Power Rangers RPM – 27: Control – Alt – Delete

Kilobyte has upgraded Tenaya 7 into Tenaya 15. He injects himself with some drug (or oil) and perks up.

Dillon, Flynn, Scott, and Summer are in the wasteland trying to look for the Venjix palace. Scott experiences pains in his stomach as they call to check in with Dr. K.

They get out of the hummer. Dillon has no clue where to go, he was expecting to follow their tracks back to the palace. Flynn gets frustrated, Dillon snaps back. Scott breaks ’em up but then collapses with pain. They head back to Dr. K who scans Scott to see what it could be. He goes to lie down.

Shifter sends out a signal that activates the key inside of Scott.
Dr. K determines it is a nanomagnetic transmitter, but hasn’t yet found out its function. Gem and Gemma come running in saying they can’t find Scott anywhere. Dr. K wants them to scan the city, but no need. They get an alarm and head out.

They meet Shifter and fight. He then surprises them with a controlled Scott. He control Scott’s arm, aiming to shoot at them. The Rangers plan to shoot at Shifter, but Scott’s in the way. Flynn yells at Scott to get out of the way, as if he has any control over his own body.

All of a sudden, a blast comes from above towards Shifter. He lets go of the controller, which allows the key to fall out of Scott’s chest.

They turn to see Tenaya. Dillon thinks he saved them, but they learn she has become Tenaya 15. She’s only got one mission now, to destroy them all and let Venjix rule the world. She flies away.

Shifter embiggens himself. Scott is still weak so the other Rangers go to take care of him. Scott picks up the key.

The six rangers form the Ultrazord and debiggen Shifter. Scott meets the lifesized Shifter in a quarry and they battle. Scott ends up losing his helmet, but destroying Shifter in the process.

Gem and Gemma are using the technology in the key to maybe find a way to use it for themselves. They’re hoping to use it to capture Tenaya.

Tenaya is recharging at Palais Venjix while they are wheeling in Shifter’s remains. She leaves with an attack bot while Venjix tells Kilobyte he will use Shifter’s remains as the foundation for his new body.

The Rangers head out to face Tenaya, the bot, and the Grinders. While the other fight, Dillon waits for Tenaya. She comes up behind him and he tries to shoot her but she’s too fast. He tries to get her to remember who she is, but she is relentless. He doesn’t want to destroy her, but she doesn’t mind destroying him. He’s got a clear shot at Tenaya, but he goes to help his teammates instead by shooting the attack bot and firing at it.

Venjix embiggens it of course but they call on the zords to take care of it.

Dr. K scans Dillon and says he doesn’t have much time. The virus has spread to 40% of his body and by the time it reaches 50%, he will lose control of his body. She can’t stop it. Summer and Dillon lovingly look into each others.


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