Supernatural Episode 7.06 – Slash Fiction

Sam & Dean take a bank hostage and massacre every single person inside.

Well… Leviathans posing as Sam & Dean of course. While Bobby continues Gitmo-ing their Leviathan courtesy of Spike from last week, he sends the Bros to see Frank, a crazy, but crazy good guy who owes him one.

Frank erases all of Sam & Dean’s rock star aliases and smashes Sam’s laptop and creates their new personas, Mr. and Mr. Tom and John Smith. Frank also suggests they keep the Impala on the down low too.

Back at the cabin, Bobby is shocked to find Sheriff Jody Mills knocking on his door. She offers to cook for him and spruce up the place.

Meanwhile, Sam & Dean are on the road in their My Little Pony’d car. Dean loves Swayze movies and “All Out of Love,” and that creeps Sam out. But Sam realizes, looking at the map that their dopplegangers are hitting towns they’ve worked jobs in, in order from strike>the pilot onwards the time Sam left Stanford.

Bobby continues trying to find ways to off the Leviathan, finding that chopping its head off will slow it down for a while, but he unknowingly touches it, allowing it to take his form.

The Bros head to the next town on the episode list and leviaDean and leviaSam arrive in the leviaImpala. But the cops, having been notified by the Feds on their trail see the real Bros first and arrest them.

Back at the cabin, leviaBobby taunts the real Bobby and he’s just about to chop its head off again until water dripping from upstairs begins burning the Leviathan’s skin. He heads upstairs to see Jody having spilled some kind of cleaning liquid and he runs up to her and kisses her.

The real Sam & Dean are taken to the station and WOAH! The sheriff is a cylon!!!!

Dean demands to Col. Tigh for his one phone call. Little do they know the Leviathans have taken over the bodies of two cops.

Col. Tigh lets Dean have his call and Bobby tells him about the chemical, Sodium Borax that’s in household cleaners that can definitely slow down the Leviathans and allow them to cut their heads off.

Col. Tigh thinks they are sickos, but when he leaves the holding cell, he sees the two leviaCops feasting and then transforming back into Sam and Dean. He’s believes it now. He lets Dean out and Dean tells him to go get the cleaners.

Sam, cuffed in a holding room, gets a visit from leviaDean while Dean runs into leviaSam. Col. Tigh comes just in time with the soap so Dean can chop its head off.

In the holding room, leviaDean starts taunting and picking at Sam. But what leviaDean is after is the look on Sam’s face when he drops the bomb that Dean killed Amy. Col. Tigh and realDean come and they finish off leviaDean, but Sam is speechless.

Col. Tigh offers to help them be dead and when the two FBI guys come, he gives them a story and magically the bodies have already been sent for cremation. The Feds let it go since they won’t have to deal with paperwork.

Bobby thanks Jody for her help. He hands her the box of leviahead and asks her to chuck it in the river on her way home. He kisses her.

Back at the police station, Col. Tigh and his daughter, the coroner unfortunately get ganked by one of the Feds who turns out to be a Leviathan. Valente. He calls the big boss, some rich guy, maybe politician, a Mr. Roman.

He tells Valente they’ll have to find another way to get rid of the Winchesters. He heads into his limo and who’s there to meet him… Crowley.

Crowley wants to be friends, but Mr. Roman… Dick doesn’t want to shake hands with “ugly, lazy, gold-digging whores” (well there you go) who are even less than humans. Well, alright then, Crowley pops off.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
Sam and Dean have the two leaviaheads and Dean says maybe it’s a good idea to keep ’em, might come in handy one day. But Sam’s got other things on his mind. He brings up Amy and tells Dean not to lie to him ever again… not to talk to him ever again.

Sam grabs his bags from the car and says maybe Dean should go on his own. He can’t talk to him right now. Okay fine, Dean says.

Episode Thoughts
Well, that was a lot to digest eh?

First off, it was awesome seeing Michael Hogan on TV again. I knew Saul Tigh’s voice the moment I heard it. It was also great seeing Sheriff Jody again. She and Bobby were cute together.

Frank was also hilarious.

And it is always awesome to see Jared and Jensen get to play around and play completely different characters from Sam and Dean. It’s refreshing and fun.

It was a clever, but acceptable deus ex machina at the “Leviathans are afraid of baths” discovery. It’s also kind of funny. Looking forward to more Jody and Bobby in the future.

Meh to the Crowley and Leviathan moment but I guess it was basically just to highlight that the Leviathan’s are all-powerful… until the Winchesters defeat them of course.

And now… the Bros getting emo and breaking up… again. We’ve been down this road before. It’s interesting in that “what are they going to do to make this not feel like a retread” kind of way, but it was just too déjà vu after a very strong episode.

What is it with the regrettable endings this season? lol
But overall, the episode was good, had plenty of fun moments, good forward movement, just that pesky ending!

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