Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 32 – Thunder Struck (Part 2)


Okay first off, DinoThunder has been an amazing season. No matter what anyone says, it had the best writing, the best acting, the best production/special effects… no question, DT was just the best.

Okay… the Rangers and Hayley head back to the lab to find Elsa gone and the entire place trashed. Hayley used her a black box to find that Zeltrax had come to take Elsa. So for some reason they all go their separate ways since Ethan gets back in line for Asteroid Conquest where Angela is still waiting for him in line. Zeltrax unleashes his ZelZord (which by the way, doesn’t look like a zord and it has boobs). He blasts a mountain which gets a huge chunk just blown off. Unusually, Ethan gets a solo morphing sequence. It would’ve been nice to have the individual morphing sequences one last time. One of the things I’ve always wondered is why can’t they shell out a few more dollars to make morphing sequences that have all the rangers in them, instead of just individual ones that have to be squeezed and all that.

Too much Sentai footage, which I hate. Anyway, they arrive in downtown and Zeltrax sends the Triptoids (ewe) and they leave Trent to handle them as Tommy goes into the ZelZord to save Elsa and Conner, Kira, and Ethan pilot the megazord. Kira decides to go help Tommy save Elsa (again, Sentai footage sucks). The ZelZord is too powerful so Conner tells Ethan to pilot the Mesodon Megazord. Kira and Tommy fight triptoids and Zeltrax in the Zord. We get the final Tommy/Zeltrax battle as Kira takes Elsa back to the ground. Tommy joins them as they watch Ethan and Conner fight ZelZord. They use all the zords (minus Trent’s Dino Stegazord because there is no Sentai footage of that, by this time, AbareKiller (the White Ranger) has already died. The ZelZord still isn’t giving up, so Tommy tells Conner and Ethan to sacrifice the zords. They are all destroyed.

It seems Conner and Ethan didn’t escape in time, but of course they did. Conner says “So just like that, its over?” And Mesogog appears “Of course its not over.” Tommy tells Elsa to step aside and she goes behind a tank to find Devin and Cassidy filming the whole thing. They morph one last time to fight Mesogog who has just transformed into a really ugly bobblehead monster. It was really freaky looking. One last great morphed fight, and they finally pull out the Matrix-y special effects for the finale (very underused this season, maybe under 5 times). Conner weakens Mesogog a little using the Battlizer, but Mesogog multiplies. They combine the power of their DinoGems to create some sort of Dragon Dinosaur combo and it gobbles up Mesogog forever.

They demorph and they all feel “different.” The power of the DinoGems are gone. Cassidy, Devin, and Elsa come out from behind the tank. She tells them that the video of them will secure her career as a star journalist, but her friendship with them is more important and she gives Tommy the tape. Devin takes Cassidy in his arms as they go to the prom. Elsa, awkwardly turns and walks away as well. Conner, Kira, Ethan, Tommy, and Trent finally acknowledge that its over and they turn and walk the other way…

So its the Reefside High Senior Prom. Cassidy and Devin get out of a limo to what looks like a circus/movie premiere at the Pantheon or Lincoln Memorial. Hayley makes an appearance (where was she the whole time?) as Cassidy thanks her for helping with the Prom. Ethan is playing with his new Nintendo DS (in stores now) when Conner arrives with THE TREE BITCH! omg… big, huge mistake writers! Doug Sloan, what the hell were you smoking? Oh they dropped the freakin’ ball…… Ethan says? “The tree girl?” and Conner goes “Its what on the inside that counts?” Oh yeah Conner? well how about your best friend Kira, who is amazing on the inside, freakin’ hot on the outside, can sing, can fight, and is your friend who DIDN’T have a date?!?!?! Ugh, maybe with the team-up, we’ll see Conner and Kira married or something… then again… we didn’t see anything between Ninja Storm’s Dustin and Marah or Blake and Tori.

Anyway, Ethan goes to the prom with Angela, the girl at the theatre. Trent is upstairs with Tommy and Mercer. He says he’s attending Art School in the fall. Elsa comes down in a blue dress and Mercer asks is it would be okay if an old friend could dance with the new principal of the school. Tommy goes downstairs and onto the stage to introduce Kira who is performing the final song. Of course, Emma is looking hot and she sings another great song as we see clips from the season. Wow, what memories. And we end with a still shot of Kira, Ethan, and Conner. The 3 best Power Rangers ever.

I was disappointed, but excited, happy, and sad at the same time. Disappointed that we didn’t get more out of the episode, especially after an amazing Part 1 of Thunder Struck. Of course, I didn’t like Conner and Krista going to prom together, but what can you do. Power Rangers: DinoThunder has been the best season of the entire series. This season didn’t have the stupidness, the crappy special effects, the naiveness of the first few seasons. Doug Sloan and Ann Austen were able to write perfect stories (with a few crappy ones along the way) and present some of the best material in PR history. James Napier, Emma Lahana, and Kevin Duhaney were perfect. They led the best cast of any PR season with ease. Tommy was never my favorite Ranger, but it was good to see Jason David Frank and a piece of Ranger history involved in an amazing season. Jeffrey Parazzo is not a horrible actor, but he could’ve been better especially if Trent stayed evil. The supporting cast in Katrina Devine, Tom Hern, and Islay Johnston definitely added a lot. The special effects were amped up this season and improved a lot on Ninja Storm’s production.

Overall, DinoThunder has become one of my favorite shows of all time (I’d like to stress that I only mean DinoThunder and not Power Rangers as a whole.) If only they made a movie out of the season, I don’t want it to end!!!!

I’ll post caps maybe as late as tomorrow. So it looks like SPD is on its way… half dogs and half cats included.

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