Supernatural 6.12 – Virgins, Mothers and Souls

Castiel does his probing and Sam’s soul seems to be in place. But it feels like it has been skinned alive.

“If you wanted to kill your brother, you should’ve done it outright.”

Castiel pops off as Sam remains unconscious. Dean heads upstairs and Bobby might have a job but suddenly Sam walks into the room. He walks towards Dean and gives him a big hug. Then Bobby.

Turns out the last thing Sam remembers is falling into the pit. Nothing else since then. Bobby wants to fill him in, but Dean says this is a good thing. He spares Sam the details of his soulless life.

Later, Bobby tells Dean he’d rather tell Sam than let him hear it or find out some other way. Dean just wants to let it alone for now, not wanting to risk cracking the wall.

Dean and Bobby are about to head out to the job but Sam is awake and ready to go. He doesn’t need the rest, so Bobby decides to stay and let the bros catch up. On the drive, Sam asks why Dean didn’t even try to live a life. He assumes so because Dean is exactly the same now as he was before. He tells Sam about being with Lisa and Ben for a year, but it didn’t work out. He says nothing else so Sam drops it.

They arrive in Oregon and visit the sister of one of the victims, a string of disappearances including a couple that fell out of the sky when the guy was found 17 miles away from the wreckage all chopped up.

The sister doesn’t really want to talk to any more investigators, but Sam, the oldSam, is back and is compassionate and kind and persuades the girl to let them in and talk. Dean likes oldSam.

At the motel, they realize all three disappearances involved virgins.

“Who would want virgins?”
“You got me. I prefer ladies with experience.”

Across town, another woman is about to be taken by the winged creature but she manages to survive. Sam & Dean visit her at the hospital. She tells them it was like a huge bat.

The guys think the bat spit her back down to the ground because she wasn’t a virgin. And after some Googling, Sam finds that the clues point to dragons.

Dean calls Bobby who refers him to a professor at San Francisco University (not to be confused with University of San Francisco). He heads off, but not before Sam vaguely remembers hunting a skinwalker recently.

Dean arrives in San Francisco and meets Ivy Winthrop Crane Dr. Visiak who apparently had a thing with Bobby. She tells Dean the only way to kill a dragon is with a sword made from dragon’s blood. And she just so happens to have one in the basement.

Of course, it’s stuck inside a rock and hell if Dean can pull it out like Arthur.

Meanwhile Sam is putting clues together and calls Bobby who leads him to conclude that the dragon might be hiding in the sewers. But Sam also wonders if anything is wrong with Bobby. He’s been acting strange. Sam asks what happened the last year and Bobby says nothing.

Sam calls Castiel and he pops in. Sam says Bobby’s filled him in on everything about the last year and Castiel takes it to mean Bobby’s told him everything.

Castiel asks what it feels like to have his soul back and Sam wonders. He asks Castiel to fill in the hazy details.

Back in San Francisco, Dean is ready to blow the stone up. They head back in and see that the sword’s been blown up too.

Dean takes it back with him and they head out to a sewers location Sam’s pinpointed. They find the missing virgins, but the dragon comes back.

They fight him, but he manages to fly off though they save the girls.

Winchester Brothers Closing Emo Moment of the Week
Back at Bobby’s, Sam doesn’t know how to start, but he apologizes to Dean for what he went through. He says Dean should’ve told him everything, because he wants to fix what needs fixing. You’d do the same thing, Sam says. Dean can’t disagree.

Bobby comes with new info about monsterland… or purgatory. Apparently these dragons want to open a door to it and that’s why they need all those virgins. Part of the magic key.

The dragon (Ilia Volok one) reports to another one who has a van full of virgins and they take one into a cave where they do the spell and open a hole where they throw her into.

Bobby tells Sam and Dean the instructions tell how to bring in the “mother of all” into the world.

At the cave, the girl comes floating back up to the dragons.

“You kept me waiting. We have so much to do. Let’s get started.”

The mother of all?!

Episode Thoughts
First of all, yay to Ilia Volok (Power Rangers Wild Force) and the awesome Kim Johnston Ulrich (Passions!) guesting on Supernatural. Good stuff.

Now, the two biggies.
First, the mother of all. Very interesting. I have no idea what that means or who she is. So looks like we have our 2nd half story arc!

And second, Sam getting his soul back and all of us getting the old Sammy back. It does feel very refreshing, if not just plain different, seeing the old Sammy again after seeing nuSam, the emotionless, soulless Sam these last few months.

The developments in this episode certainly set the groundwork for the 2nd half of the season. I’m looking forward to it.

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