Shows I’m Looking Forward to From GMMTV2024 UP&ABOVE PART2

I’ve had a lot of fun watching GMMTV’s annual trade launches these last few years. Even though I end up watching maybe one or two shows from the line-ups each year, just watching this big event and seeing all the trailers for upcoming projects is very exciting in and of itself.

This time, GMMTV had so many projects lined up for the next year, they split their trade launch into two events. And Part 2 just took place this week.

So I decided to list the shows that caught my eye and intrigued me the most.

In no particular order:

Perfect10 Liners

I’m interested in this one as its three couples have been part of the few Thai programs I’ve watched recently. I particularly like Perth and Chimon and thought their Dangerous Romance was fine. Chimon was part of the 2nd Thai BL couple I ever followed (PleumChimon/InSun). And I knew Perth from The Stranded. So when they were paired up by GMMTV, I was looking forward to it. So I’m happy to see they have a follow-up project after Dangerous Romance.

Meanwhile, Mark and Junior was a fun and sweet pairing in Cherry Magic. And I’m excited to see them in very different roles here. Force and Book are a pairing I only watched in Only Friends. So of the three, they are the ones I’m least familiar with. But I enjoyed their story on Only Friends.

And altogether, this is a solid trio of GMMTV couples. Seems though like the story will be very familiar. And GMMTV seems to just be sticking all their BL couples into groups just to keep the pairings going without having to give them their own, solo shows. But I think that’s fine. And apparently this series will be divided into three parts, one for each couple. So that will be interesting!

Hide & Sis

Speaking of Chimon, I think he is the reason I might check out Hide & Sis. When the trailer started, I thought this was a Pretty Little Liars remake or something. Lol But it does have similar vibes. And I would love to see Chimon in a darker kind of role. Also looking forward to Jan and Gawin Caskey as well.

The Ex-Morning

Though I’ve never watched SOTUS, I definitely know of Krist and Singto. And since I became a fan of TayNew, I’ve certainly seen a lot of Krist and Singto as well when they along with OffGun were GMMTV’s main BL trio. Knowing though how Singto left GMMTV and there was a lull in Krist/Singto content, I definitely know this reunion is a big deal. I kind of feel like this is how Cherry Magic was for TayNew fans. So I can understand why many people would be excited for this one. And with what little I know of Krist and Singto as a pairing, I can still see the trailer seemed to include some real life details and parallels to the characters. So that should be fun for them to play out. But overall, it will seem to be a nice, lighthearted present for long-time fans of theirs. And could appeal to other viewers as well.

The Dark Dice

A very interesting premise based on the trailer. A bunch of high school students get sucked into a dangerous, weird game. I guess a fantastical version of Squid Game, in a way. That’s the show I can reference for myself. So setting that with high school students would be a great way to touch upon the usual teen angst with some fantasy and high concept drama.

Thame-Po – Heart That Skips a Beat

I’ve sorta followed LYKN and also somehow started following Est Supha after he competed at the Asian Games. So that’s definitely made me interested in this series. But the concept about an idol falling in love with a company employee is definitely an intriguing plot. Korean drama could never! K-pop idols could never in real life! Lol But the trailer showed a sweet story paired with some nice idol/music industry drama as well.

Leap Day

I’ve seen a little of F4 Thailand and I’ve become a fan of Pond and Phuwin. So I’m definitely looking forward to Leap Day. I think the premise seems very interesting. There’s a bit of fantasy or sci-fi angle mixed with more character-driven story. At least in the trailer. And it was a suspenseful trailer at that. Gun also seems poised for a standout performance too. So this one I might definitely check out.

Sweet Tooth, Good Dentist

The fluffiest series of the trade launch was definitely this one. I’m not sure I will be watching. But it caught my attention because of Mark Pakin. I would’ve liked to have seen him and Neo in a new series together after Only Friends. But from what I know of Mark, this is a well-deserved lead role for him.

Friendshit Forever

The title itself should probably intrigue a lot of people enough. Lol But I’m most looking forward to this series for New of course. The story seems like your typical revenge-type story. With a love square or something like that too. So maybe it might be interesting. But I’m not sure.

Ossan’s Love Thailand

I’ve seen and read a lot about Ossan’s Love. But have never watched the Japanese original. I might just go ahead and do that before Thailand’s version airs. Or maybe I should just go in cold with this one. I have not watched anything with Earth and Mix as a couple. But this trailer was fun, funny, over the top and just a good time. I always got the sense the original was like this too. Especially as a Japanese series. So I’m intrigued about how this will turn out. And I think the trailer does a good job of presenting a fun time.

Scarlet Heart Thailand

Speaking of “original”, I might just have to finally watch Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It’s always been on my long To Watch list. But I’ve never gotten around to it. I definitely know about its ending though as to this day, people are still affected by it.

Apparently this is GMMTV’s most expensive drama ever. And considering the story of the original novel which spawned two adaptations, I can see why. Being a period drama, I am looking forward to seeing historical Thailand and how the show will do that aspect of it. And being a sweeping love story, they definitely have to step it up with how it is filmed.

Very excited to see Tay, Phuwin, Perth and Win in this series. And from what I’ve seen of them, I like Tu, Fourth, Nanon and Force as well. So this great cast with an epic story, GMMTV has a big task ahead of them.

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