The Amazing Race 10 Season Wrap-up


Well, ten seasons of television’s greatest adventure have passed.

That is quite an achievement considering how many times The Amazing Race was in danger of being cancelled. Thankfully, the Emmys showered down, very deservingly, on TAR and CBS realized that they had a beacon of quality on their hands.

Anyway, season ten… overall, it was one of the better seasons TAR has had and one of the more exciting. The tasks were a lot harder (and even a lot more fun in some cases) and the Race course brought them to some amazing destinations. There wasn’t one or two dominant teams like in TAR9 in which you couldn’t go wrong betting they would end up being 1st.

Instead, the lead changed every minute along the way, and some of the most unexpected teams would lead the pack.

With a season as exciting and good as TAR10 was, it was a little disappointing to have a so-so season finale. The excitement, for me, wasn’t there in that one hour. While TAR1 and TAR4’s finales (the only other one-hour finales) were very exciting, the adrenaline, the “edge of your seat” excitement, was not there.

Regardless of the finale, this was the first season that I had no strong opinion for or against any of the final three teams. Maybe that contributed to my being underwhelmed, but it should be refreshing to see teams you like in the finals.

We were introduced to the Intersection, and it was definitely interesting to see teams having to team up with each other even if they weren’t in alliances. Are there any more street signs they could make tasks out of for next season? “Ped Xing” maybe?

We also saw the first double elimination leg, with Bilal & Sa’eed being eliminated midway through the first leg. I’m sure we’ll see that in the future.

One thing I really want for TAR is to bring back the Fast Forward on every leg of the Race. I know logistics and cost is probably what caused the show to cut back on them, but they added a lot more drama, and enabled teams to rise up to the top and shake-up the standings of the teams. I would definitely like to see it make a comeback in every leg. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as a desert oil fire, but just something that can easily be set-up, but still challenging for the teams. (Though going bald might be a little too drastic)

THE TEAMS One of the things I especially enjoyed was the variety of people they cast this season. The teams were all differently, not only ethnically, but personality-wise.

Well, other than having a cheerleader team and a beauty queen team who were completely interchangeable at the beginning of the season, they were all unique.

Dustin & Kandice, I have to give kudos to. They seemed to be on the fast track for the final 3. They were strong, very competitive (sometimes too competitive), and smart. But I guess peaking early will ware you out towards the end, and that happened to them. But while I absolutely hated them for the first half of the Race, I actually grew to like them. They’re not my favorite team, but they’re okay.

Kellie & Jamie and even Duke & Lauren… They were gone before we got a chance to get to know them. Kellie & Jamie could’ve been right there with the BQs. And it was nice to see Duke & Lauren grow closer during the Race. Tom & Terry were a little annoying at first, but then were mostly quiet the rest of the way until their elimination.

Vipul & Arti seemed like nice people and it would’ve been great to see them make it farther than the 1st leg. Bilal and Sa’eed would’ve been interesting to see go far too, though I kind of felt a TAR5 Chip vibe from them.

Peter & Sarah, TAR10’s token bickering couple. Well, Sarah proved to be stronger than a lot of the teams, despite her prosthetic leg. And she got that chance to show what she is capable of because of her and Peter’s strange Road Block decision making. Sometimes teams should just go with what they feel like instead of over thinking it. Peter is a character, what more can you say?

Rob & Kimberly, they were bordering on heading into Freddy & Kendra territory. Fortunately, Rob & Kim are lot more likeable. Still, while I would’ve been fine with them winning, I would have rather seen most of the other teams win before them.

Tyler & James, I was afraid they would be Eric & Jeremy 2.0, but fortunately they weren’t as sex-crazed as last season’s “frat boys.” Tyler & James raced pretty well actually, with a couple of setbacks here an there, but overall ran a good Race while not angering any teams… so see! It can be done!

Even though Tom & Terry were founding members of the “Backpack,” it was really all about the “Six Pack.”

Erwin & Godwin have to be two of the nicest Racers ever. Good karma always helps, but for the Chos, they could have easily ran a better Race while still maintaining their friendships and even their alliance. If one forms an alliance on TAR, I think the teams should come to an agreement that when the time comes, they can break off and do their own thing. For the Chos, that was never an option.

Lyn & Karlyn… they made history! They were the first female team to ever make it to the final 3. Unfortunately, they were out of it before even returning to the US. And while they didn’t suffer a Guido or David & Jeff-like days-behind fate, they failed to make a statement in the final leg. However, they made more than enough statements in the previous legs to make them memorable. I have to say they were very competitive, actually, and were focused on the Race for their kids. So I have to applaud them for that.

And finally David & Mary. Probably matching Charla’s level of mainstream awareness. And quite deservingly, because they were honest, sincere, and REAL. They were down to earth people who were truly amazed and enlightened by their experience. How could you not root for them? They weren’t the most physically fit team and they weren’t going to fly past other teams, but they were in it the whole time and with help from their alliance, they managed to do well. Plus their friendships are probably a lot more important than a million bucks.

David & Mary are what TAR is all about… ordinary people doing extraordinary things in an AMAZING adventure around the world.

Long live The Amazing Race!! May it have ten more seasons to come! (and then some!)

