Good Ol’ Review: Do Won and Yoon Do Jin Power the Heartwarming and Hopeful “Love Tractor”

Love Tractor Korean BL Drama Review

No spoilers.

If you’re looking for a sweet, fluffy and thoroughly enjoyable series, look no further than Love Tractor (트랙터는 사랑을 싣고). This absolutely wholesome series has all the best parts of what makes a fully lighthearted series so fun and enjoyable. Charming and talented leads in Do Won and Yoon Do Jin effortlessly draw you in to the equally charming Korean countryside for one of the most feel-good romantic Korean BL series you might ever see.

Love Tractor follows the journey of Seon Yul (Do Won) who escapes to his grandfather’s countryside home to get away from the pressures of city life. That’s where he meets Ye Chan (Yoon Do Jin), a kind and enthusiastic farmer.

Love Tractor Korean BL Drama Review

After some initial reluctance, Seon Yul adjusts to rural living with the help of Ye Chan. As their connection deepens, Seon Yul begins to see a new perspective on things he’s struggled over. Meanwhile, Ye Chan begins to fall in love for the first time.

The series’ relatively simple and straightforward premise is a strength. All our focus and attention is on Ye Chan and Seon Yul and watching their relationship grow. As they grow closer, we see how that relationship is able to bring about positive change in each of them. Not the least of which being both of them finding courage and confidence in themselves. Especially when it comes to being proud of and to own who they are and who they want to be. While also touching upon following your dreams.

Love Tractor Korean BL Drama Review

There is heart and sincerity in the series’ relatively simple premise. And there are just as profound a message and emotions in this simple premise as in those that may try to do too much within too little a time.

Seon Yul and Ye chan share a bright dynamic that is at times cute and sweet and at other times introspective and emotional. And that is all while the series maintains its positive, hopeful and heartwarming approach to its storytelling. It finds a perfect balance of humor and sincerity that makes for a well-rounded narrative. You won’t be skipping forward or struggling to get through this eight episode series. Instead wanting to savor each joyful moment.

The warmth and sincerity of the characters and the story as a whole help to make the series a very relatable experience. The countryside setting allows for a wonderful supporting cast as well to complete the hometown, nostalgic feels. And that nostalgic, hometown feel of the Korean countryside helps to support that feeling of welcoming and being open to each other. The series itself is as welcoming to the audience as the countryside village is. And it serves as the perfect romantic backdrop for Ye Chan and Seon Yul’s budding relationship and personal growth.

Love Tractor Korean BL Drama Review

Do Won and Yoon Do Jin are perfectly cast in their roles as Seon Yul and Ye Chan. They way both of them embody their characters both visually and substantively is simply pitch perfect. Their chemistry is a given as both are charming and charismatic. It is easy to immediately root for and look forward to their journey together right from the start. And with the well-written and fully formed characters, they effortlessly endear themselves to the audience in a way that is not always the case in any Korean drama. Let alone a Korean BL series. It is a fun and engaging dynamic that works perfectly with the story’s premise.

As I continue my marathon viewing of Korean BLs, it has been wonderful to see the growth and development of the genre both in production and scope. A series like “Love Tractor” is like the best of both worlds. That is, it is a mix of the more innocent (so to speak) beginnings of the genre and the deserved increase in budget and resources of the present day. A simple premise is beautifully brought to life with warm and inviting visuals.

Love Tractor Korean BL Drama Review

Overall, Love Tractor may just be one of my favorite Korean BL series now. The smile will never leave your face during the series’ eight episodes. And it will certainly leave you wanting more. But definitely not leaving you feel unsatisfied. The series’ excellent cast, relatable and warm story and pitch perfect writing and directing make it a thoroughly fulfilling and joyful viewing experience.

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