Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 6 – “Well, it didn’t reveal crap to me.”

The Leg
It is always great when TAR goes somewhere they’ve never been before. And Kuwait is definitely somewhere they’ve never been. It is great that TAR is going to more Middle Eastern countries.

First off, the Fast Forward… Yay! David & Mary! While it would’ve been more awesome to see David & Mary get first on their own without the FF (or the Chos), it was still great to see them safe for another leg. (More on them as well as the Chos later)

I thought the FF was pretty cool. Walking into a huge “simulated” oil fire? That is definitely like a Steven Segal movie.

The Road Block was great because it wasn’t just a “climb up the side the building and retrieve your clue” task. They actually had to piece together a puzzle and figure out what the Arabic words meant.

The Detour was great too. Manual or Automatic (I love their cute sense of humor with the Detour choices). I’d have to assume that it said in the clue to fill up the bags of camel feed up to the line… so why didn’t Dustin & Kandice know that?

Camels on The Amazing Race are always good. And camels with a funny robotic jockey? FUN! I am surprised that teams didn’t choose to do this one. It seemed a lot easier on paper than the filling and carrying 10 sacks of feed.

The Teams
Erwin & Godwin are two of the nicest people ever on The Amazing Race. Karma is always in full force on the Race, and I think Erwin & Godwin have definitely earned themselves a whole lot of good karma. Still, they have to step it up. They should be racking up more #1s.

David & Mary definitely have the Chos to thank for the FF. Otherwise, Dustin & Kandice would’ve had it. They continue to be just good ol’ people. But I want them to push harder and do well on the Race. They have it in them.

Tyler & James… They made their biggest mistake so far in the Race. They have been very underwhelming, both personality wise and in terms of Racing. While they seem to be nice guys, they also should step up their game.

Lyn & Karlyn are definitely in Race mode. They’re not the best, but they’re getting cutthroat. While I don’t really like teams intentionally putting others at a disadvantage, I thought Lyn & Karlyn’s reasoning behind their conflict with Dustin & Kandice was really weak.

Dustin & Kandice, meanwhile, are still a “meh” team… nothing spectacular out of them yet.

Rob & Kimberly… Kimberly, I really hope doesn’t continue following in Kendra’s (TAR6) footsteps. Mosque=Mask? Same Same? No…

And finally Peter & Sarah… bye bye! While Sarah proved to be a very strong competitor (she did most of the Road Blocks?!?! And all of the ones that involved climbing!), Peter proved to be one of the biggest you-know-whats in Race history. They dumped each other on national television, but Peter seemed shocked by what Sarah said about him being uncaring. Credit to TAR editing… always excellent.

TAR10 has really been amazing. TAR is definitely running on all cylinders now. I am loving this season. While it may never top TAR3 (will any season ever top TAR3?) in my book, TAR10 definitely ranks as one of the best. Though, the finish will also define what the season turns out to be, so we’ll wait and see.

James: “They got a lot of oil out here?”
Tyler: “Lots of oil.”
James: “Gas must be pretty cheap out here.”
Tyler: “Yeah, so we got that going for us.”

James: “We have to go the location this revealed.”
Tyler: “Well, it didn’t reveal crap to me.”

Man: “You see the Grand Mosque…”
Kimberly: “Grand M-A-S-K? Grand mask?”

Kimberly: “When you hit ‘Grand Mask’ make a left.”
Rob: “No, it’s a grand mosque… its a mosque, a temple, not a street name.”
Kimberly: “Whatever… that’s… okay… I don’t know what that is.”

Kimberly: “Over there is where that church is.”
Rob: “…a mosque.”
Kimberly: “Yeah, that’s it.”

Karlyn: “We can’t run as fast as a camel!”

1. Erwin & Godwin
1. David & Mary
3. Tyler & James
4. Lyn & Karlyn
5. Rob & Kimberly
6. Dustin & Kandice
7. Pete & Sarah

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