1. TAR3
2. TAR8 (yes… that high)
3. TAR1
4. TAR10
5. TAR6
6. TAR5
7. TAR9
8. TAR2
9. TAR4
*huge gap*
9. TAR7

1. Nick, Alex, Megan, and Tommy Linz (TAR8)
2. Rob & Brennan (TAR1)
3. Tyler & James (TAR10)
4. Uchenna & Joyce (TAR7)
5. Flo & Zach (TAR3)
6. Chip & Kim (TAR5)
7. Chris & Alex (TAR2)
*big gap*
7. BJ & Tyler (TAR9)
8. Reichen & Chip (TAR4)
9. Freddy & Kendra (TAR6)

1. Kris & Jon (TAR6)
2. Teri & Ian (TAR3)
3. Ken & Gerard (TAR3)
4. Kelly & Jon (TAR4)
5. Eric & Jeremy (TAR9)
5. The Bransens (TAR8)
6. Frank & Margarita (TAR1)

1. John Vito & Jill (TAR3)
2. The Gaghan Family (TAR8)
3. Linda & Karen (TAR5)
4. Meredith & Gretchen (TAR7)
5. The Paolo Family (TAR8)
6. The Rogers Family (TAR8)
7. Joseph & Monica (TAR9)
8.Dennis & Erika (TAR5)
9. Jim & Marsha (TAR5)
10. Charla & Mirna (TAR5)
THE BEST FINALE (regardless of winner)
1. TAR3
2. TAR8
*3-8 almost even*
3. TAR5
4. TAR2
5. TAR1
6. TAR6
7. TAR9
8. TAR4
9. TAR10
10. TAR7

1. TAR3
2. TAR8
3. TAR1
4. TAR5
5. TAR10
6. TAR9 
7. TAR6
8. TAR2
9. TAR4
*huge gap*
10. TAR7

1. Kris & Jon (TAR6)
2. John Vito & Jill (TAR3)
3. Teri & Ian (TAR3)
3. The Linz Family (TAR8)
5. Erwin & Godwin (TAR10)
6. David & Margaretta (TAR1)
7. Don & Mary Jean (TAR6)
8. Linda & Karen (TAR5)
9. Meredith & Gretchen (TAR7)
10. Joseph & Monica (TAR9)

1. Erwin & Godwin
2. David & Mary
3. Tyler & James
4. Lyn & Karlyn
5. Bilal & Sa'eed
6. Vipul & Arti
7. Tom & Terry
8. Duke & Lauren
9. Kellie & Jamie
10. Dustin & Kandice
11. Rob & Kimberly
12. Pete & Sarah

Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 13 – “Our driver is doing a very good job of driving.”

Well, The Amazing Race 10 is over…

The Leg

…and there isn’t much to say. I never, ever think TAR is boring. Underwhelming, yes… but never boring.

So much to my surprise when I found myself unenthused during the finale. I thought it was unbelievably uneventful, and compared to finales of the past, including the only other two one-hour finales (TAR1 and TAR4), and even to the season as a whole, the TAR10 finale was very underwhelming I thought TAR10 deserved a finale as exciting as the season. Anyway…

Before flying back to the US, the teams performed a skydiving Road Block AND a Detour of transporting a painting or making a jacket, both in Paris. That actually surprised me, I would’ve thought they would save a task for back in the US.

I think one of my nit-picks was the fact that they had nothing to do in the US but find clues. That and the tasks in Paris were pretty non-eventful.

Had there been more to do in the US, I think the finish might have been more exciting. The teams basically completed all the tasks before ever flying back to America.

And once they arrived in New York, I think it was pretty obvious Tyler & James would win.

I think a two-hour finale would’ve been better. Last week’s episode was one of the best ever and would’ve made the finale a lot more exciting.

Still, as I always say, TAR’s worst (and this wasn’t its worst) is better than most shows on TV.

The Teams
Tyler & James… And just because the finale wasn’t as exciting as it could have been, that’s not to say our “models and recovering drug addicts” weren’t deserving. They Raced well, had navigation problems here and there… but overall ran the Race very well; they won four legs (including final leg), and placed 2nd in four legs, 3rd in one, and 6th in two legs. So they are more than deserving and I have no problem with them winning.

Rob & Kimberly… For me, if they won, they would’ve been Freddy & Kendra-lite (TAR6). They were a little annoying, Kim’s naïve comments didn’t help, but they weren’t total jerks.

Lyn & Karlyn… I thought editing was in their favor. They wanted to break away from the Backpack, they, not the BQs were the first all-female team in the Final 3. I thought for sure they would be the ultimate underdog story. But they were out of it before leaving France, which was unfortunate. They could’ve made the final run through NY more exciting at least.

So overall, I’d rank the finale as TAR10’s worst episode. But Tyler & James, I am completely fine with winning. Last week’s preview definitely gave that one away.

And so TAR’s milestone 10th season is over… on to TAR11 which is officially “The Amazing Race All-Stars.” I almost had a heart attack when I saw certain faces in that teaser at the end of the episode. Thank God those aren’t the All-Star teams (and that they are still “secret”). BJ & Tyler? *shudders* NO!

I’ll be posting my TAR10 wrap-up tomorrow, including how I think it ranks with the other seasons.

Lyn: “Our driver is doing a very good job of driving.”
Karlyn: “He feels the importance oozing from us.”

1. Tyler & James
1. Lyn & Karlyn
3. Rob & Kimberly

Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 12 – “I’m up some giant chick’s skirt.”

Another exciting episode!! Again, I’m not actively rooting for one single team like in the past, but it was one of the better episodes this season. It was exciting and fun.

The Leg
Looks like this was not a 12 hour pitstop.

The excitement begins as Dustin & Kandice manage to arrive at the Road Block 2nd with Rob & Kimberly and Lyn & Karlyn getting lost, not only getting to the Road Block by car, but finding it after parking. They must have been shocked to see the BQs leave. It was funny to see them following them to their cars.

