Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 10 – “Yeah, I don’t want to get a third eye.”


The Leg
I’ve been a huge Erwin & Godwin fan, but I can’t say they didn’t deserve their elimination this week. I’ve always believed, alliances are okay as long as you know when its time to break off and do your own thing. You should not be in an alliance where they expect you to guide each other the entire leg.

Unfortunately, the *wins were too nice if that’s possible. I mean, just look at them, they’re more of an alpha male team than the Models, but they seriously lacked the capacity to just RACE. More on them later.

As for the leg itself… TAR needs those find the country on your own clues. Of course, it could possibly be a huge logistics disaster for the crew, but it forces the teams to think.

Those Russian cars weren’t as cool as the Hungarian trabbants. And that nice old lady giving the clue was not as enthusiastic as Choa Chu Kang from TAR3 in Singapore.

The tank Road Block was awesome, but I have to say that the TAR8 Civil War Detour was a lot more exciting. Those teams (with Billy & Carissa Gaghan!!) were in the think of the battle having to carry actual, real life human beings! That’s got to get the adrenaline pumping, but this tank Road Block still had to be pretty exciting.

The Detour was definitely fun. They should post the entire raps online at or something, because they were hilarious. I think this is the first time the *Lyns had real fun on the Race? Costume tasks are always fun, so it was great seeing the teams dressed up as either underground Ukrainian rappers or Tchaikovsky. And an underground rap movement in Ukraine? Hilarious!

In the end, of course, I think it was no doubt with the *wins’ navigational woes and their foolish decision to wait for the *Lyns did them in. Sadly, I believe this has to be the weakest final 4 ever, and moving into the final 3 will almost be as bad as TAR9’s final 3 teams. Honestly, no truly likable team, no truly rootable team.

The Teams
Erwin & Godwin… One of the most likable teams of in ten seasons of the Race, but their Racing abilities were seriously lacking. I mean, they have the physical aspect down, but their mentality of having to help others the entire leg went a little too far. They needed to know when to break away… they didn’t. All the while, their alliance members were ready to leave them in the dust, and even expected the *wins to do the same. It sucks, the *wins are great guys that would’ve been great winners, but alas, in the end, they were just “too nice.”

Rob & Kimberly… They are simply an unlikable dysfunctional couple. You can’t root for them to win, yet I don’t feel like rooting for their demise. They’re despicable like some couples of the past, but they are definitely not likable.

On the other hand, you kind of want to root against Lyn & Karlyn. Especially compared to alliance members *wins and David & Mary, the *Lyns haven’t been all that nice and have not had fun at all on the Race. One thing I cam commend them on is their pushing themselves to Race, Race, Race.

Tyler & James… Another team that you don’t necessarily root for, but you don’t want to root against them. And that is more evident with Tyler’s constant James put downs. I have to say, that shot of James all smiles saying “I crashed into your tank!!” was hilarious.

And finally Dustin & Kandice… I have to say, I hated them the first couple of legs, but they have actually tolerable the last two legs. I’ll admit, right now of the final 4, I’m rooting for them to win. They have officially proven themselves capable of actually winning the Race. They haven’t made any kind of major mistakes, its just that their personalities can grate on one’s nerves… “Oh my gosh!” could we have our first all-female Race winners?

James: “Freakin Chernobyl.
Tyler: “Chernobyl dude… isn’t it a little dangerous to still go there.”
James: “Yeah, I don’t want to get a third eye.”

Dustin: “Where’s Chernobyl?”
Kandice: “I know its where the atomic bomb went off.”
Dustin: “Yeah.”

Erwin: “Have you ever seen anyone come down on their head before?”

Dustin: “The only thing I know about Ukraine is the Ukrainian bell carol.”

Dustin: “I wish I knew how to pretend I was a rapper.”
Kandice: “Like stick your hands in your pants?” Dustin: “Finally Ukraine… where we’re doing our rap… give us a hand…” Kandice: “If you think we’ve got knack.”

1. Erwin & Godwin
2. Tyler & James
2. Dustin & Kandice
4. Rob & Kimberly
4. Lyn & Karlyn

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