Recap: Jack-Of-All-Trades!? A Day in the Life of Master Micchi

Kamen Rider Geats Jack of all Trades Master Micchi

Michinaga is awakened with a congratulations from Game Navigator Sarami who says his desire of a jack of all trades store has been fulfilled. Michinaga has no idea what is happening. But Sarami reminds him that he won the DGP Bonus Stage.

Michinaga points out he just wrote “anything is fine”. But Sarami says for the rest of today, Michinaga is the boss of the “Jack-of-all-Trades Micchi” service.

A young woman walks in responding to a flyer looking for an assistant. Michinaga sees she looks exactly like Beroba, but she says her name is Tan and she looks forward to working with him.

Kamen Rider Geats Jack of all Trades Master Micchi

A little bit after opening, Tan gets their first call asking for help with fixing a stroller nearby. Michinaga tells Tan to be quiet as he’s still trying to absorb the situation. Tan takes notes of Micchi being moody and then notices he has a “cow” necklace. But Micchi points out it is a buffalo.

Anyway, they head out to the park to help Keiwa fix his baby’s stroller. Keiwa is about to feed the crying baby a bottle, but Michinaga takes it to warm it up. After Tan gives the fixed stroller a test drive, Michinaga hands Keiwa the bottle and reminds him that milk must be at room temperature before giving to baby.

Keiwa thanks Michinaga before Tan answers the next call. This time it is Neon asking for help with carrying her shopping since her bodyguards have taken the day off. Michinaga takes the boxes from Tan when she is struggling. Tan takes note of his strength and Neon thanks Michinaga for helping.

Kamen Rider Geats Jack of all Trades Master Micchi

Michinaga and Tan take a break for some gyudon lunch. But they are interrupted by the next call. They head over to the studio of True Love of the Star where Ace wants their help in solving an all-white milk puzzle.

Kamen Rider Geats Jack of all Trades Master Micchi

Michinaga says Ace should do it himself. Ace says Micchi is upset again because he’s wearing red. Anyway, Ace says Micchi is the only one he could count on for this. Michinaga takes the challenge. And with Tan’s help, they quicky finish the puzzle.

Ace appreciates the help and Micchi and Tan get their next call.

This time, they head to the hospital. A father would like them to find his injured son’s stuffed animal. But the little boy, Kakeru, is upset his father would go so far as to call a handyman to look for it. The little boy says he’ll just find it himself.

Kamen Rider Geats Jack of all Trades Master Micchi

As Michinaga has memories from his own past, Kakeru’s father gets a call from work and has to leave. He asks Michinaga and Tan to find the plushie for his son and leaves.

Michinaga is determined to find it. He and Tan hurry all over the place, but have no luck. They get back to the hospital and Kakeru says they’re not very good handymen. Kakeru tells them to just go home and he’ll tell his dad they did their job anyway.

Micchi says Kakeru is pretty calm for a kid who lost something so important to him. He knows Kakeru is hiding something and says they will not leave until the job is done.

Micchi gets Kakeru to admit that he wanted his father to find the plushie for him. His father is always so focused on work, even while he’s in the hospital. He hoped that losing the stuffed animal would have his father make an effort to be with him this time.

Kamen Rider Geats Jack of all Trades Master Micchi

They head to the roof to look where Kakeru had hidden the plushie. But it is gone. They realize it must have been thrown away and the garbage truck is just leaving the hospital.

Kakeru is now worried and begs Micchi to get the stuffed toy back as it was a gift from his father and is very precious to him. Micchi understands and jumps off the roof. He henshins as he falls to the ground and Tan takes Kakeru to follow down the stairs.

Michinaga stops the garbage truck and slices through the back in order to pull the stuffed toy out.

He meets Tan and Kakeru back inside, but the toy dino is now torn and burnt. Kakeru is sad that this is all because he tried to get his father’s attention. But Michinaga says to leave this to him.

After a while, Michinaga returns with dino, now all sewn up and clean. Tan is surprised he was able to fix it, but Micchi says he just did his job.

Kamen Rider Geats Jack of all Trades Master Micchi

Michinaga flashes back to a moment from the past when he fought with his own absent father who yelled at him to leave. Micchi tells Kakeru to cherish these moments as they won’t be around forever.

Kakeru thanks Michinaga-oniichan and Micchi hopes for his speedy recovery.

Kamen Rider Geats Jack of all Trades Master Micchi

Back at the shop, Tan says it feels great to receive thanks from people. Michinaga recalls Keiwa, Neon, Ace and Kakeru thanking him.

Tan says goodbye to Michinaga for the day after she again mentions he loves cows.

Just then, Sarami comes in and says Michinaga’s desire is complete. Micchi wants to continue with this job though, but no one is listening.

Kamen Rider Geats Jack of all Trades Master Micchi

Episode Thoughts

I didn’t know Nitiasa was off this week lol So to fill my toku craving for this Sunday morning, I decided to check out this Geats Blu-ray special. First of all, I had no idea Desire Grand Prix Bonus Stage even existed too. And I’ve yet to watched it since there are no English subs. But that’s okay.

Like Micchi, I very much enjoyed this little story. And actually, I’d love to watch a Michinaga-Tan spin off with them helping people very week. It’s fun and sweet. There’s a lot of great stories they could tell like little Kakeru’s.

It’s funny though because I was really enjoying the little special and then they showed us that little peek at Michinaga and his father. And I became annoyed because it reminded me how Geats had a lot of unrealized potential. Michinaga’s backstory definitely should’ve been in-series. Unless they touched upon the story in some other Geats content I haven’t watched yet, then okay. But still, Toei loves dumping actually good story in movies and TTFC specials instead of including them in the series itself.

Anyway, this really was fun. Michinaga is a great character, even if misused for half of the season. I like them touching upon his doing odd jobs for work. And the dynamic with notBeroba/Tan was amusing even if Beroba herself in-series was meh.

Overall, a great, enjoyable little special.

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