That was definitely another hectic moment.

The Road Block didn’t seem too hard. It was basically BBQ camel, a camel burger even, and it didn’t look like much.

One of the most random moments… that cat by Bama’s car… what was that? lol

Their placements then didn’t matter as they all get on the same plane to Barcelona, Spain.

Once there, the teams make their way through a maze and then to their respective Detour choices. (After a taxi dilemma for Tyler & James and Bama of course) … and this was one of the best Detours ever.

Tyler & James and Dustin & Kandice head to the “Lug It” Detour where the teams have to wear these huge “Giant” costumes that are part of the Festival of Giants. I thought this had to be one of the coolest TAR tasks ever. The costumes just look cool, how fun must that be to walk around in that.

And another fun, or maybe funny tasks, was the “Lob It” Detour where Rob & Kimberly and Lyn & Karlyn are pelted by tomatoes while rummaging through a huge pile of tomatoes for a mini-clue. I love how they show the teams starting to dig through the tomatoes, and then pan over as a mob of people come to hurl tomatoes at them. Perfect! Love the camerapeople.

So after the Detour, the teams make their way to the Pit Stop. And the 30 minute penalty didn’t matter, Dustin & Kandice arrived last and were eliminated.

The Teams
Lyn & Karlyn… Karlyn may be frowning all the time, but they have been determined the entire Race. It was a shock seeing Karlyn basically annoying Lyn the entire Road Block, and then Karlyn actually telling her to shut up! Anyway… I just think it is amazing that our first all-female team in the final 3 is Lyn & Karlyn. Physically, you just wouldn’t think it would happen, but it has and they have a shot at the million dollars. They are determined and are going to push it.

Tyler & James… Definitely not Eric & Jeremy 2.0. These two have been a lot more likeable, but not as smart in Racing, despite their couple of first place finishes. Still, they in the final 3 and have a big shot at the million. They are nice enough guys too.

Rob & Kimberly… Kim has had some pretty dumb moments and Rob has had the biggest mood swings, but they are more or less harmless. I’d probably be least happy with them winning, but I wouldn’t be upset if they did.

Dustin & Kandice… Well, the Beauty Queens… the blondies… the barbies… They have been a very, very strong team and while I may not necessarily like them, I have to commend them for being a strong team. They have been a little nasty and even cocky, but for some reason I’m basically indifferent. Its weird, I’m usually on the “hate them” side with teams like D&K, but I’m not this time around. Anyway, they ran a strong Race, but just lost their magic the last two legs.

And so next week is our season finale!! Sunday, December 10 will be big. We’ll get the TAR10 finale and possibly our first look at TAR11. If not on Sunday, then on Monday morning. So stay tuned!! TAR10 is close to finishing as one of the best seasons ever.

Kimberly: “I hate how there are so many dogs out here. … Oh, those are lambs…”
Rob: “Goats!”
Kimberly: “Well, I saw the horns and I knew it was a goat.”

Dustin: “Awesome possum!”
James: “Did you just say ‘awesome possum’?”
Dustin: “Uh-huh.”

Rob: “It was a needle in a tomato sack.”
Kandice: “We’re looking for a female giant.”

Lyn: “Ouch! You bastards!”

Tyler: “You look awesome bro!”
James: “Dude, I’m such a hot giant chick right now.”
Tyler: “You look so freakin’ cool!”

James: “I’m up some giant chick’s skirt.”
Tyler: “How’s it smell under there buddy?”
James: “Oh dude, ripe.”

1. Lyn & Karlyn
1. Tyler & James
3. Dustin & Kandice
4. Rob & Kimberly

Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 11 – “It feels weird in the middle of the night, taking a kid.”

Its funny, there isn’t one team I’m all out rooting for, yet I thought this was one of the best episodes of the season.

The Leg
It sucks that the on the one leg that they leave during the day, they aren’t able to take advantage.

Anyway, there was plenty of excitement the rest of the episode.

First, their night drive in Ouarzazate… How amazing for ‘Bama to get past all the teams, and then them teams thinking they had no idea where they were going.

But the ‘Bama’s lead was completely dashed by the always “wonderful” Hours of Operation. So all the teams waited for 8AM leading Dustin & Kandice to Yield Lyn & Karlyn.

The Road Block looked like so much fun and so cool. Pretending to be gladiators in a chariot race? I’d love to do that.

And now we begin the various place changes… all very exciting that could not possibly be put to words, but I’ll do my best J

Tyler & James lagged behind as Dustin & Kandice and Rob & Kimberly speed off to the next clue while the *Lyns wait for the sand to run out.

By the time the *Lyns blaze through the Road Block, Rob & Kimberly have even more car trouble as they get a flat tire. We see the Barbies/Blondes/BQs as their regular selves when they decide “not to tell” Rob & Kim about the flat, but they will later on.

This gives the *Lyns a chance to rise to 3rd place, and eventually catch up to 2nd place Tyler & James at the café. On the way to the Detour, Dustin & Kandice pass the North Africa Horse and Olive Farm while Tyler & James and the *Lyns get going on the olive smashing. Rob & Kimberly rush their way to the Farm as Dustin & Kandice arrive last and have to wait for the first three teams to finish before they can begin.

Tyler & James and the *Lyns finish and head to the Pit Stop at a Nomadic Berber Camp.

Another credit to the TAR editors… loved that scene of James realizing they forgot their good luck charm in the car, so they run back up the hill just as the *Lyns arrive to start running down.

