The Amazing Race Philippines 2 Season Wrap-up

And season 2 of The Amazing Race Philippines is over! I think most weren’t even sure a season 2 would ever exist. So it was great to hear last December that TV5 had indeed ordered a brand new season.

Let me just say right off the bat before we get to the very long essay below; It is absolutely amazing to have seen The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2. It definitely had its faults, but overall, it was a solid season and it even just existing is something to appreciate.

A big Congratulations to the cast and especially the crew for completing the season. Producing The Amazing Race is definitely a difficult job for anyone, even for creators Bertram Van Munster and Elise Doganieri. Taking on The Amazing Race is a big commitment production-wise, so it is definitely a big accomplishment when a season is completed.

There are definitely many good things to love about this season and unfortunately, many bad things to nitpick as well.

Let’s get it to it! Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 55 (Leg 10 – Season Finale) – "Sobrang hindi namin 'to makakalimutan."

The final Leg begins with teams needing to catch a ferry to the island of Camiguin. Once there, they’ll hop into a multicab to Kibila Giant Clam Sanctuary.

All three teams are on the same 7am ferry and are neck and neck going to the Clam Sanctuary. Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines 2 Leg 9 Wrap-up – "Kalingan natin ibigay yung best natin."

Just one hour left! But first, this penultimate Leg.

Overall, it was just okay. I wish it had been a fuller and more exciting penultimate Leg. Not having watched either task at the beautiful Divine Mercy Shrine from Monday, I think the best task of the week had to be the Detour, especially the ostrich side of it.

I’m going to need to see more ostriches on The Amazing Race alongside the camels and donkeys. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 54 (Leg 9, Day 6) – "Matuto ka kasi mag-Tagalog."

Teams are making their way to Malasag Eco-Tourism Village and Gardens in Cagayan de Oro City. Matt & Phoebe are excited to be in first, but Kelvin & JP are right behind them.

Teams must answer five questions about the other teams. The questions are: Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 53 (Leg 9, Day 5) – "Everything happens for a reason."


Teams are making their way to the Road Block for this Leg.

In this Road Block, teams must cross a 395 foot hanging bridge and memorize the series of numbers they pass along the way. They will use these numbers to unlock the padlocks of a door that will reveal their next clue.

The Yield will be at the start of the hanging bridge. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 52 (Leg 9, Day 4) – "Hindi sila yung nagmamakaawa para mauna."

Teams must now make their way to Kampo Juan Eco-Adventure Farm in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

Jet & Yna are surprised Misamis Oriental, Cagayan De Oro and Bukidnon are so close together. Roch & Eji dance, sing and sleep on the way to the Adventure Farm.

Kelvin & JP arrive and open the next clue revealing a Double Battle Duel Duel. Teams must battle in a best of three Anicycle challenge. They hope Kuya Jet & Yna are the team that arrives next and they get their wish. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 51 (Leg 9, Day 3) – "Let's just enjoy this while we're here."

Back to the big gulo the night before. Matt explains that he didn’t care for the way Jet confronted him and it would’ve been a different story if it didn’t happen the way it did. Especially since outside of the Race, it’s Phoebe that gets “high-blood” most of the time and not Matt.

Derek says despite the “small confrontation,” both teams “decided to stay” in the Race! Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 50 (Leg 9, Day 2) – "You gonna get into prison with that attitude."

In the recap for yesterday’s episode, we see Matt & Phoebe were excluded from the other teams at the airport. “We’re not here to make friends,” Phoebe says.

After writing down the Ten Commandments on a tablet, teams must make their way to Madelicious Bakery. Before entering the bakery, teams must stop at the Must Vote board. Continue reading

"Recap:" The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 49 (Leg 9, Day 1) – "The game is on."

The penultimate Leg begins and still no episode upload. Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Leg 8 Wrap-up – "Walang kaibi-kaibigan dito."

Well, it’s been hard doing Leg Wrap-ups for Legs that were missing an episode or chunks of episodes. So I guess it would be impossible to do a Wrap-up for a Leg in which I missed four episodes of.

But I’ll do one anyway. 🙂 Continue reading