The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 Teams and Premiere Date Revealed!

Tonight is the big night as TV5 officially launched Season 2 of the ENPRESS Golden Screen Award Winning The Amazing Race Philippines.

While a grand presscon was happening at Resorts World Manila, TV5 aired a shiny, brand new teaser officially revealing the 11 new teams, giving fans a first look at the Starting Line at Baluarte De San Diego in Intramuros and the official premiere date of Monday, October 6 at 7:30pm.

In an interview with MJ Marfori on TV5’s Aksyon earlier, Derek Ramsay revealed the Race would air Monday through Friday with weekend replays. And he promised a bigger, more exciting and drama-filled Race this season with a diverse group of teams that provided them with a lot of material. During the presscon, Derek also revealed that teams will get the chance to win up to P200,000 in each Leg. And the bigger grand prize includes not only the P2 million, but 2 house and lots from RCD Homes and 2 Kia Sportages.

And those 11 teams are:

Team Juan D, Daniel & Charlie – Pinay World Champs, Luz & Chen

Team Mr. Pogi, JP & Kelvin – Team Nerds, Vince & Ed

The Chefs, Roch & Eji – Sexy Besties, Jeck & RR

Travel Buddies, Zarah & Osang – Blondies, Avy & Tina

Dating Couple, Phoebe & Matt – Magkapatid/Siblings, Jet & Yna

Mag-Ama/Father & Son, AJ & Jody

Here is TV5’s official team reveal teaser:

More Details Revealed for The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2

activeTV revealed a lot more details about season 2 of The Amazing Race Philippines in a press release today.

Confirming a grand prize of P2 million from PLDT Home Telpad, 2 house and lots from RCD Royal Homes and 2 brand new Kia Sportage cars, the press release also confirmed the new season would air for 10 weeks on TV5.

activeTV touted overseeing the entire production of the series; from casting to scouting locations to final production.

Director and activeTV president Michael McKay who earlier tweeted: “The Amazing Race Philippines season 2 is going to a seriously good one,” talked about the challenges of doing a nightly version of the Race instead of the usual weekly one-hour episodes. McKay says TAR creator Bertram van Munster, ABC Disney and activeTV worked together to develop a format that would suit the nightly format unique to The Amazing Race Philippines.

Included in that development was dropping the Fast Forward and making sure to maintain TAR’s signature pace while keeping action condensed in half-hour installments.

McKay also raved about the beauty of the Philippines while TV5 Vice President and Production Unit Head Margie C. Natividad complimented the foreign crew members who also fell in love with the Philippines and helped create what she hopes is another award worthy piece of work. The Amazing Race Philippines won a Golden Screen Award for its first season.

Here is the full press release: Continue reading

The Amazing Race Canada Season 2 Wrap-Up

And another international Amazing Race season better than the American one has just wrapped up. The Amazing Race Canada started last year and was a resounding success. It’s no different this year.

Season 2, overall, was a great season. Definitely more enjoyable and more creative than any recent American TAR season. (Most definitely the, lets just forget, TAR24.)

Traveling to Hong Kong, Macau and France was awesome, despite half the Canadian TAR audience absolutely hating the idea the Race left Canada. Next season, it’ll be interesting to see where they decide to go, because there’s not many Canadian destinations left without either revisiting locations or having generic, irrelevant tasks.

But that’s something to worry about next season.

This season, while enjoyable, I think lacked Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 12 – “Hello Speaker! Hello Speaker! Today in the news…”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 12 – Who’s Da Bomb?


The Final Leg begins as teams will not fly to the country’s capital, Ottawa. After flying on the same flight through Montreal, teams find the next clue at the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge.


Teams must hop in a taxi to the Fleet Street Pumping Station where they will find an Olympic rafting training facility. They will gear up, pick a kayak, run down the river and then row to a marked dock at the entrance to the Rideau Canal.

Ryan & Rob move into first, but their taxi gets lost. Continue reading

Good Ol’ Review: GMA’s Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real Puts Fresh, Engaging and Mature Spin on Overused Filipino Drama Premise

Some Spoilers.

Filipino audiences have a strange and maybe unhealthy fascination with infidelity. The prevalence of soap operas and feature films featuring husbands and wives traipsing about with other men and women… and men and their continued commercial success in the Philippines is material for a long Media Studies dissertation.

Teleserye after teleserye after movie after teleserye, the same story over and over (with sometimes, even the same actors); like many Filipino stories, the cheating spouse has become overused and played out.

But also like other familiar Filipino soap opera tropes, a series or film can come along to try something different and take a fresh approach.

GMA’s Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real surprisingly did that. Continue reading

Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 28 – Being Uncool is Cool


Mio’s made everyone some of her special omelette sandwiches for lunch. Tokacchi is especially excited. But he sees Hikari pick at his, not wanting to eat any vegetables, even the ones Mio’s put in with the omelettes. Mio encourages him to at least eat those.


Appearing to be a little miffed by Hikari’s seeming unappreciation of Mio’s care, Tokacchi stands, turns and says.

“Hikari doesn’t like vegetables, yet 6-gou is green…” Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 45 – The Final Battle of the Two Destined Ones

Gaim 45

Peco is alone, thinking about Kaito and Zack’s betrayal. But suddenly, Zack appears and asks Peco to give a secret note to Oren. Peco wants to know what’s going on, but Zack asks to trust him for now.

Gaim 45

At the Garage, the others wonder what could have happened to Kaito. Maybe he ate one of the fruits. But Oren says that’s odd since he thought one loses their sense of reason once they turn into an Inves. Continue reading