Supernatural 6.11 – Death: Behind the Scenes

Dean goes to a doctor (an old friend of papa Winchester) who kills him temporarily so he could meet with reaper Tessa and then Death and ask if he could get Sam’s soul and Adam out of the cage. But Death says only one, so Dean picks Sam and asks if he can slice off and leave the hell part of it.

Doctor and assistant begin reviving Dean after 3 minutes is up, but Death says the soul can never be broken. But he can put the hell parts behind a wall in his mind, though not permanently. And when that wall breaks, the unimaginable pain destroys Sam.

Death has a wager, have Dean put on his ring for 24 hours and be him for a day. Take the ring off before the 24 hours, zip.

Dean goes to tell Sam and Bobby and Sam doesn’t want to have his head explode one day in the future. Sam reluctantly agrees to the plan.

Dean goes to put on the ring and he meets with Tessa who lays the ground rules down for the day. He kills, she reaps.

Meanwhile, Sam summons angel Balthazar to ask if there’s a spell to keep a soul out of a body forever. Sure, but one ingredient he needs is the blood of his father. Not necessarily blood related though.

deathDean and Tessa go out on their errands. They first come up to a robbery where a dick is robbing a shopowner and his little boy. The robber threatens to shoot the boy but the shopowner’s got some moves and manages to pull out his own gun to shoot the ass. Showtime for deathDean and he lets him suffer a little bit before touching him and sending him off with Tessa.

The next guy is a heart attack victim who asks what it all means. Dean responds with Kansas and the guy can’t believe it. “Sorry, he’s new.” Next stop, a hospital. A sick 12 year old girl.

deathDean won’t do it. He can’t. .She ends up not needing surgery and is completely healed.

Sam returns to Bobby’s who offers him a drink. They play cards. Sam decides Bobby is a good father to him and they play cat and mouse until Sam manages to get him.

Back at the hospital, Dean learns that destiny does exist. And him changing that little girl’s destiny now has cost someone else their life. Someone that was supposed to live many years.

Tessa tells Dean to kill the little girl, but he sees the nurse’s husband, drunk, get in a car. He pops into the car to try and stop him, knowing this won’t end well, but when he can’t, he takes off the ring and swerves the car to avoid hitting other people at an intersection.

Dean calls out to Tessa but no answer. He puts the ring back on and there’s Tessa. He lost. But he has unfinished business. He goes to take the girl, realizing no one can skate by.

Back to crazySam. Dean arrives just in time to save Bobby. They put Sam in the panic room.

“What am I supposed to do here?”

Winchester Brothers Closing Emo Moment of the Week
Sam and Dean stare at each other before Dean heads back upstairs and sees Death is waiting. He has some hot dogs. Death is glad Dean’s been able to look behind the curtain, to see what happens when you wreck the natural order. Things aren’t so fun when you have to be the one to clean up the mess.

Dean says at least admit the whole thing was rigged from the beginning. Death takes offense and gets up to leave… leave to pick Sam’s soul up from hell.

Why? Death says Sam and Dean are the poster children for wrecking the natural order and balance of the universe, dying and resurrecting like no one’s business, affecting things on a global scale. But they are digging at something, Death says, something that he wants them to continue digging at. Something about souls.

Dean runs downstairs and they head into the panic room. Death is there with a soul bag. He tells Sam about the wall and how it might feel itchy, but not so scratch it please because he won’t like what’ll happen.

Sam begs Dean not to let him do this. Death takes the soul ball out of the bag and puts it back into Sam’s body.

Episode Thoughts
Damn. What an episode! That might be one of my favorite episodes in a long time.

Absolutely fascinating and deep. I definitely liked that “behind the curtains” look at death. A very interesting concept (lots of interesting philosophical concepts this season, almost more than the entire series!) .

It was even fun, having Dean and Tessa run around doing errands.

But it seems like it was a matter of time before Sam got his soul back. It has become clear, especially with this episode, that they can’t have soulless Sam running around for 10 more episodes wreaking havoc and not giving a frack about it.

Funny thing is I’m watching this episode the night Episode 12 debuts so I didn’t have to wait those weeks to find out what happens next. Yay me.

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