The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition

What a 2-hour wi-fi enabled plane ride can produce.

I’ve been a fan of The Amazing Race since that very first episode in 2001 and while i’ve had my own route wishlists over the years, I’ve never sat down and put together a whole entire Amazing Race course before. Until now!

A simple wishlist for the upcoming (hopefully) Asia-filled 2nd season of The Amazing Race Philippines while stuck on a plane to Utah at the beginning of the month turned into a (surprisingly) fun little project for me.

Drawing inspiration from my own personal (limited) travel and hometown experience with a mix of classic TAR and some generally tourist-y internets-insight, here is the very special DryedMangoez Edition of The Amazing Race Philippines!

Hope you enjoy it! =D Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 8 – “Freakin’ right!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 8 – I Said Yes!


The 8th Leg of the Canadian Race begins with teams needing to sign up at the Bayeux train station for one of two trains departing for Paris arriving 58 minutes apart. Once there, teams must search the area around the Arc de Triomphe for their next clue. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand, Episode 5 – “Right now I don’t care if he pees in his pants.”


The 5th Leg begins immediately (TV time) as teams learn they will be flying to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Teams are given plane tickets, but are under no obligation to use them. Carla & Hereni find a better flight through Johannesburg and Zurich and tell John & Murray about it to repay them for the Express Pass and in the hopes they can work together. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand, Episode 4 – “We have a lot of experience with poo.”


Teams are off on the 4th Leg of the Race as they must now fly to Windhoek, Namibia. At the Windhoek Airport, they’ll find a marked four-wheel drive with their next clue.

At the Krabi Airport, Emily & Jon and Sally & Tyson express their mutual dislike of John & Murray. Carla & Hereni, meanwhile, are thankful to them for the Express Pass. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 41 – A Duel with the Overlord King!

Gaim 41

Sagara doesn’t think Kota is so big a fool that he would put his life on the line to save the world. But Mai says he wouldn’t have suffered so much if he wasn’t that big of a fool. Well, I’m just an observer, Sagara says. He looks forward to seeing humanity’s fate.

Roshuo asks Mai if humanity is even worth sacrificing oneself for. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 7 – Lest We Forget

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 7 – Lest We Forget


The 7th Leg begins as teams learn they are flying to Normandy, France. This year marks the 100th anniversary of World War I as well as 70 years since June 1944 when 14,000 Canadians landed on Juno Beach. Jon says this Leg is a tribute to the brave men and women who have served the country.


At the airport, Alain & Audrey want to take this opportunity to get to know Pierre & Michel now that they’re both on top. But when Audrey tries making a little chit-chat, the twins think she’s a hypocrite. Continue reading

How Megyn Kelly and Willie Revillame Gave Lessons on Common Sense and Appropriateness on Live Television

I just had to post this. Who would have ever thought a Filipino variety program host would have anything in common with an American news network host?

Well, it happened.

On a special Tuesday episode of Fox News’ The Kelly File airing at midnight ET, host Megyn Kelly spoke with Concerned Veterans for America CEO, veteran and Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth about the video of ISIS terrorists beheading American journalist James Foley. But at the segment began, live video showing clashes between protesters and police in Ferguson, Missouri popped up on screen.

It took 16 seconds for Megyn Kelly, after allowing Pete Hegseth to finish his sentence, to call attention to the incredible and inappropriate disconnect between the images being broadcast and the discussion they were having. Continue reading