Holiday Shopping Suggestions: TV on DVD

There are plenty of great deals out there this Black Friday and this weekend. Need some TV on DVD suggestions for your holiday shopping? Here are some must-haves for any DVD collection and some suggestions for catching up with current TV hits.

The Apocalypse is here, but the Winchester brothers are going to be taking a little break from the action until January. This presents the perfect time to catch up on the series or discover it for the first time. Watch four seasons of amazing television and find out why the show has grown a strong, dedicated group of fans that continues to grow in its current 5th season.
The four seasons are currently on sale, trust me $13 for a season is a steal considering how expensive the sets are regularly.

Supernatural – The Complete First Season $12.99
Supernatural – The Complete Second Season $12.99
Supernatural – The Complete Third Season $12.99
Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season $14.99

I Love Lucy is arguably the greatest television series to ever grace the medium. (I’ve been meaning to write that piece for a while now!) For any I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball fan or anyone that’s a fan of classic television comedy, this is the perfect set well worth every penny. I Love Lucy has remained timeless, with writing and performances that stand the test of time brilliantly and will do so for a long time into the future. A perfect DVD set that will sure to provide hours and hours and hours of laughs.

I Love Lucy: The Complete Series $139.99

PEANUTS: 1960’s and 1970’s COLLECTION
Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang are finally being treated with the deserved DVD release respect as all the classic television specials are finally and thankfully being compiled into decade collections. Hours of classic television thanks to the genius of Charles Schulz, children young and old will certainly enjoy these excellent sets.

Peanuts: 1960’s Collection (A Charlie Brown Christmas / Charlie Brown’s All-Stars / It’s the Great Pumpkin / You’re in Love / He’s Your Dog / It Was a Short Summer) $19.49
Peanuts: 1970’s Collection, Vol. 1 (It’s a Mystery Charlie Brown / Play It Again / A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving / It’s the Easter Beagle / There’s No Time for Love / You’re Not Elected) $20.99

Probably the most underrated television miniseries ever and possibly the last broadcast television miniseries, The 10th Kingdom took the word “epic” and ran with it when it premiered in 2000 on NBC. With a cast led by Kimberly Williams and John Larroquette, the epic 10 hour miniseries from the masters who defined epic miniseries, the Halmis, introduces to an incredible world filled with the fairy tales and characters we all grew up with, but with a definite twist and definitely not as we remembered them. Fun, smart, magical, and very grown-up, this is a television event that the whole family can and should enjoy.

The 10th Kingdom $14.49

The little show that could is currently in its defying-all-odds 4th season on DirecTV (coming to NBC next year) and it is not too late to discover the show that critics, fans, and even network executives are rallying behind.

Friday Night Lights – The First Season $19.49
Friday Night Lights: The Second Season $18.99
Friday Night Lights: The Third Season $22.99

Want to watch the best hours of television drama of 2009? Here it is. Kings was a show that was not like anything else on television. It had something for everyone from drama, politics, war, romance, royalty, soap opera, teen drama, even comedy… it was a vivid and excellent series that deserved to live longer than it did, but thankfully will survive for a long time on DVD for future generations to discover what could have been.

Kings – The Complete Series $42.49

A show that takes death and makes it fun and colorful and enjoyable. Though we only got two seasons of Pushing Daisies, it was an excellent two seasons worth of some of the funniest and most enjoyable hours on television the last two years.

Pushing Daisies – The Complete First Season $19.49
Pushing Daisies: The Complete Second Season $21.99

The last new season of Power Rangers will wrap up on Christmas weekend with two of the last four episodes airing the week before with the final hour on December 26. Currently on hiatus thanks to college gridiron action on Saturdays, this is the perfect time to catch up with the best, most mature series of Power Rangers ever. Unexpectedly dark and dramatic, though still with its target young audience in mind, RPM takes all the previous Power Rangers conventions and stereotypes and throws them out the window in favor of a thoroughly enjoyable series that makes one yearn for the franchise to be taken to Syfy primetime and given the Battlestar Galactica treatment. It’s that good.

Power Rangers RPM, Vol. 1: Start Your Engines $14.99
Power Rangers RPM, Vol. 2: Race for Corinth $16.49

A fan of The Amazing Race? Here’s a way to enjoy the show and help the possibility of more seasons to be released on DVD! CBS has the very first season and season 7 (the infamous Rob & Amber from Survivor season) on DVD. Buying the DVDs will hopefully encourage CBS to release more of the classic seasons, especially the epic 3rd and 5th seasons. Watching the first season of The Amazing Race is incredibly interesting as we see how much the show has grown and evolved over the years. The show is just as exciting now as it was when the season first aired.

The Amazing Race: The First Season $30.49
The Amazing Race – The Seventh Season $32.49

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