Power Rangers Samurai, Episode 21 – Party Monsters

What is there to recap really? It was a clip show masked as a Halloween party of all the Nighloks (as ghosts, since they’re supposed to be dead) the Rangers had defeated the last 20 episodes.

And OOO-AH-OOO, Xandred wanting to drink and being pissy that he wasn’t invited to the ghost party. With guest appearances by the soot balls (or fuzzy warts or something the Nighloks called them).

“The guest list was from the obituary column.”
“Then I would’ve been the life of the party!”

Episode Thoughts
Well, what do you really expect from a clip show? Actually, this might have been the most creative the Samurai team has been so far this season!

It was actually an okay episode in part because we didn’t see much of the Rangers. (Ouch.) The monsters were actually more fun and they were lots of fun making fun of the Rangers. So fun fun fun all around no matter how pointless the episode was.

Making fun of their posing and roll calls and taking offense to the Rangers’ bravado and cockiness. I can’t say I blame those monsters for being bitter.

How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: None

Shinkenger didn’t have a Halloween clip show, but they did go to Christmas World in the vs movie with Go-Onger, but that comparison will have to wait when Samurai has its own Christmas episode. (Oy.)

And that does it for Power Rangers Samurai for this year, save for the special(s) in December. What’s in store for Samurai or Super Samurai or Mighty Morphin Samurai or whatever it’ll be called in 2012, who knows?

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