Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 11 – “It feels weird in the middle of the night, taking a kid.”

Its funny, there isn’t one team I’m all out rooting for, yet I thought this was one of the best episodes of the season.

The Leg
It sucks that the on the one leg that they leave during the day, they aren’t able to take advantage.

Anyway, there was plenty of excitement the rest of the episode.

First, their night drive in Ouarzazate… How amazing for ‘Bama to get past all the teams, and then them teams thinking they had no idea where they were going.

But the ‘Bama’s lead was completely dashed by the always “wonderful” Hours of Operation. So all the teams waited for 8AM leading Dustin & Kandice to Yield Lyn & Karlyn.

The Road Block looked like so much fun and so cool. Pretending to be gladiators in a chariot race? I’d love to do that.

And now we begin the various place changes… all very exciting that could not possibly be put to words, but I’ll do my best J

Tyler & James lagged behind as Dustin & Kandice and Rob & Kimberly speed off to the next clue while the *Lyns wait for the sand to run out.

By the time the *Lyns blaze through the Road Block, Rob & Kimberly have even more car trouble as they get a flat tire. We see the Barbies/Blondes/BQs as their regular selves when they decide “not to tell” Rob & Kim about the flat, but they will later on.

This gives the *Lyns a chance to rise to 3rd place, and eventually catch up to 2nd place Tyler & James at the café. On the way to the Detour, Dustin & Kandice pass the North Africa Horse and Olive Farm while Tyler & James and the *Lyns get going on the olive smashing. Rob & Kimberly rush their way to the Farm as Dustin & Kandice arrive last and have to wait for the first three teams to finish before they can begin.

Tyler & James and the *Lyns finish and head to the Pit Stop at a Nomadic Berber Camp.

Another credit to the TAR editors… loved that scene of James realizing they forgot their good luck charm in the car, so they run back up the hill just as the *Lyns arrive to start running down.

However, Tyler & James are too fast (or maybe just fitter?) and they grab another First Place finish. But Lyn & Karlyn made quite an accomplishment (for any TAR team) for finishing a close 2nd after being Yielded.

Dustin & Kandice couldn’t recover from their navigational mistake (and maybe karma?) and they finish last, but as I suspected, this is a non-elimination and the almighty Dustin & Kandice are marked for elimination.

I don’t think there are any Fast Forwards left? So they’ll have to get First on their own.

The Teams
Lyn & Karlyn… I have to commend them. They finished 2nd on their own without any kind of alliance. Of course, they might not have made the Final 4 without the Chos, but they are fighting on their own and are doing pretty darn well. And I think they had a lot of fun this leg. That’s nice to see. They know that this is a Race and that only they can make it to the end. No alliance, no help… they have to go it on their own.

Rob & Kimberly… Aside from Kimberly’s “Maracas?” line, they were pretty harmless this week. The most car trouble for any team ever, but maybe Karlyn was right. If they are having so much car trouble, maybe its them and not the car. I think of the four, they are the team I’d least like to see win, if only for their personalities.

Tyler & James… They are stepping it up. I forgot they finished first on the first leg of the Race, so they are definitely contenders for the Final 3. They are still pretty nice guys (in general). I chuckled at them thinking they were actually going to “throw” pots. But their navigation is improving and they are pushing forward.

Dustin & Kandice… The emotions are high for this team. You either hate them or love them. I guess I’m in the middle. Usually with polarizing teams like the BQs, I’m on the “hate” side, and I was, but now I’m in the middle. Their attitudes are huge turn offs, but their Racing has been pretty good, I must admit.

One thing I want to point out is their comment about playing “hardcore” … If I were one of those teams, I would still stopped to make sure everything was okay with Rob & Kim, but only for a few seconds. But because it wasn’t a huge accident, I’ll let them slide on not stopping (besides the *Lyns didn’t stop either)… this isn’t Brian & Greg from TAR7.

And with regards to the Yield, the *Lyns were ready to Yield them, so I can’t fault them. It was more than just strategy in Yielding ‘Bama, there seems to be real animosity between them.

Anyway, I’m moving more towards netural on all the teams. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the last few episodes without any rootable team, but its been pretty exciting.

Only one more episode left until the December 10 finale! And December 10 and 11 are huge days. If not only for the finale, but for any possible OFFICIAL info on TAR11.

Not a lot

Lyn: “What language do they speak in Morocco?”
Karlyn: “Moroccan”

Kandice: “It feels weird in the middle of the night, taking a kid.”

Dustin: “You got nothing on us donkey.”

Rob: “I love olives! I wish we had some French bread right now.”

1. Lyn & Karlyn
2. Tyler & James
3. Dustin & Kandice
4. Rob & Kimberly

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