Recap: Kamen Rider Geats: What the hell?! Desire Grand Prix Full of Men! I’m Ouja!

Kamen Rider Geats TV-kun Review

Michinaga wakes up in the greenroom as Tsumuri announces the first round will be a dance battle. Michinaga has no idea what the hell is going on when he, Ace and Keiwa are suddenly wearing dance clothes. Tsumuri welcomes them to a Desire Grand Prix Full of Men.

Keiwa calls Michinaga “Mikkun” as Tsumuri explains they will be dancing to Neon’s character song “Sunday’s Stray Cat” in their most kawaii way. Neon will judge their performances.

Kamen Rider Geats TV-kun Review

Mikkun thinks he has awakened in hell. Ace has no problem if “coward” Mikkun quits the game since he’ll win anyway. That only riles Michinaga up to stay in the competition.

Ace is first. He rolls his socks down and shows off his legs as he dances to the song. Neon applauds his performance. Ace steps off the stage and taunts Michinaga before he takes his turn.

Mikkun does the dance steps, but has a scowl on his face the entire time.

Kamen Rider Geats TV-kun Review

Keiwa gives it a shot and he is the cutest of them all. Neon and Tsumuri excitedly applaud him.

Neon decides the winner for this round is indeed Keiwa. Mikkun thinks this is all absurd.

They head outside for the next round: Kamen Rider Speech. The boys must give the most passionate speech to the students.

Kamen Rider Geats TV-kun Review

Keiwa goes up first and says he would like to direct his speech toward Tsumuri. Neon thinks Keiwa is going to confess his feelings for her. Tsumuri is giddy with excitement. But Keiwa actually would like to complain about Tsumuri not giving him the Dezagura schedule in advance so he can plan around his part-time job.

Tsumuri is annoyed and Neon calls Keiwa lame.

Next up is Micchan. He uses his speech to address the show’s staff, asking why Geats, Tycoon and Nago’s names are clever while “Buffa” is so basic. Tsumuri says it is at least better then Ginpen.

Kamen Rider Geats TV-kun Review

Finally Ace steps up and asks why his title “Star of the Stars of the Stars” is so long. Everyone agrees and that wins him the round.

Micchan asks why he didn’t win. Neon explains that his speech would probably cause problems for Bandai and Toei.

Finally, they have reached the final obstacle course round. All they have to do is get past the obstacles and will win 100 million points, thus negating the first two rounds.

Tsumuri flags them off. And immediately, Keiwa slips on a banana and gets trapped in a cage. Neon and Tsumuri says this is one of the obstacles. Ace and Michinaga continue through the course.

Kamen Rider Geats TV-kun Review

The next obstacle is to grab a donut hanging off a rooftop. They both henshin and jump up to catch it on their helmets. Next task is to run with a ping pong ball on a ladle while avoiding Jyamatos.

Micchan moves into the lead and faces the final obstacle, a vaulting box. But suddenly, Kamen Rider Ouja pops in. He had been hiding inside this entire time. They battle, but Ouja manages to initially overpower Michinaga.

Ouja mocks him. But Michinaga will not give up and he delivers a Zombie Strike at Ouja, sending their battle outside. Ouja commends Michinaga and says he is no longer just a boy. Ouja tosses him a V-Buckle before disappearing into a mirror.

Ace arrives and thanks Michinaga for beating the final obstacle for him. Ace also has a V-Buckle which Keiwa dropped earlier after getting caged. It was given to him by Ryuki-san.

The two of them use the V-Buckles to uphenshin and take each other on with special weapons. The use Strike attacks to deliver Final Vent finishers at each other.

Kamen Rider Geats TV-kun Review

The Finish Line is in sight and the two of them run toward it. According to a photo finish, Michinaga wins!

Everyone congratulates Michinaga for winning. Ace hugs a joyous Micchan and calls him the Star of the Stars of the Stars of the King Star. Michinaga celebrates.

Kamen Rider Geats TV-kun Review

But it turns out it was just a dream. A security guard wakes Michinaga up after having fallen asleep on the roof. He can’t believe it. But curiously, the Ouja Buckle is right under the bench he was sitting on.

Special Thoughts

Now if Geats were this fun and goofy all season, then maybe I would’ve liked it more! Lolol

Anyway, this was just another fun TV-kun special. Thankfully, it wasn’t as weird as the Revice TV-kun special with its innuendo and incest vibes. Eeek! Lolol

This one was more good, clean fun. And I enjoyed it a lot. Its concept actually wasn’t too far off from what an actual Geats episode plot could involve.

But really, these little DVD specials are just an opportunity for some good and fun fan-servicey content.

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