Grimm, Episode 1.03 – Beeware

“She’ll sting you one day. Oh so gently, so you hardly even feel it. ‘Til you fall dead.”

A woman gets caught up in a flashmob dancing to YMCA on a tram, but ends up dead. The coroner, Harper, finds the woman had a large amount of Apitoxin or bee venom in her body and with the huge puncture wound on her neck, this most certainly is foul play.

The woman, Serena, was a lawyer and after Nick and Hank talk to co-workers at the law firm, they go talk to apiarist Professor Spinella who says the apitoxin found in Serena has no known geographical origin.

They bring in the people who participated in the flash mob for questioning. Nick eventually sees two men who morph into their true forms. He and Hank follow them to the abandoned Primrose paper mill where they see them talking to a woman. Suddenly a huge swarm of bees appears to chase Nick and Hank away.

Later that night, Nick goes to his Aunt’s trailer, now in storage, to research and he finds these two guys he saw are Mellifers and the victim a Hexenbeist, both mortal enemies of each other. He calls Monroe and they go back to the papermill. Nick uses Bordeaux to persuade Monroe to help him and sniff out a trail. They head into an office where they find info on a Melissa Wincroft, the owner and CEO of the paper company.

They head to her place where they find a floor full of dead bees and a room full of huge hives. As the police investigate the home, Nick fills in Hank on what he’s found out. Serena represented a mill in a hostile takeover of Primrose Paper. They employees tried to fight, they lost. The two men were employees and Melissa their boss. So Melissa could be getting revenge for her company being shut down.

They get a call of another murder. Another flash mob and this time, the victim is Camilla, the lawyer they had talked to earlier and who also worked on the Primrose case.

Nick realizes there was a third lawyer on the case and he calls into the precinct to bring her into protective custody. But what he doesn’t know is this lawyer, Adalind Schade is the same woman who had attempted to kill his Aunt and ended up injecting him instead.

Renard pokes at Nick and whether he recognizes her or not. Nick goes Harper to ask to see the tongues of the two victims and he confirms his suspicion. He sees Hexenbeist marks on the bottom of their tongues.

Nick is a little hostile with Adalind in questioning, Hank has no idea what’s going on. He takes Nick out for a second and Renard comes by to assure Adalind he’ll protect her.

They attempt to set up Melissa Wincroft with Nick and Hank guarding Adalind. Hank leaves Adalind and Nick alone, giving them a chance to talk and both let it out on the table. She tries to guilt him into protecting her as a cop instead of killing her as a Grimm.

Outside the condo, Melissa is with the beekeeper who turns out to be a Millifer. Melissa opens the van door to let out a swarm of bees who find the room they are at. Nick and Hank try to shoo the bees away as Adalind runs. Nick finds Adalind running down the stairs and he follows her into the basement where he encounters Melissa Wincroft.

Amidst a swarm of bees, Melissa tells Nick that she’s doing this to protect him. She, they are Clarions, they sent out the warning calls and the whole paper mill takeover was the Hexenbeists’ attempts to stop them. She tells Nick, they are warning him and that she has to finish this.

Melissa goes after Adalind and they fight as Nick stands by and watches, unsure of what to do. Adalind tells Nick to do his job, but Melissa tells him he’s a Grimm and that’s more important. He hesitates, but Hank arrives. Melissa attempts to stab Hank, but Nick shoots her.

“He’s coming for you. Beware, it’s close.”

Melissa dies and the swarm of bees drop to the floor.

Back home, in bed, Nick remembers his Aunt telling him to kill the bad ones. Juliette tries to comfort him as he continues to be confused. He gets up to close the window and gets stung by a bee.

Episode Thoughts
A much better episode this week. Better paced and more interesting.

It is always great to have the monster of the week case connect to the greater mythology. This week, Nick gets presented with a very interesting dilemma. Is he a Grimm before a cop or a cop before a Grimm?

The thing that tried to kill his Aunt and him was right there and he could have easily let the Clarion (Milifer?) finish her off. But he hesitated and I’m sure he’ll continue to hesitate and be confused for the near future.

This episode also made me want more Nick and Monroe. I think it is fun to see Nick working with two different partners. Hank is fine, definitely not as fun as Monroe, but it is a nice contrast. We’ll see how long until Hank is clued in to Nick’s secret.

With Juliette, she hasn’t had much to do so far. I’m starting to think Bitsie Tulloch is the Tiffani Theisen of Grimm (as her character Elizabeth on White Collar where she’s basically the straight “man” to Neal and Peter as the main characters). The predictable outcome of her character is that she is one of the “bad things” and it would certainly create plenty of drama. But I don’t know if I mind her being that Tiffani Theisen character.

All in all, a good episode. The show is moving forward very nicely. I hope the audiences stick with the show.

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