Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 13 – “Our driver is doing a very good job of driving.”

Well, The Amazing Race 10 is over…

The Leg

…and there isn’t much to say. I never, ever think TAR is boring. Underwhelming, yes… but never boring.

So much to my surprise when I found myself unenthused during the finale. I thought it was unbelievably uneventful, and compared to finales of the past, including the only other two one-hour finales (TAR1 and TAR4), and even to the season as a whole, the TAR10 finale was very underwhelming I thought TAR10 deserved a finale as exciting as the season. Anyway…

Before flying back to the US, the teams performed a skydiving Road Block AND a Detour of transporting a painting or making a jacket, both in Paris. That actually surprised me, I would’ve thought they would save a task for back in the US.

I think one of my nit-picks was the fact that they had nothing to do in the US but find clues. That and the tasks in Paris were pretty non-eventful.

Had there been more to do in the US, I think the finish might have been more exciting. The teams basically completed all the tasks before ever flying back to America.

And once they arrived in New York, I think it was pretty obvious Tyler & James would win.

I think a two-hour finale would’ve been better. Last week’s episode was one of the best ever and would’ve made the finale a lot more exciting.

Still, as I always say, TAR’s worst (and this wasn’t its worst) is better than most shows on TV.

The Teams
Tyler & James… And just because the finale wasn’t as exciting as it could have been, that’s not to say our “models and recovering drug addicts” weren’t deserving. They Raced well, had navigation problems here and there… but overall ran the Race very well; they won four legs (including final leg), and placed 2nd in four legs, 3rd in one, and 6th in two legs. So they are more than deserving and I have no problem with them winning.

Rob & Kimberly… For me, if they won, they would’ve been Freddy & Kendra-lite (TAR6). They were a little annoying, Kim’s naïve comments didn’t help, but they weren’t total jerks.

Lyn & Karlyn… I thought editing was in their favor. They wanted to break away from the Backpack, they, not the BQs were the first all-female team in the Final 3. I thought for sure they would be the ultimate underdog story. But they were out of it before leaving France, which was unfortunate. They could’ve made the final run through NY more exciting at least.

So overall, I’d rank the finale as TAR10’s worst episode. But Tyler & James, I am completely fine with winning. Last week’s preview definitely gave that one away.

And so TAR’s milestone 10th season is over… on to TAR11 which is officially “The Amazing Race All-Stars.” I almost had a heart attack when I saw certain faces in that teaser at the end of the episode. Thank God those aren’t the All-Star teams (and that they are still “secret”). BJ & Tyler? *shudders* NO!

I’ll be posting my TAR10 wrap-up tomorrow, including how I think it ranks with the other seasons.

Lyn: “Our driver is doing a very good job of driving.”
Karlyn: “He feels the importance oozing from us.”

1. Tyler & James
1. Lyn & Karlyn
3. Rob & Kimberly

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