swimmer who recognizes him from a picture on the wall and runs inside to tell his teammate, Noah, that he saw Kevin. Noah runs out to see him, but Kevin’s gone. He’s upset that Kevin abandoned the team and how they barely qualified for regionals without him.

Kevin hides around the corner and hears. He wishes he could explain, but he reminds himself that he’s got to keep his Ranger identity a secret. He hears a commotion nearby and finds Skarf chomping on park benches and cars. He runs to save a woman who’s fallen off a bike Skarf is about to eat, but his Samuraizer gets eaten in the process. The other Rangers show up and Jayden tells Kevin to stand back as they drive Skarf away.

By the sea, Dayu finds the remnants of Uramasa, remembering Deker and thinking he’s truly gone. Serrator shows up and offers to fix her harmonium if she works for him. And she won’t have to work alone. Serrator points her into the forest where she stumbles upon… Deker.

Deker says Uramasa took most of the blow from Jayden to allow him to survive. And the only way for his curse to be broken is without Uramasa being broken. Dayu tells Deker about Serrator’s offer.

Kevin goes back to the Aquatics Center and watches as Noah tells the rest of the relay team that they were five seconds faster with Kevin and how he failed the team by disappearing without even saying goodbye. Next day, Kevin actually enters the building and watches his teammates training. Suddenly, Noah gets a cramp and with the other guys swimming back to the other side of the pool, Kevin takes his shirt off and jumps in to save him.

“You were the best, I’ll never understand why you just walked away,” Noah tells Kevin.
“I wish I could explain, but I just wanted you wish you good luck.”

Kevin heads to the waterfront and says he can’t think about that swimming stuff and instead must focus on cracking the Gigazord combination.

The alarm goes off as Skarf is back and eating more stuff. Antonio grabs his lantern… “Let’s go Elzie LZ!”… and joins the others. Mike calls Kevin’s Samurizer to find out where on Skarf’s body it is. But suddenly, Deker and Dayu arrive.

“You could say I was lost, but now I am found!”

Jayden goes SUPER! But no need as Dayu and Deker finish Skarf off themselves. But that’s only to unleash his true power. Before Skarf embiggens, Jayden manages to take the Samuraizer.

Kevin arrives, Jayden tosses him his Samuraizer and they summon the Claw Armor Megazord. They need to form the ultimate combination, the Samurai Gigazord. Kevin gets them to trust him that it’ll work as he guides them through the process. They each summon their respective zords and they combine into one huge megagigazord. Jayden calls on his Shogun Mode just for kicks and despite the Gigazord being so huge it can’t even walk, they defeat Skarf.

Keivn heads to the swim meet and they are in the middle of the relay. He sees Noah cramping up, so Kevin takes his clothes off (he just happens to have a suit underneath) and jumps in to swim in his place.

Back at the manse, Jayden and Mentor/Ji are gossiping about the others as Kevin arrives and tells them that the team won and he got to say goodbye. He thanks Jayden for being patient with him and that his loyalty to the team comes first.

Episode Thoughts
Not as awesome as last week’s, but this was an alright episode. Good to see them touching on their pre-Ranger lives again. Okay performance from Najee for this Kevin-focus ep.

However, the re-introduction of Deker was very anticlimactic. Absolutely zero excitement or shock factor from anything with Dayu and Deker and Serrator this episode. Dayu’s reaction to Serrator (who had made Deker this way in the first place) and her reaction to finding him alive were so underwhelming. She’s not pissed? She’s not shocked? Okay.

How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: Mostly Act 35 – The Eleven Origami, The Complete Combination

Basically the same episode. Only Kevin’s a swimmer instead of a Kabuki performer and Dayuu and Juzo were already wandering around together (plus, they weren’t married of course). The scenes of Kevin’s longing for his pre-Ranger life were pretty much word-for-word with Ryunnosuke’s longing for his pre-Shinkenger life.

The only difference, Hiroki Aiba is a much better actor and can easily handle both campy crazy and more serious, moody material. I prefer Ryuunosuke’s characterization to the shell of Ryuunosuke that they dumped on Kevin’s character. That can’t be easy for Najee and he’s already still got a lot of room to improve. But while the episode was nice and all, it still felt too hollow. Shinkenger’s episode reinforced Ryuunosuke’s character. Kevin’s been all over the place, so it wasn’t as believable.

Still an overall okay episode though.

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