Good Ol’ Review: Park Jun Mook and Kim Seong Hyuk Shine in Poetic “Happy Ending”

Good Ol’ Review: Park Jun Mook and Kim Seong Hyuk Shine in Poetic “Happy Ending”

No spoilers.

Strongberry has been at the forefront of delivering quality BL productions, mostly short webseries and short films. And Happy Ending (해피엔딩) is their latest example of that. Originally a 20-minute short film released in 2022 and just released on YouTube via three parts, Happy Ending has a familiar story. But its charismatic leads, poetic storytelling and pitch perfect direction make it a memorable and impactful watch.

Happy Ending tells the story of Hyun (Park Jun Mook), a bookstore owner who finds his high school diary and reminisces about his unrequited love for his childhood friend Dongho (Kim Seong Hyuk).

The short film unfolds as Hyun reads through his writings and flashes back to that moment in time in high school where he ponders confessing his feelings to his best friend.

When it comes to Korean webseries, I’ve always talked about how the format can hinder a story and overall production. But Happy Ending definitely needs to be experienced as a short film. And watching all three short episodes/parts at once is absolutely the way to go.

It is quite an accomplishment that this short film is able to pack in more depth and heartfelt emotion than series that go for several full-length episodes. Even with a familiar premise, Happy Ending brings several important pieces together to result in a wholly satisfying experience.

Happy Ending Korean Short Film Review

Park Jun Mook and Kim Seong Hyuk are just perfect in their roles and are able to deliver such engaging performances even in such a short amount of time. The chemistry they show and the nuance they display when bringing these relatable characters to life are probably the biggest reasons we will wish Happy Ending was a bit longer.

Touching upon friendship and first love, the familiar and relatable story is told in such pitch perfect fashion. There is definitely a beauty in the simplicity of this story. Yet at the same time, there is a palpable depth in the way the short film is able bring about such sincerity. It’s not hard to be immediately invested in Hyun and Dongho’s story. And Park Jun Mook and Kim Seong Hyuk elevate the already strong material even more with their endearing and charming performances.

The beautiful cinematography, careful direction and tight writing make the best use of every second. Not a moment is wasted in unfolding this heartfelt story. And the poetic storytelling and almost dreamy atmosphere bring all these pieces perfectly into place.

Happy Ending Korean Short Film Review

Like its title suggests, Happy Ending offers up this humble and relatable story in an ethereal and nostalgic way. All leading up to a more than satisfying conclusion. It’s hard not to feel immediately connected and invested to every aspect of this short film. And that positive feeling will linger long after the final credits roll. This has certainly become one of my favorite Korean BL productions I’ve watched so far.

Watch the three parts of Happy Ending free on Strongberry’s YouTube channel:

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  1. I watched it weekly. But I definitely wish I watched it all at once or as a short film edit. Really beautiful story though. And love the two leads! They’re gorgeous with sizzling chemistry! Wish we got a kiss!

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