Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 8 – “I know y’all don’t want to run into cars, but neither do I.”

Wow, even though David & Mary were eliminated, this has to be one of the best episodes of TAR ever.

The Leg
Again, WOW… probably the most action packed episode of the season, and we’ve already had some exciting episodes. It just moved along… not a slow moment at all.

First of all… darned Madagascar cab drivers. We could have had a different outcome.

The Intersection is definitely an interesting prospect. As opposed to the Yield, the Intersection is up to the teams to control their own destinies.

The Detour was awesome. Those mattresses definitely bring back memories of TAR3’s basket bikes… just utter chaos.

Once again, I have to applaud TAR editors. They are simply the best on television… picture and sound editing… just perfect. Their seamless transitions, putting together that sequence of Kentucky and Alabama with the mattresses falling apart in the middle of the street, the Chos and the beauty queens maneuvering through the alleys, and the other two teams surrounded by cow heads… that was amazing.

The Fast Forward was okay… it wasn’t a required task, so that wasn’t as bad for the teams. The Road Block didn’t seem too hard, just had to pay attention to the stamps.

I like the models, but I was totally rooting for them and Rob & Kim to screw up at the Fast Forward. I hate teams that think that a FF automatically means they are first. I was definitely hoping for them to actually arrive last just to see their shock. The editing made it seem that way, but alas…

The Teams
Dustin & Kandice… okay, they are probably the strongest female team to ever Race (TAR5’s Kami & Karli were just plain lucky), but like they themselves said, they aren’t going to make any friends. Yeah, this is a Race for a million dollars and you do what you have to, but you don’t have to be a you-know-what.

Rob & Kimberly… their commentary on the people of Madagascar was enlightening huh? Not.

Tyler & James… I really misread them before the Race. I was thinking James would be the overbearing, cocky one, yet its Tyler that’s basically bossing James around.

The Bama girls, Lyn & Karlyn… yeah, Karlyn can be cold sometimes, but as a member of the Six-Pack, I have to root for them to avenge Kentucky’s elimination 😀 They are determined. And Lyn’s tearful speech was just so touching.

Erwin & Godwin… just great guys. It probably broke their hearts not being able to help their friends. While they could probably be better Racers without Bama or Kentucky, I can’t fault them for forming a close friendship with them.

And finally, David & Mary… They are just the nicest, most genuine people to ever Race. They have been so sincere, and their final words were just awesome. That was probably the saddest elimination ever, on part with Nancy & Emily (TAR1) and Charla & Mirna (TAR5). They are just awesome people, and so deserving. I am glad that they have had a great experience and I am sure they have taken away so much more than a million dollars.

Oh yeah… dancing Phil=good times.


Mary: “I only know about the cartoon ‘Madagascar’ … all the animals there and… oh I can not wait to go!”

David: “I ain’t never sit in a window yet. Its my turn.”
Mary: “Whatever. Yeah.”

Lyn: “We’re looking for the Black Angel.”
Karlyn: “Which is me, so I don’t know why we’re looking for it ‘cuz I’m right here.”

Kimberly: “Breathing in exhausts is really bad for you right? So how do these people, like…”
Rob: “Babe, they die a lot younger than we do. That’s what happens. Most of them don’t get enough protein, so their brains don’t develop… as much. Your brain needs protein.”

Dustin/Kandice: “You are Asian… we could make paper!”

Mary: “Come on… like a little girl’s pantyhose.”

Godwin: “It’s a good thing I worked for a moving company. One thing I can move is beds.”

Lyn: “So here we go with eight mattresses bound by two fanny-packs. We almost looked like the Macy’s Day Parade.”

Lyn: “Motorcycle man… move out of the way.”

Mary: “Guys! I know y’all don’t want to run into cars, but neither do I.”

James: “I guess I’m good at something in this damn Race.”

1. David & Mary
2. Erwin & Godwin
3. Lyn & Karlyn
3. Tyler & James
5. Rob & Kimberly
6. Dustin & Kandice

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