It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 7.07 – Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games

So how do you even put this episode into words really?

The Gang is bored and can’t think of anything to do. But Dennis remembers they can play Chardee MacDennis, a board game they had come up with years ago on a day just like this.

Frank doesn’t know they game so they go through the basic steps. They bring out all they need.

The object of the game is to get through three levels, each with corresponding alcohol:
Level One, MIND: Trivia, puzzles and artistry. (Wine)
Level Two, BODY: Physical challenge, pain and endurance. (Beer)
Level Three, SPIRIT: Emotional battery and public humiliation. (Hard liquor)

Dennis and Dee are one team (the Golden Geese) while Mac and Charlie are on the other (Leprechauns?). The winners of the game get to smash the other teams’ game pieces (Barbie & Ken for the siblings and taped-up action figures for Mac and Charlie).

Dee nails the wooden game board onto the bar because Mac, who with Charlie usually lose towards the end of the game, will try and flip the board later on when things get rough.

There’s a 15-minute time limit for the game with timeouts and clock stoppages.

Frank wants to be on Mac and Charlie’s team. And the game begins with a Wine and Cheese Reception, an effort to display sportsmanship before… they go absolutely CRAZY at each other with their Maori war dance.

“What the shit are you doing!?!”

Ooo… Frank doesn’t know you’re not allowed to ask questions during the game. The penalty is for them to drink for five seconds.

They have to choose cards and Dennis & Dee are leading by one. Mac picks a “Chance” card that says everyone must give him the money out of their pockets. Frank doesn’t want to since he as $500 in his pocket, so he asks to see the card. Mac refuses and Frank reads that the card actually says “Eat this card whole.” They’ve been caught cheating which means Dennis and Dee advance to Level 2.

They have another break before Level 2. Dennis & Dee only need two cards to advance to Level 3 and now there is no cursing.

Dennis puts his hand, palm out on the darts board and if he winces, Mac, Charlie and Frank get the card. But Frank throws the dart right at his palm, but no reaction. So Dennis & Dee win the card.

Frank draws the next card. It’s a Go to Jail card, so he personally has to go to jail… a dog kennel. And the only way he can get out is to eat the ingredients of a cake.


Oops… another penalty. Clock stoppage. They have to drink, but this time the other team will count out the five seconds any way they want to. Frank enters the kennel.

Next card… Grape Gobble. Mac rolls a pitcher of grapes onto the bar and Dee and Charlie must gobble as many as they can. Frank wants to watch, but Dennis tells him to shut up and he throws his beer onto Franks’ face.

Dennis calls time and Dee is disappointed when she counts only five grapes. Charlie’s excited… but he ate and swallowed the grapes, so he has no idea how much he ate. Dennis & Dee win the card and move on to Level 3.

Dennis & Dee celebrate as Mac tries to flip the gameboard.

Another break. Frank tells Charlie and Mac he read the rulebook in the kennel and he has a plan.

Level 3… Dennis and Dee appear to be very, very drunk. Frank goes to pull the next card but he spills his drink. Oops, another rule broken. But… he reads the rulebook and it says the penalized team must chug the other team’s drink. Dennis & Dee don’t seem to want them to drink their drinks… and that’s because they’ve been drinking water all this time.

They’ve been caught cheating and now Mac, Charlie, and Frank can jump to their level. Both teams are now at Level 3.

Charlie and Mac celebrate but the timer goes off and time is up. Frank looks in the rulebook that they must now draw the black card.

Charlie takes it out of the trunk and Frank reads it… A winner will be chosen… there can only be one, “so it comes to this… Flip… a… COIN.”

What?! That was lame, but it actually gives Mac and Charlie a 50/50 shot and their first legitimate chance at winning Chardee MacDennis. They call tails and Frank flips the coin.

And Dennis and Dee win and stomp on their game pieces.

Episode Thoughts
Random, hilarious and the simple Sunny I love.

Thought Sunny can get outrageous and high concept, I always love their simple, just the Gang moments. And this episode was certainly one of those.

It went by really fast though. Almost like it was a shorter episode. And no doubt they could’ve done a lot more random stuff for the game.

When Frank read out that black card, I totally thought he was going to say Flipadelphia which would’ve most likely resulted in Mac and Charlie winning thanks to Dee choking. But actually the flip a coin was hilarious for the lameness of it.

Overall, probably my favorite episode of the season, again for just being completely random and simple and crazy.

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