Power Rangers RPM RETURNS! Final 4 Episodes of Season (and Maybe Series?)

Well, first of all, FINALLY, the Power Rangers RPM recaps are complete. Click here to see them all.

And just in time for the beginning of the final four episodes of POWER RANGERS RPM, airing Saturday, December 19th. (Check local listings ABC’s crazy Power Rangers airing schedule.)

Episodes 29 and 30 air December 19th while the two-part season finale (Episode 31 and 32) air next Saturday, December 26th. Not only are they the final episodes of RPM, they may very well be the final new episodes of the Power Rangers franchise forever (at the very least, a long time).

So don’t miss these next two weeks!

Power Rangers RPM’s Rose McIver Gets Rave Reviews for “The Lovely Bones”

She may be kicking Venjix ass as Summer Landsdown on Power Rangers RPM, but could Rose McIver be kicking some Best Supporting Actress ass come March?

That is, could this New Zealand native score an Oscar nomination for her pivotal role in the Peter Jackson-directed film The Lovely Bones?

Her performance as Lindsey Salmon in the buzzed about film is drawing some attention, including having San Francisco Chronicle film critic Ruthie Stein to include Rose in her early Oscar predictions.

While the film itself is getting mixed reviews in its current limited release, Rose is being singled out in many reviews as an excellent, movie stealing standout performance.

Entertainment Weekly even featured her as “Peter Jackson’s new discovery” in a November issue.

Best of luck to Rose. Imagine, an Oscar nominee from Power Rangers?

The RPM cast is doing pretty well for themselves it seems. Look out for Eka Darville in the also buzzed about Spartacus: Blood and Sand premiering in January on Starz.

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Power Rangers RPM Recaps Update

Hey everyone!
Sorry about the looong delay in RPM recaps. I’ll be working on them in the next month, but rest assured the recaps for the entire season will be complete and up to date before the final four episodes which will air Saturdays, December 19 and 26. Big dates indeed, for RPM and for the franchise as a whole!

Thanks for your patience!

Power Rangers RPM – 28: Run Ziggy Run

Kilobyte has completed Venjix’s new body and Venjix downloads itself into it. He likes it. It’s fierce.

Ziggy is walking around and finds a penny. Suddenly a bunch of men jump out and chase after him. The men do some parkour, but Ziggy teleports to safety.

Dr. K goes to sit in her chair but instead sits on Ziggy’s lap as he has just teleported into it. They scream. Continue reading

Power Rangers RPM – 27: Control – Alt – Delete

Kilobyte has upgraded Tenaya 7 into Tenaya 15. He injects himself with some drug (or oil) and perks up.

Dillon, Flynn, Scott, and Summer are in the wasteland trying to look for the Venjix palace. Scott experiences pains in his stomach as they call to check in with Dr. K.

They get out of the hummer. Dillon has no clue where to go, he was expecting to follow their tracks back to the palace. Flynn gets frustrated, Dillon snaps back. Scott breaks ’em up but then collapses with pain. They head back to Dr. K who scans Scott to see what it could be. He goes to lie down.

Shifter sends out a signal that activates the key inside of Scott. Continue reading

Power Rangers RPM – 26: Beyond a Doubt

Tenaya offers to help destroy Venjix, but the other Rangers are suspicious of her. Dillon is ready to believe her, but Dr. K has more pressing matters to worry about. The attack bot that they believe is from Venjix but really Shifter only came into the city to capture data that could allow them to take control of their biofields and in turn their weapons.

Tenaya says she can get them the basecodes for the attack bot, but she needs their help. Dillon quickly volunteers. She tells him to leave his morpher otherwise Venjix will easily detect them. Summer wishes her love good luck and the siblings head out. Continue reading

Power Rangers RPM – 25: Key to the Past

Shifter is introducing the new body they’ve created for Venjix, it’s Generation 16! But Tenaya has just messed with it. Venjix banishes Shifter to the wasteland. Tenaya brings out her heatbot and heads to Corinth.

Corinth’s mayor and Col. Truman are inaugurating a new fuel depot by joining two keys together. This gives Dillon the idea to join his two keys together and they do fit, but something’s wrong and the Rangers morph to fight Tenaya and her heatbot’s attack on the new plant.

Tenaya and Dillon end up sparring again until his deflected blast causes large debris to come rain down on Tenaya. She calls for help and Dillon wants to help, but she’s just faking it.

“When I get damaged, it’s just a simple repair. But when you get damaged, you BLEED!” Tenaya says to Dillon as she pops Continue reading

Power Rangers RPM – 24: Ancient History

Tenaya, Grinder, and Shifter are rummaging through the ruins of Alphabet Soup. Tenaya picks up a hard drive, plugs herself in and finds the location of Alphabet Soup’s dumping ground of discarded technology. She takes the info to Venjix but Shifter has already told Kilobyte who tells their almighty master.

So you’ve chosen sides? Tenaya says.

The alarm sounds at the Garage and Col. Truman informs them of an excavation at the mountain range where the technology has been dumped. Dr. K begins to worry her secret might finally come out, and she orders the Rangers to go there and destroy anything that looks like it still might work.

Col. Truman’s men are at the site and find a laptop that they take back to the control tower.
Meanwhile, Kilobyte’s attack bot has drilled its way to the dump site and the Rangers are right behind. They blast at the bot, but instead blast through the rock face revealing something inside a cavern. Venjix embiggens the bot and the Rangers zord up. Continue reading

Power Rangers RPM – 23: And… Action

So this is basically the Power Rangers RPM Behind the Scenes Special weirdly masked as a meta-type of This is how the Power Rangers work… in Corinth. What?

The episode starts with the alarm sounding and the Rangers are about to leave but they freeze. Ziggy goes “Boo!” and then proceed to explain they’ll go behind the scenes. They are all in character throughout the episode which just makes everything all the more confusing.

Ziggy is on scene and explains how Continue reading