Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 9 – “Aww… now its going to look like I pooped my pants.”


The Leg
Something seems to be missing since David & Mary are gone, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have another amazing episode.

First off, one of the best moments ever on TAR… Phil describing the Detour was hilarious! Poor Phil in mud. Haha and then Phil in mining gear! David would be proud.

And what a Detour! Swamp This or Swamp That… I don’t remember as messy a Detour involving mud since TAR5’s rice field plowing in the Philippines. Both Detours seemed very exhausting, having to pull yourself or drag your feet through mud.

Then, the teams made their way to a Road Block that the producers probably tailored specifically for David. The Road Block looked like a lot of fun… descending into a mine and series of tunnels underground to look for a block of limestone.

A very exciting episode as the teams were close throughout the enti
re leg (or first half of the leg, as it turns out). Footraces everywhere! I was totally expecting this to be a double leg, even before the fairly obvious clue after the Road Block. However, I was also expecting them to get to Phil and have him say that “You are still Racing.”

But it was great to see the double leg now. I am hoping next week will be just as tough as this week.

Oh yeah, did I hear some new thumping music when the credits were rolling? Awesome!!

The Teams
Erwin & Godwin… Yeah, it does suck to be polite sometimes. I think now without David & Mary, they should be able to really Race since the *Lyns are pretty much independent-minded half the time.

Lyn & Karlyn… Not a nice thing to do cutting those people in line! Major points off for that move. But how sweet were their kids? Very emotional.

Dustin & Kandice… Not as bitchy this week, but still don’t know what to make about their Sistas comment. Actually good Racing this week, but “Helinski?” Come on girls!

Tyler & James… James spanking Tyler’s behind at the Detour was pretty funny. Sucks for them that they could have gotten a First Place finish had it not been a double leg.

Rob & Kimberly… Now my least favorite team… can they make any more questionable comments? Really?

Godwin: “We really miss David & Mary. And we want to run this leg in memory of them.”
Erwin: “Makes it sound like their under the grave.”

Lyn: “I think the ‘barbies’ use their whole image to get ahead. They generally come out of the airport with their boobs hanging out, arms hanging out… of course they gettin’ plenty of attention.”

Tyler : “Moisturizer is very important. It says, ‘I like my face.’ And I care to keep it for a year or two.”
Kandice: “I actually go to Tyler for my nail clippers, for my conditioner that I forgot… Tyler! What else do I need you for?”

Dustin, *falls, butt first into the mud*: “Aww… now its going to look like I pooped my pants.”

Rob: “I didn’t actually think I was going to be able to carry you as easily as I did.”
Kimberly: “What? Do you think I’m fat?”

Lyn: “Let me make an announcement on the party train… those are not our friends!”
Karlyn: “No party train… with them.”

Dustin; “In this box is everything you need… so grab a pokey-thing.”

Kimberly: “No babe! You don’t drive in the mine!”

1. Erwin & Godwin
2. Lyn & Karlyn
2. Tyler & James
4. Dustin & Kandice
5. Rob & Kimberly

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