Lost, Alias and Power Rangers DinoThunder

OMG… “The Others” appear out of nowhere… that was “Dark Shadows” freaky… I was expecting them to say that they were all already dead or something, they looked like it… Taking Walt? wow… what are they going to do to him? and then The Others blowing up the raft…

I think that was the only major twist tonight… we didn’t get to see what was inside the hatch… just a long passage/tunnel/thing into the ground… And the monster? what the hell was that black smoke? Is the dinosaur a witch or something and can transform into a puff of smoke?

Overall, it was still an awesome episode…

We get back to the Rambaldi stuff… and that big red ball exploding into water like in season one’s finale with Vaughn getting stuck in the room after that red ball exploded… those infected zombies were pretty freaky too… were they supposed to bring on the end of the world? So the small device was just a blueprint of sorts for the big device? I get it now…

And I was saying to myself… “wow… is Alias going to have a happy ending for once?” and of course, here comes Vaughn saying it isn’t his real name and then some truck hits them from the side… that took me completely by surprise, I jumped out of my seat…

JJ ABRAMS is a genius… a pure genius… man I wish I could be like him…

Yes!!! POWER RANGERS: DINOTHUNDER is back on Weekdays on ABC Family (beginning June 13th)
Even though I have all the episodes anyway, it’ll be nice to see it back on ABCFam… what a damn good show… (but it would’ve been better if Conner and Kira hooked up… geez)


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