Recap: Kamen Rider Shinobi, Episode 46 NinPow! Raid the Base! Give the Good News!

Aka Geats Extra: Kamen Rider Tycoon meets Kamen Rider Shinobi

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Niji no Hebi leader Amakusa Shirou Tokisada has taken over Konjou Company and captured Rentarou’s sister Iroha. Unfortunately, Rentarou has used up all his shinobi power trying to force his way into the castle to save her.

Isamichi shields Rentarou from Shirou’s attack as Shirou takes Rentarou’s Gourd, saying he is no longer of any use to him.

Rentarou cries for Icchi who says he leaves Iroha to him to take care of.

Shirou is happy to have collected all of Japan’s Ninja Rider powers, but now he will set his sights on ninjas in other worlds. That means targeting Keiwa in Geats World.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

A wormhole sucks Keiwa and Sara in and drops them into Shinobi’s world, now both dressed in full ninja attire. But everyone else in the city is also dressed as ninjas.

Just as Sara picks up Keiwa’s Driver, a bunch of Genins come to carry her away. Keiwa is confused, but a hole opens up in the ground and he falls straight through to a ninja training academy.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Keiwa notices a very sad Rentarou sitting on the side. But before he can approach him, Master Gamano is brought over to speak with him. Keiwa initially thinks this is Kekera, but Master Gamano explains that he is actually the chief of the Gekonin Clan. He invites Keiwa inside to explain what’s happening regarding Shirou collecting ninja powers. Keiwa realizes they must have thought Sara was the ninja when she picked up his Driver.

Master Gamano says they must also save Princess Iroha along with Keiwa’s sister. Keiwa asks if there’s any other ninjas who can help.

Over in the castle, Shirou hands Iroha Shinobi’s gourd and informs her that he was nothing but an unworthy stand-in she mustn’t concern herself with. Anyway, she will now become the formal successor as Kamen Rider Shinobi once she turns 18 tomorrow. Only then will he be able to collect its power.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

When the Genins drag Sara in, Shirou senses she is not the real ninja. He instead orders Sara to be Iroha’s servant.

Master Gamano tells Keiwa that Rentarou, whom he saw earlier, is the only ninja who could possibly defeat Shirou. But he’s just a shell of his former self now after his BFF Icchi was murdered. And Master Gamano cannot leave the scroll. He turns on the waterworks and asks Keiwa to try and cheer Rentarou up. Keiwa, not wanting to see Master Gamano cry, says he’ll give it a try. Master Gamano says Keiwa was an easy target.

Keiwa speaks with Rentarou about also having a sister and how Iroha must be waiting for him as well. But Rentarou says he’s useless.

Iroha, not knowing Rentarou is Shinobi, tells Sara that he is clumsy and an airhead and has no good ninjutsu. Sara laughs that Keiwa is kinda like that too. Both of them agree that they probably can’t depend on their brothers to save them. Iroha thinks only Kamen Rider Shinobi can save her.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Just then, Rentarou’s tummy growls and Keiwa knows just the thing. He cooks some tanuki soba for Rentarou who immediately feels more energy now from Keiwa’s delicious food. Rentarou is now confident he can save both their sisters.

Next day, Sara and Iroha pretend to prepare for the wedding and wait for a chance to escape. But Shirou is able to catch them and control Iroha. She tells Sara to run for it while Shirou has her in his grasp.

Rentarou and Keiwa talk about having to keep their Rider identities a secret from their sisters. But their nice convo is interrupted when Genins arrive to come and capture Keiwa.

Rentarou says he will protect Keiwa, but immediately loses confidence again when he remembers he can’t henshin anymore. Keiwa plops him into a cart and pulls him all the way to Konjou Company HQ.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Just as they arrive, they run into Sara who tells them about Iroha and the impending wedding. They hurry over just as Shirou is about to kiss her. Rentarou realizes she is under a dark spell.

Shirou summons the power of Kamen Riders Fuma and Kenzan. Keiwa tells Sara to run and he and Rentarou battle the ninja Riders. But just then, Ryo Murasame arrives and henshins to Kamen Rider DX to fight off the two evil ninjas.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Sara sees that the crystal Shirou is holding is what is controlling everyone. So she distracts him by performing “Nichiyobi no Noraneko” and then kicks the crystal out of his hand and shatters. That releases Iroha from evil control as well as the other ninjas.

Genins arrive and Murasame-san tells Keiwa and Rentarou to leave the grunts to him, Fuma and Kenzan.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Keiwa and Rentarou take their Driver and Gourd back and chase after Shirou. The three of them battle. But Shirou shocks Rentarou when he brings out a revived Icchi who is under his control.

