Power Rangers RPM – 25: Key to the Past

Shifter is introducing the new body they’ve created for Venjix, it’s Generation 16! But Tenaya has just messed with it. Venjix banishes Shifter to the wasteland. Tenaya brings out her heatbot and heads to Corinth.

Corinth’s mayor and Col. Truman are inaugurating a new fuel depot by joining two keys together. This gives Dillon the idea to join his two keys together and they do fit, but something’s wrong and the Rangers morph to fight Tenaya and her heatbot’s attack on the new plant.

Tenaya and Dillon end up sparring again until his deflected blast causes large debris to come rain down on Tenaya. She calls for help and Dillon wants to help, but she’s just faking it.

“When I get damaged, it’s just a simple repair. But when you get damaged, you BLEED!” Tenaya says to Dillon as she pops off.

Back at the Garage, Dillon tries his new key in the stopwatch and a new tune begins to play. It prompts him to get in his car and drive.

At Venjix, a Grinder is trying to fix Tenaya’s injury as they are alerted to Dillon leaving the dome into the waste. He’s playing the song from the stopwatch when Tenaya comes and starts whistling it. But when Dillon plays the original tune, Tenaya gets a memory flash of a little girl, her and a boy, both them being handed a stopwatch by their grandfather possible.

She asks him where he got the stopwatch and he says, you know, it’s ours, you’re my sister. Are you kidding? Tenaya asks.

Dillon says he doesn’t remember much, but he knows Venjix made them both hybrids. They’re both human. She doesn’t want to believe it. They fight, but Dillon holds back, he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore.

He grinds her arm with his suit. He walks over to her and they both realize she’s bleeding. She runs away.

Dillon returns to the Garage. He’s found his sister. Summer walks over to him and says “If you talk to me, I could help.” “I wish you could,” he replies, “but you can’t.”

Tenaya, back at Venjix, scans herself and the computer confirms her DNA matches with Subject G-78, also matching her sibling Subject D-44. Both escaped, but Subject G-78 recaptured. She then remembers when they first tried to escape. Dillon tries to guide his blind sister through the corridors but Kilobyte and the Grinders arrive to stop them. The Grinders grab hold of Tenaya.

Back to the present, Kilobyte comes to taunt her, saying everytime she sees her brother, she’ll begin to feel human emotions. It’s only a matter of time before she’ll get destroyed like all other weak humans.

She refuses to be human, she’s worked too hard for a Venjix victory. So she’s got to stop the memories at the source.

The attack bot is trying to heat up the fuel plant again and the Rangers come to stop it. The fighting ensues. Gem and Gemma are able to freeze the attack bot.

But Tenaya arrives with an army of Grinders. She wants to kill the hybrid Dillon. The Rangers won’t just hand him over. Dillon doesn’t want to hurt her, and they both spar again. He tries to get her to remember who she is. She flings him to the side of the bridge and he demorphs. She is about to shoot him but Scott, Summer, and Flynn blast at her to stop her. Dillon sees and steps in front of her, receiving the impact of the blast, which flips Tenaya over the side of the bridge. She grabs hold.

Dillon goes to let her take his hand. She flashes back to when the Grinders threw her in the bot-making pit. Dillon had tried to grab and save her before but the Grinders managed to shove her in.

Tenaya snaps out of it and takes Dillon’s hand as he pulls her up. The Rangers come running to them helmetless and are confused as to why he would protect her. He tells them Tenaya is his sister. Gem and Gemma thought she was blind, but Flynn suggests they must be robotic eyes.

Meanwhile, Kilobyte unfreezes the heatbot and grows. The Rangers have to deal with that and Dillon leaves his sister, telling her he’ll be back. They call on the megazord and defeat the bot. Tenaya watches on, still in disbelief about everything. When Dillon goes back to the bridge, Tenaya is gone.

On the other side of town, Shifter is done modifying his own attack bot which he had intended for Venjix’s new body. He embiggens it and attacks the megazords before it hops away.

Kilobyte is relating to Venjix about Tenaya’s discovery.
The Rangers get back to the Garage. They’ve been searching for Tenaya. Dillon wants to do everything to find her, the Rangers reluctantly try to help. But she walks into the Garage on her own.

“So you believe me?” Dillon asks.
“Yeah, I do. And I want to help,” she answers.
The other Rangers are suspicious.


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