Supernatural 6.10 – THIS episode should’ve been called ‘Family Matters’

Crowley unsuccessfully interrogates a creature.

Sam and Dean deliver another creepy crawly, but only Crowley’s henchmen are there to pick him up and with nothing in return. Later, Meg pops up to find out where Crowley is to get to him before he gets to them.

Sam proposes he and Dean help her get Crowley and she helps get Sam’s soul back.

Sam manages to trick Castiel into coming down and helping them track Crowley. He can’t use his angel powers so they go to grandpaSam who says he can’t help them.

He tells them Crowley would bring Mary back if he helped him. Dean gives a piece of advice, learn from their mistakes. Deals with demons won’t go anywhere. grandpaSam won’t budge.

Back at the batcave, Castiel gets a boner watching porn, just cause “it was there” and grandpaSam comes knocking on their door. He gives them the location of where Crowley takes all they have captured to torture. But no one gets in and no one definitely comes out.

nuSam asks grandpaSam to come with them, but “I may be soft, but I’m not suicidal.”

They meet with Meg and posse. She flirts with Castiel and Sam takes Ruby’s knife back after killing one of the posse who kept looking at ’em funny.

Castiel tells Dean he doesn’t think it is a good idea to get Sam’s soul back anyway. Being locked up with Lucifer and Michael for a year, they have nothing to do but take their frustrations out on Sam’s soul. Castiel fears what shoving that destroyed soul back into Sam will do to him, maybe worse than death.

But Dean implores Castiel to try and think positively, that they’ll be able to fix Sam. But Castiel remains realistic as Sam listens.

The band of misfits make their way into the warehouse and find cells full of dead and living things. They realize the hellhounds have been set loose and run. It’s a trap.

Meg gets ready to say so long suckas, but Crowley’s put a spell over the joint and she can’t leave her skin suit. They decide to go find Crowley and she’ll hold off the hounds, but not before she steals a kiss from Castiel who in turn uses what he learned from porn and kisses her back while against the wall.

The three guys run and Meg fights the hellhounds.

They run into grandpaSam, who flashes away Castiel, allowing Crowley and his goons to capture the bros. They get locked away as Meg manages to kill all the hounds but runs into a possessed Christian Campbell.

grandpaSam visits the brothers and defends his decisions. He says they are nothing to him. He has no idea who they are, but Mary is his daughter. Dean promises to kill him next time they meet.

The goons take Dean away and Meg is strapped to a table, Christian ready to carve her up. Sam in his cell, bites his arm and starts sucking, allowing him to draw a seal to trap the goons that come to get him.

Meanwhile, Dean is fighting off hungry vampires(?) and Sam comes to the rescue. They also come to Meg’s rescue, all unbeknownst to Crowley.

They get him under a seal. Meg has some fun with him while Sam asks about his soul. Crowley says hell if he’d ever go down there to get it. And why does Sam want to get it back anyway, lest he wants to be a big drooly mess.

They leave Meg to finish Crowley, but he swipes the knife, cracks the seal and seems to have the upper hand. But in comes Castiel… with Crowley’s bag of bones.

Castiel asks if Crowley can help with Sam’s soul. I can’t, he says, so Castiel lights up those bones and Crowley is gone.

Meg disappears.

Winchester Brothers Closing Emo Moment of the Week
Castiel tells them Crowley was right, Rafe is winning upstairs and there’s nothing they can do to help.

Castiel promises to find another way and he goes to finish off the rest of the stragglers inside.

Dean reiterates Castiel’s sentiment, but Sam says what’s the use. He heard what they were talking about earlier. Why does he still want it? They’ve risked their lives too many times already for it, and why would he want to live with a battered soul anyway. Maybe I’m better off without it, Sam says. Dean says he couldn’t be more wrong. Sam walks away.

Episode Thoughts
A very interesting episode. The dynamics of demons and angels and the bros and the subdivisions are just always fascinating on the show.

So, the last of Crowley eh? It was fun while it lasted. I’m happy to see Meg live to see another day though.

grandpaSam’s been acting weird all season long and it’s a pretty painful thing to see him not give a frack about Sam and Dean. Huge turning point.

And the most interesting, the concept of Sam’s soul being so mutilated, literally, that it would do much more harm than good for him. That’s definitely something new to chew on.

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