Recap/Mini-Review: Avataro Sentai Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

The Zenkaigers are back home after travelling through the other worlds and they find Grandma Yacchan and Mama Goshikida making a lot of Kashiwa mochi. It’s not for them to enjoy though. It’s their offering to the Kashiwa Mochi King. That’s why Grandma Yacchan and Mama G are shocked and worried when Magine manages to scarf down a few.

That’s because civilians aren’t allowed to eat Kashiwa mochi. And when Kashiwa Mochi officers arrive and see that she’s eaten some, they want to immediately arrest all of them. The officers chase the others out of the shop. But Kaito, who is left behind, has a sudden flash and finds himself in a strange café called “Donbura.” When he walks out and blinks, he’s back in front of Colorful.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Kaito catches up to the others and they find the people being forced to make Kashiwa mochi on the street. Just then, the Kashiwa Mochi King arrives and it turns out to be Zox! The Goldtsuikers throw Kashiwa mochi at the peoples as long as they bow down and pledge loyalty to them. Everyone looks to be addicted.

Kashiwa Mochi World appears and explains that he had wanted to conquer this world, but the Goldtsuikers beat him to it when they went crazy for Kashiwa mochi. The siblings went around demanding people make Kashiwa mochi according to a specific recipe.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

The Zenkaigers can’t believe the Goldtsuikers went bad again, but they know all they have to do is defeat Kashiwa Mochi World. They henshin, as does Zox. But the Zenkaigers manage to get away when the battle gets too intense.

They run into Papa Goshikida who has been turned into Hakaizer again after pledging loyalty to Kashiwa mochi. The Zenkaigers are now wanted criminals. Secchan arrives to guide them into a parallel world gate and they escape to Kikaitopia.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

They explain to Stacy what’s happened and he suggests a plan. They must work to diminish public support for Zox’s regime. To do this, they head to other worlds to get their best mochi which they then use to get the people of Zenkaitopia to turn against Zox.

After a while, Zox recognizes that the recipe for Kashiwa mochi has changed. He goes out to investigate and stumbles upon Zyuran distributing the black market mochi to Sue-san.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Zox and Zyuran henshin and battle. The other Zenkaigers arrive to help, but Zox realizes this is just a trap to allow Kaito to get onto the ship. Flint calls Papa Goshikida and he finds his son. Stacy arrives to deal with Hakaizer, allowing for Kaito to go on and find Kashiwa Mochi World.

Everyone is battling. Kashiwa Mochi does not understand why no one is coming to help him. Kaito says brainwashing everyone to like only Kashiwa mochi is not unity.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Meanwhile in another world, the Donbrothers, now with Jirou as their leader, are once again fighting off Ono Minoru who has turned into Ohsamaki. Working together, using Jirou’s strategies, they easily take care of the Hitotsuki.

But the Donbros all have their lives to get back to, so they hurry off. Jirou is happy to see them living their best lives outside of their work as Donbros.

Later, Tarou, now working for Shirousagi Express delivery service, enters a home which seems to have left some ramen for him. It’s actually a hologram message from Master Kaito telling him he has a mission to find the Donbrothers and solve any problems they may have. He should be getting his memories back soon.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

When the ramen self-destructs, Tarou does indeed remember everything. He first heads to Donbura in the morning where Murasame now works. Murasame asks Tarou for what he would like and he orders some kibidango and hojicha. Murasame thanks Tarou for the order and Mother compliments Murasame on doing a good job.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Master Kaito emerges from the back before Jirou arrives to tell Tarou that the others will not be coming to his welcome back party. Instead, Jirou takes Tarou over to have lunch at the mansion left to him by Goda.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Jirou tells Tarou that the other Donbros are living their lives to the fullest and this Donbrothers line-up is the best so far. They no longer have any bonds with Tarou. Tarou calls Jirou pretentious and manages to leave while Jirou scolds his servants for not looking like Rumi-chan.

Elsewhere, Haruka is meeting with her publishers as they celebrate the success of her manga. They have more offers for her, but she responds with a karaoke song. Sonoza wants her to get serious, but she tells him to lighten up. Just then, Tarou appears and Haruka joins him outside to talk.

Haruka apologizes for not coming to his welcome party. He says it’s okay and asks her how the Donbros are doing. Haruka wants to speak with him about something.

Afterwards, Tarou finds Shinichi now teaching at his own cram school which was given to him by Jirou. Shinichi says he doesn’t have as much time to do haiku anymore. And instead would like to share his knowledge to the youths. He does, however, want to ask Tarou for some advice about the Donbros.

Tsuyoshi, meanwhile, is now CEO of Pheasant Consulting, a company which Jirou purchased for him. He also would like to speak with Tarou and they head to the café, Amour Evasion.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

This café is actually now owned by Tsubasa and Sononi which they run together thanks to Jirou. Tsubasa says it is a fitting reward considering he has risked his life for the Donbros.

Tarou gives Tsubasa’s éclair a score of 25 and says he must have gotten rusty. Tarou notices Tsubasa does not seem happy with what he’s making and Tsubasa says there’s nothing wrong with making food for profit.

