Supernatural, Episode 7.09 – How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Just a quick recap this week =]

The Bros and Bobby have been living on cold everything the last couple of weeks, still laying low from the Leviathans. Dean suggests maybe the world would like to off itself by now if they didn’t keep steering the bus away from the cliff every season year.

Don’t worry about the big picture, Bobby says and Sam brings them a new job. A strange creature, possibly related to local folklore about the Jersey Devil, has killed a “glamper” by hanging it up a tree in a sleeping bag and eating it.

They head to the town where they eventually discover everyone’s getting high off of a Turducken sandwich. Including Dean who is all aloof while Bobby and Sam literally dig through the corpse of some mutated human monster thing they shoot down in the forest.

They follow the turducken meat to a warehouse where they are shocked to find Edgar, the Leviathan. Edgar is here to visit the Dr. Sexy-clone Leviathan Gaines who is conducting some sort of experiment via the turducken. But some test cases go rogue resulting in the dead glamper and a couple of others.

Bobby has heart to hearts with both Sam and Dean about each other.

Edgar tells him to burn the failed test subjects before Dick Roman (who is apparently an ambitious Trump-like person) shows up. With the Bros and Bobby still staking out the warehouse, Dick arrives. Dr. Gaines explains the positive results of the experiment, which Dick likes. But what he doesn’t like is failure, and having these experiments make the papers is failure.

So he wants to make Gaines an example for the rest of the flock. Gaines gets “bibbed” or in other words, he is forced to eat himself whole.

Bobby gets captured while on the roof and is brought in to Dick, but Sam and Dean armed with cleaner rush in to save him. They slow down Dick enough, but for some reason Bobby hesitates or crawls to the exit. Sam and Dean have the van ready as Bobby runs out, but Dick walks after him and shoots at them.

The episode closes with Sam holding up Bobby’s cap which has a bullet hole in it and the Bros crying out to no response from the back of the van.

Episode Thoughts
Boy, after last week’s episode, I expected something really good this week. And it started off interestingly. Seeing Bobby and the Bros go sort of hunting, real hunting (not ghost or demon hunting) was actually really nice to see. Seeing them traipse through the forest with their rifles.

But then the episode gets jerked back to civilization and the factory/warehouse setting where we get into more of the Leviathans, which actually has been a little flat. I kind of feel Dean’s frustration at these new big bads.

The strangest part(s) of the episode though were the highlighting of Bobby being old and feeble. Since when has Bobby been old and feeble? From the geezer Asian chicken salad to the “good ‘ol days” hunting, it was like they were setting up Bobby being an idiot and/or really, really slow getting to the van. What was that?

Not feeling the cliffhanger since we know he’ll survive. But if he doesn’t, then it seems very unnecessary and forced.

Not a fan of the episode. I liked it a little better than last week, but still, not a very strong episode. Seemed all over the place.

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