Power Rangers RPM – 24: Ancient History

Tenaya, Grinder, and Shifter are rummaging through the ruins of Alphabet Soup. Tenaya picks up a hard drive, plugs herself in and finds the location of Alphabet Soup’s dumping ground of discarded technology. She takes the info to Venjix but Shifter has already told Kilobyte who tells their almighty master.

So you’ve chosen sides? Tenaya says.

The alarm sounds at the Garage and Col. Truman informs them of an excavation at the mountain range where the technology has been dumped. Dr. K begins to worry her secret might finally come out, and she orders the Rangers to go there and destroy anything that looks like it still might work.

Col. Truman’s men are at the site and find a laptop that they take back to the control tower.
Meanwhile, Kilobyte’s attack bot has drilled its way to the dump site and the Rangers are right behind. They blast at the bot, but instead blast through the rock face revealing something inside a cavern. Venjix embiggens the bot and the Rangers zord up.

The eyes of the thing in the cavern begin to light up and break through its rocky exterior. It’s some kind of train and starts to go crazy against the Rangers and the attack bot, some kind of dragon train. It flies away.

Col. Truman plugs the hard drive into his computer and finds videos of Dr. K working on Venjix at Alphabet Soup. In the video, Dr. K greets Venjix a good morning and Venjix asks when she’s going to let him out. Dr. K says he’s much too dangerous to let out, instead she’s going to show him how to infiltrate secret military codes then continue working on prototypes of Project Ranger.

Truman pounds his desk.

The Rangers get back to Dr. K. She’s been pacing back and forth. She and the twins explain what they saw was the Paleozord, developed in the early stages of Project Ranger, but it is uncontrollable.

Suddenly, Col. Truman arrives to arrest Dr. K, but when Cpl. Hicks goes to cuff her, it turns out she’s just a hologram. Dr. K expected Truman to arrive, “It’s hard to trust the government after what I’ve seen,” she says.

Truman tells his men to scour the city to find her.

Scott defends Dr. K to his father, saying yes, she released the Venjix virus, but she has also created everything they use to protect the city. And arresting her isn’t going to bring anyone back.

Truman leaves and Dr. K tells them she’s working from a remote location. She tells them to find the Paleozord and they head into the forest where they meet Grinders instead.

After they morph, the Paleozord comes out of nowhere and Scott jumps and grabs a hold of it before he gets thrown off.

Meanwhile in the city center, Dr. K is walking with her hooded cloak on when she sees a news bulletin announcing she is wanted for treason. She runs from the guards and plays tricks with them to avoid capture. She also tells the Rangers to work on their zord synching in case she gets control of the Paleozord.

Col. Truman has an idea where she might and he finds her in his seat at the control tower. She points a gun at her and yells at her to step away from the computer. She was able to get in there undetected since Truman sent every single one of his guards out to find her in the city.

The Rangers call in for help fighting the attack bot through the control tower’s computers.

Dr. K: “Are you going to arrest me Colonel?”
Col. Truman looks at burnt picture of him and his eldest son.
Dr. K: “We all do things in life we regret. But if we don’t learn from them and move to a brighter future, we pay twice.”
Col. Truman: “I’ve already paid more than most.”
Dr. K: “I know. And if I could access the Time-Space Continuum to undo what I did? I would. But that’s not possible.”
Col. Truman: “Can you help them?”
Dr. K: “That’s all I can do.”

Truman lowers his gun and tells her to help the Rangers. She rolls out a bunch of technical terms prompting Col. Truman to ask if she was born in a laboratory. She answers, “Basically! Thanks to your local government.”

Scott tries to fight off the embiggened bot by himself until Dr. K finally gets control of the Paleozord. She tells Scott to get in and he forms the Paleomax Megazord, all on his own then defeats the attack bot.

At Venjix, Tenaya whistles and warns Shifter to watch his back.

At the Garage, the Rangers are worried about where Dr. K is when she and Col. Truman walk in. He says he’ll grant Dr. K a full pardon.


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