Grimm, Episode 1.04 – Lonelyhearts

“There she paused for a while thinking… but the temptation was so great that she could not conquer it.”

Just a quick recap this week. =]

Nick and Hank are investigating a string of missing women that seems to be connected to the owner of the Bramble Haus Bed & Breakfast, Billy Capra. After Hank steps on a frog (which Billy eats when they leave), Nick sees Billy “goat out” in his reflection in a fountain.

Nick researches and finds the man is a Ziegevolk or Blue Beards. They give off scents that are irresistible to women and their touch will have them control you. Monroe tells Nick they just want to have women hang all over them, to have their pick of women. They wouldn’t kill.

Nick and Hank place a tracking device under Billy’s car, but when he leaves the bed and breakfast, he walks. Nick follows him on foot as Hank searches the inn. He finds a basement of women, seemingly passed out in cages. Hank himself passes out thanks to some sort of gas Billy let into the basement before he left.

Nick follows Billy to a bar and he calls Monroe to help him out by going into the bar to listen and watch what the Ziegevolk does. Inside, even Monroe has trouble resisting the guy’s charms as he works on a new victim.

After luring another woman to the bed and breakfast, Nick interrupts and recognizing him from questioning earlier, it’s a signal for Billy to hightail himself out of Portland. But the tracking device on his car ends up being useful after all and they catch him at a national park down the highway.

Elsewhere, Renard deals with a reaper that’s arrived in town and questions why he is there without his permission. He reminds the reaper to know his place and then chops off his ear.

Episode Thoughts
Just a quick recap this week. This episode seems to continue Grimm‘s pattern of slow-developing stories. It can be a fresh take on the crime procedural, but I do think for a show that deals with magical creatures, they might need to add a little more spark and excitement.

Still, a solid episode, though predictable case. The most interesting thing about the episode was Renard and what could possibly be all about. Who’s side is he on? Is he protecting Nick, the Grimm? Then why did he want Aunt Marie dead?

His character should continue to be more interesting moving forward.

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