Sononi says she’s also noticed how on edge Tsubasa has been and observes that he was happier when they were on the run. Tsubasa says that is nonsense. He just wants to make Sononi happy.

“Seeing you happy is my happiness.”

Suddenly, Natsumi comes to drag Tsuyoshi away. She reminds him that she doesn’t want him hanging around her ex-boyfriend as it is weird. Tsuyoshi considers Tsubasa a good friend though.

Anyway, Tarou asks Tsubasa about the Donbrothers and Tsubasa has something he’d like to say as well.

That evening, Minoru is with his mother in the hospital. She says her only wish is for him to reach for his dreams. She closes her eyes and Minoru cries for her. He vows to realize his dreams.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

On the other side of town, Tarou finds Sonoi at the oden cart which he now runs.

Sonoi explains that when Jirou took over as leader of the Donbros, he would push strategies and formations. But Sonoi was so inflexible and against such things, so they literally clashed. When Sonoi lost the duel, he was expelled from the team.

Sonoi is now happy making people smile through his oden. He makes some for Tarou and he loves it.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Next day, the Donbros meet at Donbura to announce that they would like to redeem their Kibi Points and officially leave the team. Sonoza can’t believe it. Sononi thinks Tsubasa is doing this for her. The other Donbros say they want to live their own lives now with the Donbro burden. Tarou says they can do whatever they want.

Jirou says it’s fine and will find better teammates anyway.

Master Kaito wants to throw a farewell party, but the quitters are not interested. Tsubasa, Haruka, Tsuyoshi and Shinichi leave their glasses and leave. Sonoza and Sononi go after them to ask if this is really what they want. They say yes, but they don’t know how they’ve reached this point.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Just then, Minoru appears and turns into Kikaiki. Unfortunately, the Donbros cannot henshin as they surrendered their glasses. Kikaiki chases after them until Tarou steps forward.

Tarou says to face him since the others are no longer Donbros. He blocks an attack from Kikaiki before henshining. He tells the others to leave and go live their lives.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Tarou takes on Kikaiki by himself, but the Hitotsuki shoots Tarou in the stomach with a machine gun. Kikaiki whacks Tarou across the shrine and the Donbros run over to him.

They think he’s just pretending again, but they slowly realize that he really has died.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

They hold a funeral for Tarou at the Catholic church, unable to process that he is gone. But they also know that he died to protect them because they quit the team. Jirou says it’s sad, but oh well. Tarou probably lost his edge after all this time too.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Shinichi wants to offer Tarou a haiku, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Sonoza speaks up and asks them if they are really going to just go on with their lives after what Tarou has done for them. All of the Donbros agree that, at the very least, they must avenge Tarou. Master Kaito tosses them their glasses back and tells them to fight as Donbrothers.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

As the Donbrothers henshin and head outside to battle Kikaiki, Sonoi enters the church and decides to give Tarou life like how Tarou gave him life once before. Sonoi lets out his life fluids from his mouth and into Tarou’s coffin.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Outside, Jirou is shocked his formations are not working. Kikaiki is overpowering the Donbros. But the recognizable fanfare begins to play as Tarou laughs his way to the scene.

Tarou pops out of the coffin and asks his otomotachi to join him. Jirou jumps in and tells the others not to listen to him, or else he will take away all their gifts. The others don’t care. They have realized that their mission as Donbrothers is what brought them happiness. Following Jirou’s formations made them forgot who they really are.

Tarou says that is the strength of the Donbros. And with the renewed resolve, they do much better against Kikaiki. They chase the Hitotsuki through a door and end up in the mountains. Just then, the Zenkaigers come tumbling in too.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Zox and his siblings, Hakaizer and Stacy join the fun. The Zenkaigers tell Tarou all they have to do is defeat Kashiwa Mochi World in order to return their friends to normal.

Tarou heads up to the ship to grab Kashiwa Mochi World back down to the ground. Kaito is happy to see him. But Jirou steps forward to grab back the commander role in the team. He chargers forward, but Tarou has the others use a Dynaman Gear to deliver a Dyna Blast at the World. That frees Zox and the others from the mind control.

Kikaiki approaches Kashiwa Mochi World. They trade some powers and deliver a huge attack at the Donbros and Zenkaigers, forcing them all to dehenshin. The two monsters prepare a finisher, but someone suddenly shoots at them.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

It is Master Kaito, much to the shock of the Zenkaigers. Papa Goshikida assures Kaito that he is not a twin. Master Kaito says he is just an eternal hero. Tarou asks Kaito if the Zenkaigers will join him as his otomotachi and Kaito says of course. All Super Sentai are friends!

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Kikaiki and Kashiwa Mochi World summon Anonis and Kudakks. The Donbrothers and the Zenkaigers henshin and do their roll call all together, at the same time.

The heroes use their best teamwork to easily take care of the foot soldiers. Jirou is still annoyed about his commander position, but Sonoi pops in to prevent him from affecting Tarou’s fight.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Master Kaito says for Super Sentai, “VS” stands for Victory and Super. He tosses a new Gear to Tarou which reveals the Don Zenkai sword. Both Tarou and Kaito get their own and both uphenshin to Don Zenkai Momotaro.