However, Tyler & James are too fast (or maybe just fitter?) and they grab another First Place finish. But Lyn & Karlyn made quite an accomplishment (for any TAR team) for finishing a close 2nd after being Yielded.

Dustin & Kandice couldn’t recover from their navigational mistake (and maybe karma?) and they finish last, but as I suspected, this is a non-elimination and the almighty Dustin & Kandice are marked for elimination.

I don’t think there are any Fast Forwards left? So they’ll have to get First on their own.

The Teams
Lyn & Karlyn… I have to commend them. They finished 2nd on their own without any kind of alliance. Of course, they might not have made the Final 4 without the Chos, but they are fighting on their own and are doing pretty darn well. And I think they had a lot of fun this leg. That’s nice to see. They know that this is a Race and that only they can make it to the end. No alliance, no help… they have to go it on their own.

Rob & Kimberly… Aside from Kimberly’s “Maracas?” line, they were pretty harmless this week. The most car trouble for any team ever, but maybe Karlyn was right. If they are having so much car trouble, maybe its them and not the car. I think of the four, they are the team I’d least like to see win, if only for their personalities.

Tyler & James… They are stepping it up. I forgot they finished first on the first leg of the Race, so they are definitely contenders for the Final 3. They are still pretty nice guys (in general). I chuckled at them thinking they were actually going to “throw” pots. But their navigation is improving and they are pushing forward.

Dustin & Kandice… The emotions are high for this team. You either hate them or love them. I guess I’m in the middle. Usually with polarizing teams like the BQs, I’m on the “hate” side, and I was, but now I’m in the middle. Their attitudes are huge turn offs, but their Racing has been pretty good, I must admit.

One thing I want to point out is their comment about playing “hardcore” … If I were one of those teams, I would still stopped to make sure everything was okay with Rob & Kim, but only for a few seconds. But because it wasn’t a huge accident, I’ll let them slide on not stopping (besides the *Lyns didn’t stop either)… this isn’t Brian & Greg from TAR7.

And with regards to the Yield, the *Lyns were ready to Yield them, so I can’t fault them. It was more than just strategy in Yielding ‘Bama, there seems to be real animosity between them.

Anyway, I’m moving more towards netural on all the teams. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the last few episodes without any rootable team, but its been pretty exciting.

Only one more episode left until the December 10 finale! And December 10 and 11 are huge days. If not only for the finale, but for any possible OFFICIAL info on TAR11.

Not a lot

Lyn: “What language do they speak in Morocco?”
Karlyn: “Moroccan”

Kandice: “It feels weird in the middle of the night, taking a kid.”

Dustin: “You got nothing on us donkey.”

Rob: “I love olives! I wish we had some French bread right now.”

1. Lyn & Karlyn
2. Tyler & James
3. Dustin & Kandice
4. Rob & Kimberly

Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 10 – “Yeah, I don’t want to get a third eye.”


The Leg
I’ve been a huge Erwin & Godwin fan, but I can’t say they didn’t deserve their elimination this week. I’ve always believed, alliances are okay as long as you know when its time to break off and do your own thing. You should not be in an alliance where they expect you to guide each other the entire leg.

Unfortunately, the *wins were too nice if that’s possible. I mean, just look at them, they’re more of an alpha male team than the Models, but they seriously lacked the capacity to just RACE. More on them later.

As for the leg itself… TAR needs those find the country on your own clues. Of course, it could possibly be a huge logistics disaster for the crew, but it forces the teams to think.

Those Russian cars weren’t as cool as the Hungarian trabbants. And that nice old lady giving the clue was not as enthusiastic as Choa Chu Kang from TAR3 in Singapore.

The tank Road Block was awesome, but I have to say that the TAR8 Civil War Detour was a lot more exciting. Those teams (with Billy & Carissa Gaghan!!) were in the think of the battle having to carry actual, real life human beings! That’s got to get the adrenaline pumping, but this tank Road Block still had to be pretty exciting.

The Detour was definitely fun. They should post the entire raps online at or something, because they were hilarious. I think this is the first time the *Lyns had real fun on the Race? Costume tasks are always fun, so it was great seeing the teams dressed up as either underground Ukrainian rappers or Tchaikovsky. And an underground rap movement in Ukraine? Hilarious!

In the end, of course, I think it was no doubt with the *wins’ navigational woes and their foolish decision to wait for the *Lyns did them in. Sadly, I believe this has to be the weakest final 4 ever, and moving into the final 3 will almost be as bad as TAR9’s final 3 teams. Honestly, no truly likable team, no truly rootable team.

The Teams
Erwin & Godwin… One of the most likable teams of in ten seasons of the Race, but their Racing abilities were seriously lacking. I mean, they have the physical aspect down, but their mentality of having to help others the entire leg went a little too far. They needed to know when to break away… they didn’t. All the while, their alliance members were ready to leave them in the dust, and even expected the *wins to do the same. It sucks, the *wins are great guys that would’ve been great winners, but alas, in the end, they were just “too nice.”

Rob & Kimberly… They are simply an unlikable dysfunctional couple. You can’t root for them to win, yet I don’t feel like rooting for their demise. They’re despicable like some couples of the past, but they are definitely not likable.

On the other hand, you kind of want to root against Lyn & Karlyn. Especially compared to alliance members *wins and David & Mary, the *Lyns haven’t been all that nice and have not had fun at all on the Race. One thing I cam commend them on is their pushing themselves to Race, Race, Race.

Tyler & James… Another team that you don’t necessarily root for, but you don’t want to root against them. And that is more evident with Tyler’s constant James put downs. I have to say, that shot of James all smiles saying “I crashed into your tank!!” was hilarious.

