Review Shortcuts: Sandara Park and Hero Angeles in Can This Be Love


I’m very full… lol… but being Filipino and having a family party, that’s understandable…

Finally got to watch CAN THIS BE LOVE… Typical ABS-CBN romantic comedy… especially with Hero and Sandara… Its their first headlining movie… And of course, it was the sweet, filled with kilig moments type of movie… with the mandatory crying scenes and fight… Anyway, I’m a Hero and Sandara fan… even though they’re “having problems” now… lol…
It was great seeing Roxanne in a movie… She was very good, especially in the scene where she slaps Joross… 🙂 … I always thought Hero and Roxanne would’ve made a better loveteam… SCQ2’s Paw Diaz and Aaron Villaflor were in the movie too… I don’t even know who they are… lol… Tirso Cruz was in the movie too, which was a surprise…
So good movie… you should watch it… but with the knowledge and an appreciation for what Filipino movies are like and can be… 😉

The most memorable quote:
Tita Tancing: “Anak ya nang youngest sister ko, si Louie. Naku, nag hihintay na lang yong petition yan. Kasi, yung American citizenship ng kapatid ko, approvahan na. Pupunta sa ‘States’… excited na nga yan eh…”
Louie: “Ayaw ko doon… si mommy na man yong gusto pumunta doon eh…
Tita Tancing: “Anong ma gagawa mo kung gusto ng mommy mo?”
Louie: “Iinis ‘ko sa mga ”Cano’…”
Tita Tancing: “Naku… Iinis sa mga ”Cano’? Hip-Hop ka ng Hip Hop”

(in English… though obviously not translated word for word… I’m just copying the subtitles…) its funnier in Tagalog though…
Tita Tancing: “He’s Louie, the child of our youngest sister. He’s just waiting for his petition papers. My sister’s American citizenship has just been approved. He’ll be going to the US soon, he’s so excited.”
Louie: “I don’t want to go… It’s just my mom who wants me to.”
Tita Tancing: “What can you do if that’s what your mother wants?”
Louie: “I don’t like Americans.”
Tita Tancing: “You don’t like them but you keep singing hip hop!”

and my new favorite expression: “Gots me?” or “Gots mo?” with the reply “Gots ko”… lol

One thought on “Review Shortcuts: Sandara Park and Hero Angeles in Can This Be Love

  1. Joross is an ass im surprised they havent slapped him to a pulp yet (cuz he’s so scrawny all you have to do is slap–not even b-slap–him, no force required.). LoL, i dont understand how “Naku, iinis sa m ga ‘cano? hip-hop ka ng hip hop” translates to “you dont like them but you keep singing hip hop.” o well. lol. yeah, itz all about abs-cbn. gma bites. lol. k latez.-Hannah

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