Together, they deliver a Victory Super Finish and the World and Hitotsuki are defeated for good.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

The Zenkaigers return to their world and celebrate at Café Colorful with a sushi party. They decide to go on a worldwide apology tour for the Goldtsuikers to make up for their mochi oppression.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

In the Donbrothers’ world, Minoru happily hugs his mother in the hospital as she is actually not dead at all. She just fell asleep. He promises to live his life seriously from now on.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Jirou, also in the hospital after his battle with Sonoi, is still frustrated. But he perks up when a nurse who looks like his Rumi-chan pops in. He sees her name is actually Hikari, but the nurse helps feed him his dinner and he is encouraged.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Tsubasa and Sononi are putting up wanted posters of themselves and he tells her he really was happy being on the run with her. A cop sees them and starts chasing.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Sonoza heads to Sonoi’s oden cart, but he seems to be dead.

Tarou meets with the other Donbros who say they would like to return to the team. They admit they were pathetic to live their lives that were bought for them. Instead, they are happy with their mission as Donbros while doing what they truly enjoy.

Tarou says they must undergo training once again then and he crazily chases after them.

Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

Movie Thoughts

What a fun movie. As always, it is awesome to get to visit with old friends. And most especially for me with the Donbros. I very much miss them. And so getting this movie now is very welcome.

This movie was very interesting with the way they used the Movie Wars-style acts. Zenkaiger first, then Donbrothers, then bring them both together in the climax. It was good as we didn’t get any forced and contrived crossover moments. The way they came together in the end worked well.

But at the same time, for two seasons that actually are already somewhat connected to begin with, having these separate acts is definitely an interesting decision. But again, it was all fun and it worked very well.

It was fun seeing all our friends again, but even more fun seeing many recurring characters make appearances throughout the movie too. Murasame working at Donbura might have been my favorite. So random, but he was very cute and nice being so friendly to his customers lol

Also a great conclusion to Minoru’s story. It was unexpected, but fun to see how the season was able to return to him numerous times.

Lots of familiar amusing gags from both seasons. The scene of Sonoi giving Tarou his life fluids and then the zoom in on the statue of Mary and Jesus. Wild! Lol

My favorite scene from the movie though was this one:

Tarou was very badass here. And I appreciated the way the Donbrothers part of the movie continued to touch upon the bond they forged with each other. Even when they were all apart for the entire year lol

The Zenkaiger part of the movie felt like a normal episode, but that is also very much in line with how the series was too. Both seasons ended with still a lot of story left on the table. And this movie did a little for Zenkaiger and a bit more for Donbrothers.

Overall, a very fun hour. I want more of course! But I really appreciate getting to see our old friends again.

Non-CGI Donbros of the Movie

Lots of great real Donbros this movie!
Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger
Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger
Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger
Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger
Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger
Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger
Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

5 thoughts on “Recap/Mini-Review: Avataro Sentai Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger

  1. As a donbrother fan I liked that movie on donbrother side I really missed them because it was my first sentai series where I watched every episode on running
    I really like how they all are living their life(including murasame)and tsubasa and sononi and tsyuoshi natsumi are finally dating officially and nice to see natsumi is still feel weird to see his presents boyfriend/husband befried with his ex and taro finally regaining his memory the most important thing which was needed (and he still remember it unlike battle royals where vice was returned and gone again within the movie end) but sonoi’s death was sad but really hope he will somehow return in king ohger vs donbrother
    If I have complains there were two things to complain (and I guess second one was more my personal problem) 1. I was already pissed off that jiro didn’t get his level up form unlike other sixth ranger when his two side personality merge (although it could be like evility live) but turned out for merging he has become more like holy live than evility live he acts so cocky and started to rule like his own I really wanted evil jirou to slap him the way he was acting it’s just ruin his character development
    And secondly I am not a great big fan of zenkaiger so I think zenkaiger part was kinda too much fillery and doesn’t help much to move plot more unlike donbrother where the characters finally get a redemtation even minoru too.
    so nothing will change much if zenkaigers were not in the flim (but still they were included because it was a vs movie and still OK) I am looking forward to king ohger vs donbrother next year

    1. That’s a good point about Jirou! Yeah, that would’ve been great to watch.
      The Zenkaiger part was admittedly shorter than the Donbros, so I thought it was okay. But I would’ve liked to have seen some resolution to the hanging questions from Zenkaiger.

  2. I wonder why the church though, Sonoi just returned what was of Tarou’s so I don’t get how that’s related with catholicism.

    1. Yeah. It was very obviously a Catholic church right? I noticed that they even made a point to focus on, I don’t remember anymore, but I think it was a statue of Mary and maybe even a crucifix? I dunno. It’s Donbrothers, so I don’t know if there’s really a deep meaning to it or just a random aesthetic. Or it could be both. Lol

      1. I think you’re right, there’s crucifixion in previous seasons and just like those times it seems to be just borrowed symbolism for fun and a preface. Master Kaito is also focused on looking at the statue without much enthusiasm since resurrection of the body isn’t that popular of a belief over there and that shot of the waxing gibbous moon could represent the change the Donbros need to move forward.

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