And finally Dustin & Kandice… I have to say, I hated them the first couple of legs, but they have actually tolerable the last two legs. I’ll admit, right now of the final 4, I’m rooting for them to win. They have officially proven themselves capable of actually winning the Race. They haven’t made any kind of major mistakes, its just that their personalities can grate on one’s nerves… “Oh my gosh!” could we have our first all-female Race winners?

James: “Freakin Chernobyl.
Tyler: “Chernobyl dude… isn’t it a little dangerous to still go there.”
James: “Yeah, I don’t want to get a third eye.”

Dustin: “Where’s Chernobyl?”
Kandice: “I know its where the atomic bomb went off.”
Dustin: “Yeah.”

Erwin: “Have you ever seen anyone come down on their head before?”

Dustin: “The only thing I know about Ukraine is the Ukrainian bell carol.”

Dustin: “I wish I knew how to pretend I was a rapper.”
Kandice: “Like stick your hands in your pants?” Dustin: “Finally Ukraine… where we’re doing our rap… give us a hand…” Kandice: “If you think we’ve got knack.”

1. Erwin & Godwin
2. Tyler & James
2. Dustin & Kandice
4. Rob & Kimberly
4. Lyn & Karlyn

Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 9 – “Aww… now its going to look like I pooped my pants.”


The Leg
Something seems to be missing since David & Mary are gone, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have another amazing episode.

First off, one of the best moments ever on TAR… Phil describing the Detour was hilarious! Poor Phil in mud. Haha and then Phil in mining gear! David would be proud.

And what a Detour! Swamp This or Swamp That… I don’t remember as messy a Detour involving mud since TAR5’s rice field plowing in the Philippines. Both Detours seemed very exhausting, having to pull yourself or drag your feet through mud.

Then, the teams made their way to a Road Block that the producers probably tailored specifically for David. The Road Block looked like a lot of fun… descending into a mine and series of tunnels underground to look for a block of limestone.

A very exciting episode as the teams were close throughout the enti
re leg (or first half of the leg, as it turns out). Footraces everywhere! I was totally expecting this to be a double leg, even before the fairly obvious clue after the Road Block. However, I was also expecting them to get to Phil and have him say that “You are still Racing.”

But it was great to see the double leg now. I am hoping next week will be just as tough as this week.

Oh yeah, did I hear some new thumping music when the credits were rolling? Awesome!!

The Teams
Erwin & Godwin… Yeah, it does suck to be polite sometimes. I think now without David & Mary, they should be able to really Race since the *Lyns are pretty much independent-minded half the time.

Lyn & Karlyn… Not a nice thing to do cutting those people in line! Major points off for that move. But how sweet were their kids? Very emotional.

Dustin & Kandice… Not as bitchy this week, but still don’t know what to make about their Sistas comment. Actually good Racing this week, but “Helinski?” Come on girls!

Tyler & James… James spanking Tyler’s behind at the Detour was pretty funny. Sucks for them that they could have gotten a First Place finish had it not been a double leg.

Rob & Kimberly… Now my least favorite team… can they make any more questionable comments? Really?

Godwin: “We really miss David & Mary. And we want to run this leg in memory of them.”
Erwin: “Makes it sound like their under the grave.”

Lyn: “I think the ‘barbies’ use their whole image to get ahead. They generally come out of the airport with their boobs hanging out, arms hanging out… of course they gettin’ plenty of attention.”

Tyler : “Moisturizer is very important. It says, ‘I like my face.’ And I care to keep it for a year or two.”
Kandice: “I actually go to Tyler for my nail clippers, for my conditioner that I forgot… Tyler! What else do I need you for?”

Dustin, *falls, butt first into the mud*: “Aww… now its going to look like I pooped my pants.”

Rob: “I didn’t actually think I was going to be able to carry you as easily as I did.”
Kimberly: “What? Do you think I’m fat?”

Lyn: “Let me make an announcement on the party train… those are not our friends!”
Karlyn: “No party train… with them.”

Dustin; “In this box is everything you need… so grab a pokey-thing.”

Kimberly: “No babe! You don’t drive in the mine!”

1. Erwin & Godwin
2. Lyn & Karlyn
2. Tyler & James
4. Dustin & Kandice
5. Rob & Kimberly

Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 8 – “I know y’all don’t want to run into cars, but neither do I.”

Wow, even though David & Mary were eliminated, this has to be one of the best episodes of TAR ever.

The Leg
Again, WOW… probably the most action packed episode of the season, and we’ve already had some exciting episodes. It just moved along… not a slow moment at all.

First of all… darned Madagascar cab drivers. We could have had a different outcome.

The Intersection is definitely an interesting prospect. As opposed to the Yield, the Intersection is up to the teams to control their own destinies.

The Detour was awesome. Those mattresses definitely bring back memories of TAR3’s basket bikes… just utter chaos.

Once again, I have to applaud TAR editors. They are simply the best on television… picture and sound editing… just perfect. Their seamless transitions, putting together that sequence of Kentucky and Alabama with the mattresses falling apart in the middle of the street, the Chos and the beauty queens maneuvering through the alleys, and the other two teams surrounded by cow heads… that was amazing.

The Fast Forward was okay… it wasn’t a required task, so that wasn’t as bad for the teams. The Road Block didn’t seem too hard, just had to pay attention to the stamps.

