Grimm, Episode 1.14 – Plumed Serpent

“Said the dragon, ‘Many knights have left their lives here, I shall soon have an end for you, too,’ and he breathed fire out of seven jaws.”

Two men trying to steal a bunch of copper from an abandoned warehouse get burned by a Wesen who breathes fire on them. Nick and Co. find the warehouse wasn’t burnt using oil, but by human fat. They use the DNA from the fat to identify the suspect, Fred, a veteran who was also spotted by a witness that night.

That night, Nick goes to the club to find Ariel, Fred’s daughter. He sees the room full of Wesen, including Monroe. Nick is pointed toward the stage where Ariel is performing as a fire dancer.

Nick asks Monroe to step outside a minute and he tells Nick that Ariel is a Daemonfeuers, Wesen with a dragon-like lineage. They can vaporize their own fat.

But that’s not the only thing Monroe has to tell Nick. He says his cousin in Antwerp called to say a Grimm was decapitated a few days ago. He warns Nick to be on the lookout for Reapers.

Later, Nick talks to Ariel backstage. She casually strips in front of him as Nick questions her about her father. Fred fell apart after his wife, her mother, died. Now she doesn’t know where he is and she misses him. She tries to come on to Nick, but he just gives her his card and leaves.

He follows Ariel home though. He sees and hears flames shooting out around back, so he goes to see what it was. Ariel tackles him, rips his shirt open and kisses him. Nick gets back up, but he drops his phone as Juliette calls. Ariel answers and makes it seem like there’s more going on.

Nick heads homes and explains what happened to Juliette. Meanwhile, Ariel creeps outside, blows on the windows with her fat breath (?) and draws a broken heart. Nick goes researching later that night and finds Daemonfeuers dwell in lairs that look like “the entrance to hell.”

Speaking of, Ariel goes to her father’s Steampunk-ish hell entrance, filled with tons of copper. She tells him it’s going to be okay and that she’s “found someone that’s going to make [him] better”.

Nick and Hank talk to one of Fred’s friends who tell them how he last saw him heading for the hills with a handcar. Back at the precinct, a naked Ariel calls Nick to invite her to her house tonight to give him everything he needs to know about her father.

Nick calls Juliette to tell her about it and that this time, Hank will come along. They head to the house, but no one’s home.

So Nick heads home himself and finds a trail of clothes on the stairs. Thinking it’s Juliette’s sexy trail, he heads up to the room, unbuttons his shirt and jumps into bed. He starts kissing Juliette’s back, but actually… it’s Ariel.

He hurls her at the wall, but she coughs up her fat and breathes fire so she can escape. Nick answers his phone and it’s Ariel who says she has Juliette and that it’s time for Nick to “Grimm up.”

Nick brings Monroe along to the lair in the hills. Monroe realizes this is “the Quest,” that classic story of the princess being taken by the dragon and the knight in shining armor coming to save her.

“Only problem is someone always dies.”

Ariel brings Juliette into the cave and to her father. “I’ve brought her,” she says, noting that she’s “just like mom” and that now’s his chance.

Monroe’s love of trains helps him and Nick start up an antique train car as they head for the lair. Monroe brings up how he’s never met Juliette. Thanks Nick.

Once in the tunnel, Monroe sneaks around the other side while Nick calls out Ariel. He grabs a copper pipe as Monroe suggests lancing the Daemonfeuers.

Ariel is pumping up her father, “He’s coming for mom, you have to protect mom.”

Monroe finds Juliette and introduces himself before he has to hide when Ariel comes by again.

“Time for you to scream.”
“Time for YOU to scream.”

Juliette knocks Ariel out and she and Monroe run for it. Nick finds Fred. He shields himself from the fat fire and they fight until he manages to stick the pipe right through Fred’s gut. Ariel comes. “You fought valiantly,” she tells her father.

Outside the tunnel, Monroe calls to Nick that they’re safe. Ariel tells Nick that her father died with dignity. She begins spinning and coughing up fat gas as she recites some spell. Nick runs out just as the tunnel fills with a fireball.
Nick hugs Juliette, thanks Monroe and calls the station.

“Are you a detective too?” Juliette asks Monroe.
Just a private investigator friend of Nick’s, he replies, “nice to meet you.”

Nick and Juliette have a quiet drive home. She asks him to pull over.

“Are you okay?” Nick asks. Juliette shakes her head.
He says he can’t promise things will get any better. She says she can’t promise she can keep doing this.

Nick remembers Aunt Marie’s warning about ending it with Juliette to protect her.

” I’m too tired to talk about it tonight. Let’s just go home. I’m just glad that bitch is dead.”

Oops [/Miu, Fourze]. Actually, she’s not. Ariel walks out of the tunnel unscathed.

Episode Thoughts
Grimm has really stepped it up these last two weeks. It isn’t just fun and games with fairy tale creatures anymore. The danger for Nick is now imminent and is finally taking a toll on his relationship with Juliette.

Grimm has been more like a low-key mythology, especially compared with a more complex mythology like Supernatural‘s. But now that they’re ramping up the danger, the show’s getting more exciting.

As always, great use of the Oregon atmosphere. Danielle Panabaker isn’t on Disney Channel anymore eh? She definitely played the crazy, sexed up Ariel well. Also, nice seeing Daniel Baldwin too.

Hope Grimm keeps up the momentum. And yay for NBC actually airing more than two episodes in a row!

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