Recap: American Dreams, Episode 3.10 – Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Wow, what an amazing episode. I think the best in the show’s 2 and a half year history. The Ford commercials were great… I finally get to see the Mustang everyone’s talking about, and it looks good.

Okay… American Dreams looks good in widescreen, hope they keep it that way, but I think it’ll go back to fullscreen on the regular NBC stations, and be in widescreen on the NBC HD stations. Being commercial free really made the episode even better. The transitions were seamless. Chris and Meg can be so annoying. Ugh, hopefully Milo Ventimiglia leaves soon, but I think Daphne Zuniga is on for the whole season? Well whatever…

I’ve always loved the scenes in Vietnam, so well done. Will Estes has done a good job. He was just okay before he left for training. But we should be seeing some good scenes from him now that he’s home. Gail O’Grady and Tom Verica deserve Emmy nominations for the performances lately. And this episode should be nominated for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series next year. Critics lately have been praising the show. Entertainment Weekly said that it has become one of the most “compelling hours on television” and it definitely has.

IMO, AD is the best drama on television today. It really is a family show, and yet it isn’t corny like 7th Heaven. Ugh, I wish the Emerald published my American Dreams and Amazing Race reviews in the newspaper instead of Lost and The Apprentice. I would recommend AD and TAR long before the other two. Well… we’ll have to wait until January 2nd for the next episode. It’ll be a long wait, but what an episode to begin a break with.

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I’m on an AMERICAN DREAMS and PRDT high after this weekend

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