Mini-Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger – Adventure Heaven

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Adventure Heaven Recap

On the day of Gira’s coronation, his old childhood friend from the orphanage Devonica arrives to take him and the other Ohgers to Hakabaka, the land of the dead.

They are met by grunts as soon as they arrive and are greeted by the first king of Shugoddam, Reiniol Husty. Reiniol sweeps Gira away in order to tell him the supposed real story of Chikyuu.

Meanwhile, the other Ohgers find themselves in Hakabaka versions of their own kingdoms. Kaguragi and Hymeno come face to face with the dead. For Kaguragi, he is confronted by Lord Iroki while Hymeno meets her parents.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Adventure Heaven Recap

Rita accompanies Yanma to the Hakabaka version of N’Kosopa where he tries to find a way for them to return back to Chikyuu. But Rita gets swept up into the Hakabaka version of Gokkan. Yanma is able to wake her up and thinks she’s afraid of the souls of criminals she has condemned. But Rita says the ghosts were actually all of Moffun.

Yanma notices webbing that Jeramie had hitched on to him before they got swept up into the portal to Hakabaka. He uses it to contact Shiokara who is able to open a door back to Chikyuu. But when he steps through, he closes the door behind him.

Back with Gira, it turns out Devonica has been working for Reiniol this entire time. And her time in the orphanage was part of her duties for the king in order to keep an eye on Gira as part of the royal Shugoddam bloodline.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Adventure Heaven Recap

Reiniol shows Gira all the catastrophes that await the people of Chikyuu due to their unending cycle of conflict. Reiniol says, however, that he will be able to save everyone like has done so before. Devonica says Gira’s hesitation shows he is not worthy to be king.

Devonica begins to sing and Gira goes flying. Devonica is ready to surrender and sacrifice herself to Reiniol so he can resurrect and save the world. Devonica insists that this is her duty, but Gira refuses to allow it.

Gira tries to snap Devonica out of her loyalty by teasing her about cake like he did when they were younger. Especially since the last day he ever saw her was her birthday on which she was not able to eat her cake.

Reiniol tries to convince Gira that the one sacrifice by Devonica will save countless lives on Chikyuu. But Gira does not agree and says that is an old way of thinking.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Adventure Heaven Recap

Gira refuses to act like Reiniol who takes people’s lives for granted. A king must bear the pain and sorrow themselves. Devonica again tries to plead with Gira to allow her to sacrifice herself. But Gira says he wants to become a king who considers every life is important.

As the other Ohgers bid farewell to their pasts, their retainers each come to take them from the Hakabaka versions of their kingdoms.

Gira and Reiniol begin to battle. Gira henshins while Reiniol transforms using the dead bodies that spring up from the ground. Devonica runs to grab the crown. But to Reiniol’s surprise, she tosses it to Gira. She says she wants to have her birthday cake and that Gira is her true king.

The other Ohgers arrive, including Jeramie who is able to use the webbing attached to Yanma to follow them here. They all henshin and the battle continues.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Adventure Heaven Recap

The Ohgers are eventually able to smash Reiniol into the ground. Reiniol tells Gira that the king of Shugoddam is always alone and that Racules Husty is still alive. He invites Gira to return here after their final duel in order to learn the truth about Chikyuu.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Adventure Heaven Recap

The Ohgers, along with Devonica, grab onto Jeramie who is able to fly them all the way back to Shugoddam.

Gira’s coronation takes place as planned. Though Jeramie, telling the story, says Gira has no idea what kind of trouble lies ahead. But that Gira will always continue to push forward.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Adventure Heaven Recap

Movie Thoughts

This was a solid movie. Of course, it’s just about 40 minutes. Basically an extended episode, like usual. But I think this episode should’ve been included in-series.

Sure, the adventure is movie-worthy. But I think they could’ve done two TV episodes with this story. Or even more, especially if they used it to touch upon the other Ohgers’ pasts as well. Perhaps an even more interesting way to do the post-Kyoryutopia focus episodes by having them confront, literally, the ghosts of their pasts.

It would’ve worked as an in-season miniseries/arc. And they could still do the time jump as well.

The story of the film was good though as it helps fill out the lore of Chikyuu and gives us a very small peek at Gira’s life in the orphanage. And it continued with one of the season’s stronger plot threads and that is how each king is a different kind of leader. They will do their own thing and there is no one set way to lead.

Of course, I’m watching this after already seeing the big reveal about Gira’s origins in-series. But I guess that’s what makes this movie’s plot feel more relevant that it should’ve been in-series instead.

Oh well. Regardless, it was a solid movie that added tidbits to each of the Ohgers’ stories and personalities. And overall, an enjoyable time.

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