I like the models, but I was totally rooting for them and Rob & Kim to screw up at the Fast Forward. I hate teams that think that a FF automatically means they are first. I was definitely hoping for them to actually arrive last just to see their shock. The editing made it seem that way, but alas…

The Teams
Dustin & Kandice… okay, they are probably the strongest female team to ever Race (TAR5’s Kami & Karli were just plain lucky), but like they themselves said, they aren’t going to make any friends. Yeah, this is a Race for a million dollars and you do what you have to, but you don’t have to be a you-know-what.

Rob & Kimberly… their commentary on the people of Madagascar was enlightening huh? Not.

Tyler & James… I really misread them before the Race. I was thinking James would be the overbearing, cocky one, yet its Tyler that’s basically bossing James around.

The Bama girls, Lyn & Karlyn… yeah, Karlyn can be cold sometimes, but as a member of the Six-Pack, I have to root for them to avenge Kentucky’s elimination 😀 They are determined. And Lyn’s tearful speech was just so touching.

Erwin & Godwin… just great guys. It probably broke their hearts not being able to help their friends. While they could probably be better Racers without Bama or Kentucky, I can’t fault them for forming a close friendship with them.

And finally, David & Mary… They are just the nicest, most genuine people to ever Race. They have been so sincere, and their final words were just awesome. That was probably the saddest elimination ever, on part with Nancy & Emily (TAR1) and Charla & Mirna (TAR5). They are just awesome people, and so deserving. I am glad that they have had a great experience and I am sure they have taken away so much more than a million dollars.

Oh yeah… dancing Phil=good times.


Mary: “I only know about the cartoon ‘Madagascar’ … all the animals there and… oh I can not wait to go!”

David: “I ain’t never sit in a window yet. Its my turn.”
Mary: “Whatever. Yeah.”

Lyn: “We’re looking for the Black Angel.”
Karlyn: “Which is me, so I don’t know why we’re looking for it ‘cuz I’m right here.”

Kimberly: “Breathing in exhausts is really bad for you right? So how do these people, like…”
Rob: “Babe, they die a lot younger than we do. That’s what happens. Most of them don’t get enough protein, so their brains don’t develop… as much. Your brain needs protein.”

Dustin/Kandice: “You are Asian… we could make paper!”

Mary: “Come on… like a little girl’s pantyhose.”

Godwin: “It’s a good thing I worked for a moving company. One thing I can move is beds.”

Lyn: “So here we go with eight mattresses bound by two fanny-packs. We almost looked like the Macy’s Day Parade.”

Lyn: “Motorcycle man… move out of the way.”

Mary: “Guys! I know y’all don’t want to run into cars, but neither do I.”

James: “I guess I’m good at something in this damn Race.”

1. David & Mary
2. Erwin & Godwin
3. Lyn & Karlyn
3. Tyler & James
5. Rob & Kimberly
6. Dustin & Kandice

Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 7 – “You throw your kids out on the lake and make them swim.”

THE best episode of the season so far. It had everything you could ever ask for in an episode of TAR.

The Leg
Again, another amazing destination. Mauritius is a beautiful country.The teams just murdered “Mauritius.” I think Mary pronounced it the closest.

The excitement was in this episode right from the beginning.

First off, we had Dustin & Kandice who questioned the ticket agent and the flight routes, and then thought there had to be some other London in the world… maybe in India. You’re not going to get direct flights everywhere you go girls.

Then they decide to piss off Lyn & Karlyn. Was there really a reason to buy tickets for the models? They were all going to be on the same flight, there didn’t seem to be a problem of it being full, so I think they just wanted to piss off the Lyns.

And it worked. Karlyn, I would side with her though. I’d be mad if one team bought tickets for another who was behind me in line. So I can’t blame Karlyn for reacting the way she did. Then again, she should’ve just said one good kicker, a witty line and give them the evil eye and be done with it.

That is the kind of drama I’d like to see on TAR. None of this Romber backstabbing crap, I hope I never see that kind of Racing ever again (Hear that CBS? NO MORE ROMBUH!).

Those Nissan Micras look pretty awesome. Though, not when you get stuck in front of a line of cars (like Rob & Kimberly did) or when you hit the back of a trailer (like Dustin & Kandice).

What a tough swim and it wasn’t even a Detour or Road Block. In fact there was no Road Block. However, the fact that the clue was blurred out makes me think that maybe there was a Road Block, but there wasn’t any time for it in the episode.

I really like how its been physically harder on the teams this season. No doubt these Racers are working for that million.

The Detour was interesting. Both the salt and island seemed difficult in their own ways. So it was either digging through salt or running around an island for a flag.

I didn’t think they’d all quit the salt Detour though. On paper, the island Detour sounded a lot harder and longer. But you don’t need luck there, so it would probably be the better choice.

Plus that trap before the flags was great. Good job TAR!

And of course, David & Mary getting non-elim. I was expecting this leg (well more wishing, hoping, and praying) that this was a double leg. But at 8:50, that wasn’t going to happen. So I was hoping this was a non-elim. And it was.

I am ecstatic for David & Mary. I really, really hope they actually Race next week. I doubt there will be a Fast Forward, but of course there’s ANOTHER twist with the Intersection, whatever that is. Should be another exciting week.

The Teams
Tyler & James have horrible navigational skills. They’ve gotten lost a lot and that might be their downfall. Funny thing, from the pre-Race interviews, Tyler came across as the cool one and James was more of the competitive one. This leg, however, Tyler was the one fighting back with Karlyn while James was the calmer, more passive one, especially at the Detour with his hesitation at switching and then on the island.

