Hindsight Review: Xyriel Manabat Carries 100 Days to Heaven On Her Shoulders

ABS-CBN’s 100 Days to Heaven will be best remembered as a star vehicle for Xyriel Manabat rather than being some groundbreaking or grand teleserye.

But that is not a bad thing. For whatever 100 Days to Heaven lacked in executing its interesting premise, Xyriel Manabat more than made up for it with her talent and charm.

I had first reviewed that the series had a sloppy first week. The first week ended up being a true taste of what’s to come.

It merely set up the groundwork of the story with no clear direction and they wrote as they went along.

In my first review, I thought we should have spent more time meeting Anna, allowing more time to get invested in her and her life to get us to care about whether she went to heaven or hell.

The novelty of “righting wrongs” wore off very fast, especially because it was obvious plot was being dictated by guest star availability for that particular week. The parade of guest stars in turn took away from the regular cast and main story. Because any old out of work actor could pop in at any time, Anna’s particular missions held no emotional weight.

It especially took the spotlight away from both Xyriel and Coney Reyes.

The show’s extension also severely slowed the show down in the 2nd half. (Surprise, surprise.) The 2nd half had too much filler when the show was moving farily well in beginning.

And to highlight the lack of direction, the final two episodes told us the main point of the series was to show that we should be nice to our mothers. Okay? Yeah, Anna also learned not to be a selfish bitch. But that’s not as important as being a good mother.


100 Days to Heavn was nothing groundbreaking. There were no shocking twists and thankfully no glorified abuse. But Xyriel, again, carried the show on her shoulders and made up for whatever the series lacked. And you can not say that about any other actor in the Philippines today. She’s just that good.

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