Power Rangers RPM – 28: Run Ziggy Run

Kilobyte has completed Venjix’s new body and Venjix downloads itself into it. He likes it. It’s fierce.

Ziggy is walking around and finds a penny. Suddenly a bunch of men jump out and chase after him. The men do some parkour, but Ziggy teleports to safety.

Dr. K goes to sit in her chair but instead sits on Ziggy’s lap as he has just teleported into it. They scream.

Ziggy is telling the other the story of how he owes Fresno Bob 5 million. He’s going to be killed. At the racetrack, Tenaya comes and offers Fresno Bob a deal. He helps her with the truck drivers, she gets him Ziggy Grover.

The Rangers go out to meet Kilobyte in the city. He shoots at them unmorphed and they fight before morphing. Tenaya watches from afar and swoops in to take Ziggy.

The truck drivers who maneuvered past the guards at the control tower deliver a case to Fresno Bob who is very pleased. Meanwhile, Grinders are placing bombs all over the city. Scott tells Gem and Gemma to head back to the Garage to work on the new weapon while the four of them continue looking for Ziggy.

Outside the racetrack, Fresno Bob arrives in a limo. Tenaya wants to exchange the case for Ziggy. They hand over the case and she is pleased. But she won’t hand over Ziggy and she takes out her gun. Ziggy knocks over the Grinders holding him, grabs his morpher from Tenaya, morphs, and tells Fresno Bob to run.

Gem and Gemma are done with the Railsaber. With Ziggy’s morpher back online, Dr. K tells Gem to take the Railsaber to the others and Gemma to go help Zig… she mean’s Ranger Green. Gemma smiles at Dr. K showing concern and goes.

Ziggy saves Fresno Bob from the Grinders and goes on to fight Tenaya just as Gemma comes to help.

Gem arrives with the Railsaber just in time and jousts with Kilobyte. He hands the weapon over to Scott and finishes off Kilobyte before he embiggens himself. They call on Paleomax.

Tenaya and the Grinder holding the case leave. Meanwhile, Kilobyte orders the Grinders to set off all the detonators in the city, but Ziggy and Gemma blast the switch and the Grinders away. Road Attack Zord joins the fun and they form the Ultrazord to finish off Kilobyte for good this time.

At Palais Venjix, Kilobyte comes in all banged up. Tenaya brings the case to Venjix who says the final strike can begin.

Back at the Garage, Ziggy prepares to escape, but Fresno Bob arrives. He is starting to think more highly of Ziggy after saving his life. Now they’re even.


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