Supernatural, Episode 7.08 – Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

The Bros are in Vegas for their annual pilgrimage to Sin City. But Dean gets the shock of his life when Sam calls him over to his wedding to… Becky, the superfan (who at one time was Chuck’s – or God?- main squeeze).

Sam explains they met and they just fell in love. Simple as that. Or not. Turns out Becky has been getting help from a Wicken, Guy to charm Sam and show him off at her high school reunion.

Becky sets up a nice dinner and the potion she gets from the Wiken starts wearing off. Sam’s head hurts, but she pours more potion into his mouth.

Dean finds a case in town of people dying after achieving their dream or fantasy and he is shocked, again, to find Sam and Becky already working the case. He calls Bobby for backup, but instead he sends another hunter, Garth.

Dean and Garth end up saving an ambitious wife who would’ve been the next victim and they learn she exchanged her soul for her husband’s promotion to CEO. Deal with a demon usually takes 10 years before the bill arrives, so what gives?

Meanwhile, the love potion wears off again but Becky has run out. She whacks Sam in the head with the waffle iron Dean had given them and takes him to her parents’ cabin and ties him up in bed… without pants on.

Sam wakes up, but Becky leaves to see Guy to get more potion. She thinks she’ll continue to get potion for free, but Guy is a crossroads demon and now he wants Becky’s soul.

“I’m very protective of my ass, it’s one of my best features.”

He offers her 25 years to have Sam love her for the rest of her life. She heads back to the cabin.

“Supernatural’s not exactly popular.”

Becky goes back to meet with Guy, but only to set him up and Sam, Dean and Garth would take over. Only, Guy’s intern, who’s actually been the one killing the dealmakers, pops in to save him. But also popping in to join the party, Crowley.

He wants them to hand over Guy who’s tarnishing the business image of crossroads demons. He also tells them to kill the cocky Leviathans for him.

Sam and Becky sign the annulment papers.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
Dean says Sam is a big boy now and he doesn’t have to watch him all the time. Sam says he’s got the soup in his head under control and that Dean, having protected him all his life, should take the time to take care of himself.

Episode Thoughts
Strange episode. It was one of those comedic episodes that end on a dramatic, meaningful to the greater story note. Only, it didn’t have that dramatic, meaningful to the greater story note.

It was a filler episode, but it lacked the fun that makes other filler episodes not a waste of time. They made Becky, a fun, quirky character, into a crazy maniac before semi-redeeming her in the end. And though Jared did a good job with some of the comedy, most of the episode fell flat.

The thing with Supernatural is when they fall flat, they really fall flat. And this episode was almost regrettable. I really didn’t care for it at all. And I rarely find Supernatural episodes that I don’t at least find something redeemable about them.

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