Dustin & Kandice… I am completely against their airport shenanigans solely because it is definitely not fair to do allow another team to cut in line, but also because they were really doing that to get under the Lyns’ skins. They seem fully capable to Race without being you know whats.

Rob & Kimberly were hilarious!! Their entire sequence at the post office was just plain funny and fun to watch. It wasn’t some huge argument, but a strangely funny back and forth. Rob’s smile and “No, you’re the one that’s freaking out” to Kimberly was kinda scary. lol Talk about a mood swing, considering he was freaking out as they arrived. They’re not really a pain, they’re more a dysfunctional couple but without the intensity of a Colin/Christie (TAR5), let alone Tara/Wil (TAR2).

I love the Six Pack. *hee* I will defend their alliance by saying that sharing information and working with other teams can definitely be beneficial. They seem like genuine friends.

On the downside, its tough because you can not sit and wait for another team. I’m not saying they’re going too far with the alliance, because they are really close friends. But they need to know when its time to go their separate ways. And I think they do understand that. At the end, they were running for themselves.

Erwin & Godwin are just great guys; humble and respectful. However, they can’t keep waiting on other teams. They have to Race and they have an amazing chance at winning if they just RACE.

Lyn & Karlyn are okay in my book now. They know when its time to Race. I’d like to see them enjoy the Race more. I think Karlyn was a little excited to go to Mauritius… at least she heard of it before.

And David & Mary. I really want them to go all the way. They are just the nicest, most genuine people to ever Race. I can’t wait to see how they do next week.

Mary: “We have to swim to a biiig ship out on the ocean. I’m kinda scared ‘cuz I’m afraid of fish.”
David: “I’m scared of the water cuz I was thrown out into a lake when I was 5 by my cousin. So I’ve always been a little traumatized.”
Mary: “Where we live, people do that as, like, a rite of passage. You throw your kids out on the lake and make them swim. ”

Mary: “Lord have mercy! There’s fish!”

Rob: “You don’t calm me down, you rev me up.”

Rob: “Its hard to enjoy the scenery when you’re all stressed out.”
Kimberly: “But this isn’t a vaca. This is a competition.”

Phil: “You have each won a motor scooter. Its good for driving around town, its good on the highway. And you can carry a passenger so you can take a date out if you want.”
Dustin: “Can I take you out Phil?”
Phil : “Um…” *uncomfortable look*

1. Erwin & Godwin
1. David & Mary
3. Tyler & James
4. Lyn & Karlyn
5. Rob & Kimberly
6. Dustin & Kandice

Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 6 – “Well, it didn’t reveal crap to me.”

The Leg
It is always great when TAR goes somewhere they’ve never been before. And Kuwait is definitely somewhere they’ve never been. It is great that TAR is going to more Middle Eastern countries.

First off, the Fast Forward… Yay! David & Mary! While it would’ve been more awesome to see David & Mary get first on their own without the FF (or the Chos), it was still great to see them safe for another leg. (More on them as well as the Chos later)

I thought the FF was pretty cool. Walking into a huge “simulated” oil fire? That is definitely like a Steven Segal movie.

The Road Block was great because it wasn’t just a “climb up the side the building and retrieve your clue” task. They actually had to piece together a puzzle and figure out what the Arabic words meant.

The Detour was great too. Manual or Automatic (I love their cute sense of humor with the Detour choices). I’d have to assume that it said in the clue to fill up the bags of camel feed up to the line… so why didn’t Dustin & Kandice know that?

Camels on The Amazing Race are always good. And camels with a funny robotic jockey? FUN! I am surprised that teams didn’t choose to do this one. It seemed a lot easier on paper than the filling and carrying 10 sacks of feed.

The Teams
Erwin & Godwin are two of the nicest people ever on The Amazing Race. Karma is always in full force on the Race, and I think Erwin & Godwin have definitely earned themselves a whole lot of good karma. Still, they have to step it up. They should be racking up more #1s.

David & Mary definitely have the Chos to thank for the FF. Otherwise, Dustin & Kandice would’ve had it. They continue to be just good ol’ people. But I want them to push harder and do well on the Race. They have it in them.

Tyler & James… They made their biggest mistake so far in the Race. They have been very underwhelming, both personality wise and in terms of Racing. While they seem to be nice guys, they also should step up their game.

Lyn & Karlyn are definitely in Race mode. They’re not the best, but they’re getting cutthroat. While I don’t really like teams intentionally putting others at a disadvantage, I thought Lyn & Karlyn’s reasoning behind their conflict with Dustin & Kandice was really weak.

Dustin & Kandice, meanwhile, are still a “meh” team… nothing spectacular out of them yet.

Rob & Kimberly… Kimberly, I really hope doesn’t continue following in Kendra’s (TAR6) footsteps. Mosque=Mask? Same Same? No…

And finally Peter & Sarah… bye bye! While Sarah proved to be a very strong competitor (she did most of the Road Blocks?!?! And all of the ones that involved climbing!), Peter proved to be one of the biggest you-know-whats in Race history. They dumped each other on national television, but Peter seemed shocked by what Sarah said about him being uncaring. Credit to TAR editing… always excellent.

TAR10 has really been amazing. TAR is definitely running on all cylinders now. I am loving this season. While it may never top TAR3 (will any season ever top TAR3?) in my book, TAR10 definitely ranks as one of the best. Though, the finish will also define what the season turns out to be, so we’ll wait and see.

James: “They got a lot of oil out here?”
Tyler: “Lots of oil.”
James: “Gas must be pretty cheap out here.”
Tyler: “Yeah, so we got that going for us.”

