Supernatural 6.09 – Fight the Fairies!!

X-Files: Supernatural

Sam and Dean are in Elwood, Indiana investigating four disappearances which the town is associating with UFOs. Sam is having trouble being oldSam and Dean reminds him he has to start caring, have some empathy.

After they interview the father of the first missing person (owner of a watch shop), Sam stays behind to watch him as Dean goes to investigate the crop circles. Sam calls asking Dean permission to talk to the guy, but suddenly a flying saucer or something starts chasing Dean until it beams him up.

Sam still has no empathy, but he heads out to the crop circle and finds Dean’s phone on the ground.

He comes upon a UFO fan camp where he gets nothing from the UFO investigator. But he does get a UFO hippie to take home.

Dean gets beamed back down and heads to the motel where he finds Sam having fun with (or, I guess feeling nothing for?) the girl in bed. Dean can’t believe it.

She asks him what they were like before she leaves.

“They were grabby, incandescent douchebags.”

Dean tells Sam about the experience. White light. Beings. Bright beings. Probing tables.
But Dean fought back, he went crazy and they spit him back out.

“You should take a shower.”
“I should.”

At breakfast, Sam wants some ass, but Dean has another soul lesson for him, that having a soul means suffering. newSam’s mind is blown. They get up to leave and Dean sees a strange creeper at the window, but Sam doesn’t.

Sam’s researching at the library, leaving Dean alone at the motel. The lights go out and the bright white appears again. The door swings open and a little golden ball of light comes flying in. Dean goes for his gun, but the ball gets in his way then starts fighting him until Dean traps it in the microwave and heats it up until it bursts all while David Bowie plays in the background.

Dean shows the microwave full of “eck” but Sam doesn’t see it. Instead, from what Dean is describing (a little naked woman… a hot one), Sam realizes they might be dealing with fairies. Fairies and UFOs actually have a lot of things in common.

They go visit the crazy fairy lady (that Sam insulted earlier) and she tells them that only people who have gone to the fairy realm can see fairies in this world. And you can gain favor with them with cream. Plus they hate iron, silver… and if they spill sugar or salt in front of them, all fairies must stoop to count each and every grain.

“God, is it on me? I feel like I’ve got the crazy on me.”

Heading to the car, they find the watch guy buying crates of cream. Sam keeps an eye on the guy as Dean goes to check out the store.

He heads inside to find a workshop full of elves working on watches. Dean calls Sam who’s back at the bar with the watch guy. He explains to Sam how he was desperate to keep his business going by summoning elves and fairies and leprechauns by way of his grandmother’s book. There’s a way to reverse the spell, but the book’s in a safe in the shop and they won’t let him anywhere near it.

Meanwhile, Dean sees the creeper again who is following him. He ends up tackling a little person (calling him a fairy) and gets arrested.

“Fight the fairies!”

In jail, Dean insists this wasn’t a hate crime, “I don’t hate any sized person or, or any sized gay, guy.”

Back at the shop, the watch guy goes to get the book (as all the elves are passed out drunk on cream) and begins reading the reverse spell when he gets stabbed through the back by… the UFO guy. He’s been using the UFO stuff to cover up all the fairy happenings in town.

He senses Sam is missing his soul and says he knows backdoors by which he could get his soul back. Sam doesn’t bite.

He and the leprechaun fight as Dean goes up against the creeper fairy. Seems like everything is all over for the bros… until Sam opens up a tube of salt and pours it on the ground.

“You ass.”

The leprechaun sits and counts every grain giving Sam the time to read the spell and all the fairies, leprechauns and elves get sucked back to the other realm.

Winchester Brothers Closing Emo Moment of the Week
The bros sit on the Impala next to the crop circle fields and Dean wonders why Sam didn’t take the deal.

“When’s a deal ever been a good thing?”

Dean just wants to make sure Sam really wants his soul back. Of course Sam says. His face seems to say otherwise.

Episode Thoughts
This was a surprisingly awesome episode. Hilariously random and fully entertaining. This is the kind of good random that Supernatural should do, not the horribly random like last season’s “99 Problems” episode.

The X-Files open was cute

As for Sam, I’ve been hoping they delve deeper into the ins and outs of not having a soul and they seemed to do a little of it in this episode, but not really in the way I expected. It was more comic relief if anything and maybe not having a soul can be hilarious, but this IS Supernatural after all. There’s always darker and deeper aspects to everything.

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