Power Rangers RPM – 23: And… Action

So this is basically the Power Rangers RPM Behind the Scenes Special weirdly masked as a meta-type of This is how the Power Rangers work… in Corinth. What?

The episode starts with the alarm sounding and the Rangers are about to leave but they freeze. Ziggy goes “Boo!” and then proceed to explain they’ll go behind the scenes. They are all in character throughout the episode which just makes everything all the more confusing.

Ziggy is on scene and explains how they’re going to come in and destroy the attack bot. Flynn comes to explain all their vehicles, including Ziggy’s scooter.

Flynn takes over and explains their stunt driving.
Then Dillon and Summer explain their stunts showing off the crane and wires.

Next Dr. K shows off the special effects, how they erase the wires, how they created the opening shot of the Battle of Corinth, and of course the green screen for the morphing sequences.

We get to see some Grinders fooling around with the catering service, then Tenaya comes over and they treat her like a queen, holding up an umbrella for her and fanning her.

Scott comes in to explain how they use the camera movements, music, special effects, and good ol’ fashioned acrobatics giving us “the most exciting stunt sequences on television.”

Scott and Tenaya are sparring and they talk about how their stunt trainers have been working on Power Rangers for years. Challenging and exciting.

Next up is Gem and Gemma. They love explosions. But they’re hot.
“So believe me, when we’re running away, we’re really running away!” Gemma says.

Back at the Garage, the Rangers morph, all except Ziggy. Everyone makes mistakes, he says and this leads us to the best part, the bloopers.

Now it’s time for them to watch the “movie” they’ve made. Dr. K comes out in her pajamas and her doggie slippers. “Doc, who let the dogs out?” Dillon quips. Ziggy told her this was a pajama party.

They all settle in and we get to watch their completed scene complete with their commentary.

The credits roll and the alarm sounds again as the Rangers get back to real work. Ziggy whispers to the camera that Dr. K is going to make him the new Red Ranger, but Scott walks by and says Red Ranger isn’t going anywhere, and takes Scott by the neck….


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