Music Monday, April 22, 2024 – D82, Big Ocean, DKZ, BOYNEXTDOOR

Two debuts and two comebacks! Enjoy these new tracks from D82, Big Ocean, DKZ and BOYNEXTDOOR

“Take Off” by D82

I’ve been a fan of Han Seungyun since his LUNAFLY days. So I’m always happy to see him releasing new music. And he does so this time with his new band D82. Their album and title track of the same name, “Take Off” is such a great collection of songs. All eight tracks on the album are the perfect pop-rock sound that you can’t help but want to listen on repeat and never get tired of. Though I’m still learning more about the band, Take Off is the perfect introduction to them.

“Glow” by Big Ocean

It was very interesting to learn about Big Ocean, a new K-pop group whose three members are hearing impaired. I began following them on TikTok ahead of their official debut this past weekend with their performance on Inkigayo. Their debut song “Glow”, a remake of H.O.T’s “Light”, is a perfect track for them to introduce themselves. And their debut performance really allowed for the three members to showcase their talents and charms.

Being hearing impaired, they face challenges with how they are able to perform and record their music. But they’ve definitely showed they are up for the challenge. And they’ve delivered a wholly charming and enjoyable debut so far. “Glow” is a wonderful, positive track that definitely expresses Big Ocean’s personal story and hopes for the future.

“Like a Movie” by DKZ

DKZ is finally back with a fresh new track in “Like a Movie” from the album Reboot. And fresh indeed. The feel-good vibes of the pop track give off a nice hopeful, summer feel. A touch of nostalgia make it an easy song to enjoy and serve as the perfect soundtrack to an adventure with friends. Other than the title, I like the opening track “We’re Together” as well.

“Earth, Wind & Fire” by BOYNEXTDOOR

Rookie group BOYNEXTDOOR completes their debut trilogy with title track “Earth, Wind & Fire” off of the album How?. The trendy pop track presents a refreshing sound and style from what you might hear or expect in K-pop. And it helps set the group apart and immediately grabs your attention. From the album, my favorite track might be the synth-powered “So Let’s Go See The Stars”.

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