Power Rangers RPM – 26: Beyond a Doubt

Tenaya offers to help destroy Venjix, but the other Rangers are suspicious of her. Dillon is ready to believe her, but Dr. K has more pressing matters to worry about. The attack bot that they believe is from Venjix but really Shifter only came into the city to capture data that could allow them to take control of their biofields and in turn their weapons.

Tenaya says she can get them the basecodes for the attack bot, but she needs their help. Dillon quickly volunteers. She tells him to leave his morpher otherwise Venjix will easily detect them. Summer wishes her love good luck and the siblings head out.

Dillon and Tenaya get to Venjix’s palace. He begins to flash back to what happened before and loses Tenaya, but gets grabbed from behind.

Venjix is appointing Kilobyte the new head general when Tenaya walks in and presents her captive, Dillon. She promises to get all the Rangers if she is in charge.

“YOU LIAR!” Dillon screams before being thrown into a cell.

In Corinth, Shifter vows to destroy the Rangers first and then Venjix. He unleashes his bot on the city. Any weapons they use might fall under Shifter’s control. Scott says he’ll use the Paleomax first before calling out the others.

At Venjix, Tenaya goes to access the main computer and downloads information into her USB finger. She unscrews her hand when Kilobyte comes in curious about Tenaya’s motives.

Dillon hears tapping outside his cell and a chip gets slipped under the door. Tenaya’s hand hands him the info and unlocks the door allowing Dillon to escape.

Kilobyte gets news about the escape and realizes this is all part of Tenaya’s plan. Dillon comes from behind and zaps Kilobyte unconscious.

“I left you here once, it’s not going to happen again,” Dillon says. He and Tenaya are driving back to Corinth, fighting off Grinders along the way. They face the Venjix barricade, but Tenaya knows exactly where to shoot. They enter the city as the other Rangers go out to pick him up and help Scott. While fighting, the attack bot shoots Scott with some key that causes some pain in Scott’s stomach.

Dillon tells Tenaya to get the computer chip to Dr. K and the rest of the Rangers morph. The Paleomax, under Shifter’s power joins the attack bot against the Rangers. Dr. K tries to get it back under control.

After a couple of tries, she finally gets it and also discovers they could combine all 12 zords into the Ultrazord. It’s huge, especially compared to the attack bot. Needless to say, the attack bot is defeated pretty easily.

Shifter picks up the key and plugs it into himself. He gets souped up.

The Rangers are walking in line through the city and they wave at Tenaya who’s up ahead. Ziggy thinks she’s a hottie, but Kilobyte comes to capture Tenaya. He blasts at the Rangers and Kilobyte and Tenaya are gone.


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