Recap: Geats Extra: Kamen Rider PunkJack

 Geats Extra: Kamen Rider PunkJack Recap

Win wakes up in the hospital after his initial defeat and sees a strange man enter his room. The man introduces himself as Niramu and says it was terrible how Game Master Girori used him, especially when Win is the grandson of a valued sponsor of DGP.

Niramu offers two options for Win, he forget everything that’s happened or he touches his Core ID to remember it all. He assures Win that President Grandpa Hareruya approves of this proposition. But if Win choose the touch, he will bear the responsibility of having to fight in a life or death game once again.

Win says he lives the punk life and takes the Core ID in his hand.

 Geats Extra: Kamen Rider PunkJack Recap

Win flashes back to before he entered the DGP. After a gig with his band, Win tells them they are disbanding. It is hopeless for them when another band that started at the same time is already superfamous. So Win thinks it’s time for them to give up their dreams.

Win eventually falls into debt, however, and stumbles around the city drunk. That’s when Grandpa Hareruya recommended him to a job as DGP staff. And he would eventually be assigned to the division tasked with erasing the memories of eliminated players. He would then be transferred to inspecting Drivers and ID Cores and then cleaning up battle sites and finally guard duty.

One day, a DGP player is refusing to participate and Win is sent to join the team ordered to subdue him. Win is shocked when the players is his former friend and bandmate Hiroki.

 Geats Extra: Kamen Rider PunkJack Recap

Hiroki says he had no choice but to find a way to turn his life around. That’s why he wished for a world where their band Weather Hearts is successful. That way, they would be able to reach their dreams and provide for their families.

Win had no idea Hiroki cared about their band that much.

The DGP staff ask why Hiroki refuses to play. Hiroki says his wife is about to give birth, so he cannot risk his life. But the staff says running away is against the rules. And if he does so, he will be dropped.

As Jyamato appear, the staff leader says if Hiroki does not risk his life, his wish will not come true whether in the game or in real life.

Hiroki screams that he has had enough. But the Jyamato ravage him. Win cannot stand by and watch so he henshins and fights off the Jyamato.

The staff leader punches Win in the face and says he better set aside his personal feelings or he won’t last long here. The staff turns to Hiroki to ask for his final decision. Hiroki says he will withdraw so the staff leader confirms he is retired.

The staff leader tells Win not to get all worked up. It’s not like he’s dead or anything.

Win heads to the music hall and is relieved to see Hiroki mopping up the stage and well. Win suggests they give their band one more shot. And this time he will put in 100% effort. But Hiroki says he is no longer interested in music.

Win remembers Tsumuri telling him that players lose their ideals in addition to their memories once they are retired. That “kirakira” is saved in their Core ID. Win hurries over to speak with Tsumuri about getting it back for Hiroki.

 Geats Extra: Kamen Rider PunkJack Recap

But Tsumuri says it is the rules and those Core IDs are needed to fertilize the Jama Garden and eventually power recreating worlds. Win is shocked to hear these things, but Tsumuri asks him not to ask any more questions.

Win begs Tsumuri to return Hiroki’s love of music. But Tsumuri says the loss of someone’s feelings are converted into happiness for someone else. That’s how the Cycle of Happiness works in this world.

Win watches Hiroki and wife happy about their arriving baby. Win wonders which version of Hiroki is happier and decides to leave him alone for now.

 Geats Extra: Kamen Rider PunkJack Recap

Later, the staff leader has a proposition for Win. He shows Win a bucket of Core IDs and says they all have desires. The staff leader says they will force Girori to grant them their wishes. The bucket of kirakira is enough to grant any wish. And now that it is the final round of the DGP, it is the perfect time for them to act while Game Master is preoccupied.

After Geats wins this DGP once again, the DGP staff on revolt confront Girori in the green room. The staff leader demands Girori grant their desires. But Girori says the unfulfilled wishes of the retired players are to be used for a greater purpose, not for their selfish desires.

The staff leader and other staff could care less about those “losers”. Girori tosses Win a Driver. Win remembers Hiroki’s wish is also his wish. So he takes the Driver, locks in the PunkJack Core ID and henshins. He refuses to let Hiroki and their dreams go to waste.

 Geats Extra: Kamen Rider PunkJack Recap

Win takes on the staff who have also henshined into base Riders and finishes them off. Girori applauds Win and says they were able to root out the traitors thanks to his work.

Girori uses the Vision Driver to henshin and turns the traitor staff into controllable minions. He tells Win that he gave him the PunkJack Core ID so he can become a Kamen Rider.

Girori warns Win about Ukiyo Ace and says they may have to take disciplinary action on him later on.

But Win acknowledges now that him meeting Ace has changed his world.

Back in the present day, Niramu tells Win that the world has changed while he was sleeping. And a great fight is upon them, especially for the DGP. He asks if Win will fight. Win says he will as long as he will not be a pawn and will fight for what he wants to and believes in. Niramu agrees to his condition.

 Geats Extra: Kamen Rider PunkJack Recap

Episode Thoughts

Why this TTFC special have more relevant information than most of Geats the series. Lol

We really did learn a lot here. Not just for Win and his character, but for the DGP and its mechanics as well. Definitely should’ve been information we got in-series rather than buried here in a TTFC special.

Which is actually a great special. I enjoyed the Shinobi crossover more, but this one had its own merits as well. Not the least of which being us getting to learn more about Win. He was horribly used in-series. But it was really great to see his backstory here. The show could’ve easily cut out a couple of episodes and inserted Win’s story in-series. And it would’ve made the season better, I think.

Especially since it has great character potential and it has a lot of relevancy to the big picture of the DGP and Jyamatos and the like. Stuff we didn’t get clearly in-series and at most, in passing.

It’s too bad. But anyway, this was a good, enjoyable special episode.

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