Icchi henshins, but Rentarou refuses to fight his best friend, regardless. Shirou, meanwhile transforms into Geronimo. Keiwa also henshins and takes Shirou on.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Rentarou tries to get Icchi to snap out of it. He unplugs his Gourd, but nothing comes out so he can’t henshin. Shirou forces Keiwa to dehenshin, but Keiwa does not give up because Kamen Riders continue fighting for the wish they want to fulfill.

Keiwa’s words remind Rentarou that he swore to persevere and fight when he became Shinobi. He would be a shadow that protects until the day he dies. With that resolve, Rentarou is able to revive his Ninja Rider Energy. That energy also gives Keiwa a Shinobi Buckle.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

And together, Rentarou and Keiwa henshin. Rentarou takes on Icchi while Keiwa fights Shirou. They come together to deliver legendary holy ninjutsu. Icchi is forced to dehenshin, but also has the dark ninjutsu expelled from him.

Rentarou and Keiwa focus on Shirou who remains defiant. Murasame-san, Fuma and Kenzan join them to deliver combined finishers at Shirou to drive him away.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Rentarou and Keiwa hurry back to the chapel where they find Icchi back to normal. Rentarou hugs Icchi and sits on his lap, excited to have his best bro back. Icchi shoves Rentarou off him when he sees Iroha, relieved that she is okay too.

But Icchi suddenly feels a pain and realizes he should be dead. He is forcibly henshined and Shirou pops in to take him away, happy to know he can still use him.

Murasame-san bids farewell to Rentarou and Keiwa, saying they are sure to meet again in the future. Murasame-san, Fuma and Kenzan walk into the portal to return them to their worlds.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Rentarou thanks Keiwa for giving him the strength to go on. Keiwa says he’s just happy he doesn’t have to worry about him anymore. They high five each other and Keiwa and Sara walk through the portal to return to their world too.

Rentarou says he hopes Keiwa’s wish comes true.

Iroha asks her brother why he has Shinobi’s Gourd. He plays it off by saying Shinobi asked him to give it to her. But Iroha does not want to succeed Shinobi. Anyway, she is sure Shinobi will be able to save Icchi.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Rentarou swears that he will save his best friend.

In the real world, actor Fuku Suzuki has just finished watching Shinobi Episode 46 and is excited to watch next week’s finale.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 46 Tycoon Recap Review

Episode Thoughts/Mini Review

What a wonderful little special. It really reminded me of how much I wish Kamen Rider Shinobi (and Kamen Rider Kikai!) were actual, real, full-fledged seasons.

Before writing this recap/review, I went back to look up my thoughts on Rider Time: Kamen Rider Shinobi because I thought I had also recapped or at least reviewed the miniseries. But I guess I did not! lol It’s most likely because back then, I wasn’t as concerned with having daily posts here on lolool

I’ll definitely go back and do that though. Because I really do love Kamen Rider Shinobi. Just based on those first three episodes back then to now this “penultimate” episode to the fake season, it really has such a great atmosphere and feeling. A feeling I certainly have not gotten from the recent seasons of Kamen Rider.

Tawada Hideya is of course awesome and he does such a great job as Rentarou. Of course a touch of Kinji in his performance, but overall he is able to give Rentarou the perfect balance of wholesome good guy personality and badass hero. His bromance with Icchi is fun and Hideya and Zaiki Takuma have great chemistry (and of course, as we saw here, a good source of potential drama). And I think the relationship he has with Iroha with him as the protective older brother is a good plot thread for the season.

The way the special makes this the penultimate episode of the fake season is clever. And even though we didn’t see the 40 other non-existent episodes, you still get a good sense of what the story is about and what things have gone on in the season up to that point.

Amakusa Shirou Tokisada seems like he’d be a great villain to watch too. Hashimoto Shohei was really good in the short time we spend with him as Shirou here.

I definitely would’ve rather watched Shinobi than the three most recent seasons lol

Meanwhile, Keiwa was great in this. Sato Ryugo did as best as he could with the material he got in Geats, but he really suits the character very well, nonetheless. He delivers with the nuanced performance needed of Keiwa.

This was also a glimpse of early, more hopeful Keiwa. And the way they connected Keiwa-Sara to Rentarou-Iroha was nice too. Their stories fit perfectly together without feeling forced. And the story made sense for Keiwa and Sara at this particular moment in Geats.

Kaneko Kaori is the writer for all this Shinobi content and she does a great job, it would be interesting to see how she would tackle a full season. And for this special, Koichi Sakamoto is the director. So you know you’ll be getting some exciting, explosive action.

And omg! I did not realize Suzuki Fuku (Ziin) was the actor who played Ishinomori Shotaro in Superhero Senki!

Overall, I loved this little special. So fun and exciting. Definitely makes me wish we got something different this last year. But oh well. I’m thankful to just have this exist.

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