James: “We have to go the location this revealed.”
Tyler: “Well, it didn’t reveal crap to me.”

Man: “You see the Grand Mosque…”
Kimberly: “Grand M-A-S-K? Grand mask?”

Kimberly: “When you hit ‘Grand Mask’ make a left.”
Rob: “No, it’s a grand mosque… its a mosque, a temple, not a street name.”
Kimberly: “Whatever… that’s… okay… I don’t know what that is.”

Kimberly: “Over there is where that church is.”
Rob: “…a mosque.”
Kimberly: “Yeah, that’s it.”

Karlyn: “We can’t run as fast as a camel!”

1. Erwin & Godwin
1. David & Mary
3. Tyler & James
4. Lyn & Karlyn
5. Rob & Kimberly
6. Dustin & Kandice
7. Pete & Sarah

Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 5 – “I feel like a retarted kid.”

While not at exciting and fast-paced as the first four episodes, this was still a great episode. I think the Indian driving school alone was awesome.

The Leg
“Oh my gosh!” We have another twist, and it’s a change to the non-elimination legs. I guess we’re rid of the taking away of money and possessions and that is a good thing.

Since its introduction in TAR5, the non-elimination penalties were kind of unnecessary. At least, these particular ones weren’t necessary. Not only did teams have to beg in poor countries, but the money really didn’t have an impact on a team’s performance that leg. It also created only minimal drama between teams who didn’t want to help out.

Anyway, I think this new rule is a good idea. The last place team, in this case the ever endearing David & Mary, will be “marked for elimination” (I had to chuckle with that choice of words) meaning they have to get first place next leg, or they’ll incur a 30 minute penalty at the mat. They would then have to sit and wait and possibly see all other teams check in before them, thus eliminating them.

It is a very interesting twist, but we’ll still have to wait and see how well it works. At least its better than the no money penalty.

Anyway, the leg overall was pretty good. India is always one of the best destinations; always something happening. Just some of the memorable moments: the infamous TAR4 train incident and Gretchen’s elephant ride in TAR7. This season, I think it’ll be the hilarious Indian driving instructor. (HONK HONK!) The driving Road Block didn’t seem to dangerous, I thought it would be. It was more funny than anything.

The Detour was good too. It was one of those classic, intricate but close by or easy but a long distance Detours. There should be more of those. Only one snapping alligator, I was expecting more of that too. There were like five guys there with the teams, so no one was even going get a scrape. The rice design detour, I imagine, would be pretty time consuming and might get frustrating after a while.

This leg also had the first real airport drama. The rush to find flights and better tickets and even a stranded team… all classic TAR elements.

The Teams
David & Mary just can stop being so gosh darn endearable (that a word?). They get frustrated, but the Race can do that to you. They’ll fight on. I would love to see them actually get first next leg. I was so hoping it was a non-elim when they were last, and when Lyn & Karlyn mentioned non-elim, my heart dropped because usually once someone mentions it, it doesn’t happen.

I am totally rooting for “The Backpackers.” Erwin & Godwin… loved their shirts. lol They were hilarious. (“Bag of kiwis” lol) I don’t know about their cell phone trick though, that didn’t go anywhere. Lyn & Karlyn are holding their own as well. They’re hanging in there, and at least trying to enjoy the Race more. However, I was a cringing a little when they both WALKED over to the one Detour. I mean, come on guys, you might want to hurry up a little?

Tyler & James… They are proving to be pretty good Racers. They actually mentioned their addiction a lot this episode. Eh… As long as they perform well, which they are doing.

Rob & Kimberly, surprisingly, weren’t as irritating this week? For me at least. Rob was kind of funny, but Kimberly gave us one of the “I’m a rich American” comments. She didn’t sound as mean as TAR6’s Kendra, but still… doesn’t excuse the dumb comments.

“Oh my gosh!” Dustin & Kandice… they’re getting by, but right now they don’t look like they could be the first all-female team to win the Race. They just don’t show a domination or at least complete competence to make it all the way to the end.

Peter & Sarah… oh man… That scene of them waiting for the bus and Peter just sitting there eating his crackers while Sarah releases her frustrations was just crazy. Peter is a trip.

Overall, it was another great episode… 5 good episodes in a row. That is great!! TAR Editors worked their magic again. I just love the freakin’ editing on TAR. Always perfect, music, video, sound… everything. Just a great season so far… 2007 Emmys here we come!

David: We do not think we’re in last.
*next shot*
Currently in Last Place

Tyler: “Your train was whack, dude.”

Tyler: “Son of a beehive!”

Rob: “Oh my God, do you smell that?”
Kimberly: “It smells like fish! I wanna go to Europe! I wanna be with the rich folk!”

Kimberly: “Can we sleep in airports?”
Tyler/Rob: “Not if we don’t have to.”

Peter: “We go from one polluted city to another.”

Karlyn: “I felt more comfortable and more relaxed in India. The people have a little more substance in their bodies. We got a lot of points and stares in Vietnam. All right, you’ve never seen anybody with a little bit of extra body fat?”

James: “Who knew it would be so hard to get a bus in India.”
Tyler: “That was a bitch!”

Kimberly: “Look how skinny that cow is! Is it a homeless cow?”

Tyler: “I feel like a retarted kid.”

Lyn: “They drive like a bunch of jackasses out here”

Mary: “What makes you think I’d want to go and wrestle a crocodile?”

1. Erwin & Godwin
1. David & Mary
1. Tyler & James
4. Lyn & Karlyn
5. Rob & Kimberly
6. Dustin & Kandice
7. Pete & Sarah