Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 41 – The Christmas Battle

Merry Christmas!

ToQger 41

The ToQgers are in shock, seeing their beloved secret base having just risen out of the darkness. Akira and Schwarz come running to see, but suddenly, a huge mass of darkness pulses out of the ground.

Conductor and Ticket quickly whisk the ToQgers onto the Resshas. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 10 – What Is in the Belt’s Past?

Drive 10

Kiriko is telling the SID that Tomari-san’s birthday is on Christmas Eve. Everyone is excited, except for Shinnosuke himself. He’s sad that he only gets one present every year, a combo-birthday-Christmas gift instead of two.

The others laugh, but Shinnosuke is not happy. He storms out. Rinna suggests they all give him a present. But Otta says that’s pretty hard since the only things he likes are cars and candy. Chief Jun suggests they get him a candy car or car made of candy. Or rain car. Continue reading

The Amazing Race 25 Season Wrap-up

Maybe the horrific experience of Season 24 is a big reason, but there is no doubt Season 25 is one of the best TAR seasons in the post-TARAS Era and definitely the best, most complete season since TAR17.

Everything came together; a good cast, a solid route, good tasks and good competition. Plus, there weren’t any abhorrent teams who tried to ruin the entire show with their p***-poor attitudes.

Before we have to deal with TAR26’s dumb, unnecessary twist, let’s take a look at what Season 25 has done right and what TARUS should do more of if they are blessed with more Races past TAR26. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 12 – Season Finale – “I had my knickers in a twist from the beginning.”

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 12 – Season Finale – “All or Nothing”


The finale of the Silver Anniversary season of The Amazing Race picks up where we left off last week as teams must immediately continue racing from Manila, Philippines to Los Angeles, California. Continue reading

Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 40 – Who Is He? He Is Whom?

ToQger 40

Akira tells the ToQgers that he is leaving the Rainbow Line and joining Schwarz once more. And he will be borrowing the Applichanger as well.

Akira henshins and tells the ToQgers he does not have to fight them if they just leave now. The ToQgers refuse to leave without him, so that leaves Akira no choice. Akira sends a slash their way forcing them to quickly henshin. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 9 – How Can I Get Used to the Cool Body?

Drive 9

Belt-san introduces Fire Braver, a fire engine Shift Car and Rolling Gravity, the Shift Car responsible for making the Shift Car roads. And finally, Shift Technic, which will help summon Drive’s third body. Belt-san wants them to test out Drive Type Technic. Unlike Wild which requires fiery passion, Technic requires a cool heart.

Shinnosuke is pretty confident he’s cool enough, but when he tries it, he can’t lift the lever. Continue reading

Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 39 – The Beginning of the End

ToQger 39

Wagon and the ToQgers are decorating the Resshas for Christmas. They’ve noticed the Shadow Line has been pretty quiet lately and they hope it’ll last until Christmas at least. Wagon says she can guarantee that. Conductor and Ticket come in and they and Wagon explain that this is the time of year the Shadow are least active because of the abundance of Imagination everywhere.

All the Christmas lights and decorations and warm and fuzzy feelings weaken the power of darkness, making the Shadow Line less active. Continue reading