Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 12 – “I’m up some giant chick’s skirt.”

Another exciting episode!! Again, I’m not actively rooting for one single team like in the past, but it was one of the better episodes this season. It was exciting and fun.

The Leg
Looks like this was not a 12 hour pitstop.

The excitement begins as Dustin & Kandice manage to arrive at the Road Block 2nd with Rob & Kimberly and Lyn & Karlyn getting lost, not only getting to the Road Block by car, but finding it after parking. They must have been shocked to see the BQs leave. It was funny to see them following them to their cars.

That was definitely another hectic moment.

The Road Block didn’t seem too hard. It was basically BBQ camel, a camel burger even, and it didn’t look like much.

One of the most random moments… that cat by Bama’s car… what was that? lol

Their placements then didn’t matter as they all get on the same plane to Barcelona, Spain.

Once there, the teams make their way through a maze and then to their respective Detour choices. (After a taxi dilemma for Tyler & James and Bama of course) … and this was one of the best Detours ever.

Tyler & James and Dustin & Kandice head to the “Lug It” Detour where the teams have to wear these huge “Giant” costumes that are part of the Festival of Giants. I thought this had to be one of the coolest TAR tasks ever. The costumes just look cool, how fun must that be to walk around in that.

And another fun, or maybe funny tasks, was the “Lob It” Detour where Rob & Kimberly and Lyn & Karlyn are pelted by tomatoes while rummaging through a huge pile of tomatoes for a mini-clue. I love how they show the teams starting to dig through the tomatoes, and then pan over as a mob of people come to hurl tomatoes at them. Perfect! Love the camerapeople.

So after the Detour, the teams make their way to the Pit Stop. And the 30 minute penalty didn’t matter, Dustin & Kandice arrived last and were eliminated.

The Teams
Lyn & Karlyn… Karlyn may be frowning all the time, but they have been determined the entire Race. It was a shock seeing Karlyn basically annoying Lyn the entire Road Block, and then Karlyn actually telling her to shut up! Anyway… I just think it is amazing that our first all-female team in the final 3 is Lyn & Karlyn. Physically, you just wouldn’t think it would happen, but it has and they have a shot at the million dollars. They are determined and are going to push it.

Tyler & James… Definitely not Eric & Jeremy 2.0. These two have been a lot more likeable, but not as smart in Racing, despite their couple of first place finishes. Still, they in the final 3 and have a big shot at the million. They are nice enough guys too.

Rob & Kimberly… Kim has had some pretty dumb moments and Rob has had the biggest mood swings, but they are more or less harmless. I’d probably be least happy with them winning, but I wouldn’t be upset if they did.

Dustin & Kandice… Well, the Beauty Queens… the blondies… the barbies… They have been a very, very strong team and while I may not necessarily like them, I have to commend them for being a strong team. They have been a little nasty and even cocky, but for some reason I’m basically indifferent. Its weird, I’m usually on the “hate them” side with teams like D&K, but I’m not this time around. Anyway, they ran a strong Race, but just lost their magic the last two legs.

And so next week is our season finale!! Sunday, December 10 will be big. We’ll get the TAR10 finale and possibly our first look at TAR11. If not on Sunday, then on Monday morning. So stay tuned!! TAR10 is close to finishing as one of the best seasons ever.

Kimberly: “I hate how there are so many dogs out here. … Oh, those are lambs…”
Rob: “Goats!”
Kimberly: “Well, I saw the horns and I knew it was a goat.”

Dustin: “Awesome possum!”
James: “Did you just say ‘awesome possum’?”
Dustin: “Uh-huh.”

Rob: “It was a needle in a tomato sack.”
Kandice: “We’re looking for a female giant.”

Lyn: “Ouch! You bastards!”

Tyler: “You look awesome bro!”
James: “Dude, I’m such a hot giant chick right now.”
Tyler: “You look so freakin’ cool!”

James: “I’m up some giant chick’s skirt.”
Tyler: “How’s it smell under there buddy?”
James: “Oh dude, ripe.”

1. Lyn & Karlyn
1. Tyler & James
3. Dustin & Kandice
4. Rob & Kimberly

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