Seasons 5 and 6 of The Amazing Race Coming to DVD!

Seasons 5 and 6 of The Amazing Race Coming to DVD!

Since shifting DVD production of The Amazing Race to Amazon’s CreateSpace on-demand program, CBS/Paramount have been steadily releasing seasons 2-4.  Now it’s time for two more classic seasons with the announced releases of the epic season 5 and the memorable season 6 of the Emmy winning show.

The DVDs are available for pre-order, but with no release date yet at Amazon: .

Here are the two DVD covers, pretty much in line with the other on demand DVD productions, but with the notable inclusion of Charla & Mirna on the season 5 cover over final three team Brandon & Nicole:

And here is the press release from TVShowsonDVD:

A new season, a new adventure, and a new globe-spanning race. The fifth season of Emmy-Award winning THE AMAZING RACE follows the longest race yet traveling over 72,000 miles, six continents, and twelve countries, including Uruguay, Kenya, and Tarzania. This time the race has not just one beauty queen, but two, with both a former Miss Teen USA and a former Miss Texas USA competing alongside past Big Brother contestant, Alison Irwin and the fan favorite team Mirna and Charla.

Descending into the depths of Osiris Shaft, 140 feet below sea level, contestants travel where no AMAZING RACE contestant has gone before, and a chocolate factory in San Carlos makes for the most delicious roadblock yet. The fun and excitement come to a dramatic stop for one team as an injury puts them out of the race permanently. It will take more than a passport to win this race around the world- find out who will cross the finish line first in this 3-disc DVD set.

Then: get ready! On your mark, get set, and go for Emmy-Award winning Amazing Race’s sixth season on DVD. Passports in hand, eleven teams race across the globe from Senegal to Sri Lanka. The colorful cast includes a pair of grandparents, married professional wrestlers, and engaged models.

The teams adventure though everything from Viking Villages to glacial lagoons, persevering through the elements and cultural shock towards the ultimate cash prize. Only in a show as unpredictable as THE AMAZING RACE could a Chicago deep dish pizza be the difference between first and last, and when it comes down to the finish line, it is one of the closest races in the history of the game. Find out who crosses first in this special edition DVD set.

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